WGT Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig Guide

Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2017: Leipzig Guide and Festival Guide

Every year, the streets of Leipzig are swarming with people dressed in black. All of a sudden, a black tram line starts operating, the shops in the city center start dressing their windows in black and the newspapers‘ headlines are all „Leipzig is black“. What’s going on? Wave Gotik Treffen is back in town!

„WGT“ is the world’s largest goth festival and takes place each year over 4 days on Whitsuntide weekend – this year celebrations are held from June 2-5, 2017. Approximately 20,000 goths and people of all dark styles such as cybergoths, metalheads, steampunks, neo-Victorians, dark romantics, dark electro, industrial, medieval and fetish fans will meet in Leipzig and attend over 200 live concerts and cultural events. Sounds crazy? It is!

In collaboration with German blogger Susi from Black Dots White Spots, we from Leipzig Tourism have put together a WGT Guide for you – including all you need to know about the festival, the shows and events, how to get around, where to stay and lots of cool Leipzig tips.

(See the German version here!)

WGT Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig Guide
Photo Credits: Einfach Paula Vampire Lady, @emi_wagner_trenkwitz, @Reikon

Festival program
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Other events and things to do during WGT
Cool Leipzig travel tips
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Tattoo and piercing
Getting there and getting around
Where to stay

Wave Gotik Treffen 2017: Festival Program

The program of Wave Gotik Treffen is extremely varied and quite unusual. This year, over 200 bands and artists have been announced and will be taking the stage at different locations all over the city.

Apart from the main festival area in the south of Leipzig (the old „agra“ trade fair area), there are live concerts on a variety of stages all over the city (mostly indoor venues), in clubs and even in churches and at the opera. Musical styles range from dark wave & gothic, post punk, batcave to classical music, medieval and folk to metal and electro/EBM/industrial.

The official programme is released just shortly before the festival so keep checking this guide regularly for updates and the official WGT website!

Update: The programme is now online! You can find the official programme incl. locations and times here.


The following bands have been announced for WGT 2017 so far (as of end of May):

13th Monkey (D) – Ab Inferis (A) – Aeon Sable (D) – Ah Cama-Sotz (B) – Ah! Kosmos (TR) – Alcest (F) – Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) & Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots) (USA/NL) – Amorphis (FIN) – Andi Sex Gang (GB) Akustikkonzert – Andyra (D) – Angels & Agony (NL) – Anna Garzuly-Wahlgren (H) – Annwn (D) – Anton Schmidt (D) – Arcana Obscura (D) – Arcturus (N) – Autodafeh (S) – Axel Thielmann (D) – Azar Swan (USA) – B-Movie (GB) – Besides (PL) – Beyond Obsession (D) – BFG (GB) – Blac Kolor (D) – Black Nail Cabaret (H) – Bleib Modern (D) – Bloody, Dead & Sexy (D) – Box And The Twins (D) – Cabaret Voltaire (GB) exklusives Konzert in Deutschland 2017 – Capella Fidicinia (D) – Carmen Stefanescu (RO) – Carolin Masur (D) – Cephalgy (D) – Chemical Sweet Kid (F) – Chor Und Ballett Der Musikalischen Komödie (D) – Chor Und Kinderchor Der Oper Leipzig (D) – Chrom (D) – Claudia Gräf (D) – Codex Empire (GB) – Collegium Vocale Leipzig (D) – Corde Oblique (I) – Cryo (S) – Cuelebre (E) – Da-Sein (E) Weltpremiere – Daemonia Nymphe (GR) – Decoded Feedback (CDN) – Der Blaue Reiter (E) – Der Fluch (D) – Desperate Journalist (GB) – Devilment (GB) mit Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth) – Die Selektion (D) – Dorsetshire & Gäste (D) exklusives Konzert zur Wiedervereinigung – Drab Majesty (USA) – Dunkelschön (D) – Duounruh (RUS) – Echo West (D) – Eden (AUS) Europa-Premiere – Eisfabrik (D) – Empusae (B) – Ensemble Amarilli (D) – Ensemble Chromoson (AT/I) – Ensemble Orgio (E) – Equilibrium (D) – Erdling (D) – Esben And The Witch (GB) – Fïx8:Sëd8 (D) – Finsterforst (D) – Folk Noir (D/NL) – Forndom (S) – Framheim (D) – Frankenstein (USA) – Freiraum Syndikat (D) – Funker Vogt (D) exklusives Konzert in Deutschland 2017 – Gaslam Quintett (D) – Gene Loves Jezebel (GB) – Gewandhausorchester (D) – Gunthard Stephan (D) – Gunther Rost (D) – Hamferð (FO) – Hautville (I) – Hørd (F) – Herbst In Peking (D) – Hexperos (I) – Holygram (D) – Hongfei Lyu (RC) – Hubertus Schmidt (D) – Hypnoskull (B) – Iamtheshadow (P) – Ianva (I) – In Gowan Ring (USA) – In the Woods… (N) – Invsn (S) – Iszoloscope (CDN) – Ivo Nitschke (D) – Izabela Kaldunska (PL) – Jarboe (USA) exklusives Akustikkonzert – Johnny Deathshadow (D) – Kammerchor Der Schlosskapelle Saalfeld (D) – Karin Sherret (GB) – Kathrin Christians (D) – Kid Dad (D) – Kite (S) – Klangstabil (D) – Klez.e (D) – Klimt1918 (I) – Konkurs (Blush Response & Sarin) (USA/CDN) – Landscape Body Machine (CDN) – Larrnakh (H) – Laura Kopsch (D) – Lea Porcelain (D) – Lebanon Hanover (GB) – Leipziger Ballett (D) – Les Fragments De La Nuit (F) – Lolita Komplex (A) – Lucifer’s Aid (S) – Lukas Dreyer (D) – Machine De Beauvoir (D) – Magadan (CZ) – Maike Brümmer (D) – Martin Schmeding (D) – Masquerade (FIN) – Massive Ego (GB) – Matthias Eisenberg (D) – Männerchor Leipzig Nord (D) – Metusa (D) – MGT & Friends (GB) – Michael Schönheit (D) – Midgards Boten (D) – Miguel Blanco (E) – Mlada Fronta (F) – Moon Far Away (RUS) – Moritz Eggert (D) – Myrkur (DK) – Nachtblut (D) – Nachtwindheim (D) – Nicole Sabouné (S) – Nikolas Schreck (USA) – Nim Vind (CDN) – Noisuf-X (D) – Novakill (AUS) – Nox Interna (D) – Odroerir (D) – Ohm (CDN) – Orchester Der Musikalischen Komödie (D) – Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (S) – Percival (PL) – Peter Bjärgö (S) – Peter Heppner (D) – Philipp Schupelius (D) – Pouppée Fabrikk (S) – Principia Audiomatica (HR) – Psyclon Nine (USA) – Punch’N’Judy (D) – Ragnaröek (D) – Red Cell (S) – Red Mecca (S) – Rendered (D) – Revolting Cocks (USA/B) exklusives Konzert in Deutschland 2017 – Ritual Howls (USA) – Romuvos (LT) – Rotersand (D) – Rotting Christ (GR) – RRoyce (D) – S.P.O.C.K (S) – Saigon Blue Rain (F) – Sündenrausch (D) – Scary Bitches (GB) – Schneewittchen (D) – Sex Gang Children (GB) – She Past Away (TR) – Shireen (NL) – Sinistro (P) – Sixth June (SRB) – Skaluna (D) – Skeletal Family (GB) – Skinny Puppy (CDN) exklusives Konzert in Deutschland 2017 – Slavomir Rozlach (PL) – Soft Kill (USA) – Soviet Soviet (I) – Spiritual Front (I) präsentieren „BLACK HEARTS IN BLACK SUITS“ – Stahlmann (D) – Stefanie Bühler (D) – Suicide Commando (B) – Superikone (D) – Sutcliffe Jügend (GB) – Sylvaine (N) – Sylvgheist Maëlström (F) – Tanzwut (D) – Technique (BR) – The 69 Eyes (FIN) – The Agnes Circle (GB) – The Breath Of Life (B) – The Creepshow (CDN) – The Devil And The Universe (A) – The Eye Of Time (F) – The Firm Inc. (D) Weltpremiere – The Mission (GB) – The Pussybats (D) – The Vision Bleak (D) – Theaterpack (D) – Theo Wünsche (D) – Theodor Bastard (RUS) – This Morn‘ Omina (B) – Thrudvangar (D) – Tilo Augsten (D) – Tobias Rank (D) – Too Dead To Die (RUS) – Trobar De Morte (E) – Umbra Et Imago (D) – Unlight (D) – V2A (D/GB) – Vain Warr (USA) ehemals Blacklist – Vannina Horbas (D) – Varg (D) – Virgin In Veil (FIN) – VNV Nation (IRL/GB) – Vogelfrey (D) – Wednesday 13 (USA) – Welicoruss (RUS) – Whispering Sons (B) – Whispers In The Shadow (A) – Wires & Lights (D) – Wirrwahr (D) – Wolfgang Seifen (D) – Wyrdamur (D) – Xandria (D) – Yggdrasil (S)

You can also find the current lineup and info concerning music venues on the official WGT website or Facebook page.

WGT is known for featuring underground bands and it’s a good place to discover some bands you didn’t know yet. For musical inspiration check out this YouTube playlist!

Foto: Dieter Grundmann / Westend PR
Foto: Dieter Grundmann / Westend PR


Tickets are 120,- Euros per person for the full festival. They are valid for all events and include public transport in the city of Leipzig. Camping on the festival site is not included – you will need an additional „Obsorge“ ticket for 25,- Euros for that. If you wish to park on the agra festival grounds, you can buy a parking ticket for 15,- Euros. If you’re from abroad and shipping is difficult: You can still get tickets in Leipzig during the festival!

Get your tickets here!

New in 2017: The official WGT programme book „Pfingstbote“ is no longer included in the „Obsorge“ camping ticket. You can buy your copy for 15,- Euros at the ticket offices in Leipzig or at the official WGT merchandising stall inside the Black Market shopping area at the agra festival site.

To get in at the door and for all official festival events, you need the official WGT wristband. You can get it at the agra festival entrance and at 1-2 other locations in the city (to be announced!). Getting your wristband is one of the first things you should do after arrival (don’t forget to bring your ticket!). Expect longer lines, especially on Thursday and Friday.


Besides live concerts there are readings, two medieval markets (at Moritzbastei and Torhaus Dölitz), art exhibitions, classical concerts and theater performances. During the day, you can go shopping for all kinds of dark clothing and accessories from corsets to tailor-made vampire fangs at the Black Market – a huge hall full of stands on the agra festival grounds. At night, the party continues at several clubs where international DJs play different dark styles from 80s to industrial.

In addition to the official programme, there are lots of unofficial events happening during WGT in Leipzig, too. Don’t miss the highlights below!

WGT LEIPZIG Besucher Viktorianisches Picknick 1

Leipzig, Pfingsten, Clara-Zetkin-Park, am See, Anton-Bruckner-Allee, 20. WGT Treffen, schwarz, Wave Gotik Treffen, "Viktorianisches Picknick", Herren und Damen in fantasievollen Kleidern und Roben, Kostüme, Bekleidung, Verkleidung, Mode, Kleidung, Viktorianisch, "Streampunk", Barock, Rokoko, elegante Lolita & "Romantic Gothic" 10.6.2011 Foto: Dieter Grundmann / Westend Westend. Public Relations GmbH, Martin-Luther-Ring 13, 04109 Leipzig, Telefon: 0341 - 33380, E-Mail: mm@westend-pr.de, Deutsche Bank BLZ 860 700 24, Konto-Nr. 1334499, Steuer-Nr. 231/122/05519
Colourful and fancy costumes at the Victorian Picnic. Photo credits: 1: © Susi Maier, www.blackdotswhitespots.com, 2: © Dieter Grundmann, Westend PR, 3: © Jamina Mertz

Highlights Bild

Victorian Picnic & Victorian Village

The „Victorian Picnic“ on Friday afternoon in the park is an iconic event during WGT, especially for those who like to dress up in Victorian, steampunk, baroque or all kinds of neo/dark romantic styles. Hundreds of elegantly costumed people meet up in style for a dazzling picnic or stroll in the park! More on the Facebook events page.

Friday, June 2, 2 pm – 5 pm, Clara-Zetkin-Park, free admission

Please note: Viona’s Victorian Village, a Victorian market with dance lessons, a tea party and costume competition as well as live music, will NOT take place this year (see the statement here).

Medieval market „Heidnisches Dorf“

The medieval markets at Moritzbastei and Torhaus Dölitz are definitely among the highlights of WGT each year. Soak in the atmosphere at Torhaus Dölitz, where lots of stalls sell clothing, accessories, hearty food and drink among shady trees or demonstrate traditional arts and crafts.

Sit on the grass, sip mead beer and listen to medieval/folk/classical live music all day before catching a fire show at night:

Heidnisches Dorf WGT Leipzig

Heidnisches Dorf WGT Leipzig

Besucher WGT Leipzig Heidnisches Dorf Mittelaltermarkt
Impressions from Heidnisches Dorf medieval market at WGT. Photos: Susi Maier, www.blackdotswhitespots.com

Note: The medieval markets are open for everyone, not just festivalgoers.

Heidnisches Dorf, daily from Friday to Monday, 11 am until late, Torhaus Dölitz, Helenenstr. 24, tram stop: Leinestr.

Museums, exhibitions and guided tours during WGT

During WGT, several Leipzig museums offer free admission or special guided tours and lectures for WGT attendees, such as the Museum of Ancient Egypt at Leipzig University or the Museum der Bildenden Künste (Museum of Fine Arts). You can find more information here!

Classical music, opera and theater

For those of you interested in classical music, opera, ballet and theater, Leipzig Opera, the concert hall Gewandhaus, and others usually offer a limited share of free tickets for WGT attendees. You can’t make a reservation, so be there early!

Find more information in the official programme!

Good to know

  • The full program for the Wave-Gotik-Treffen with exact times and venues is released just shortly before the event. Therefore, you should check the official WGT website regularly, we will also be updating this guide regularly. Update: The programme is online, you can find it here!
  • During the festival, use the mobile app WGT Guide for Android and iPhone to keep track of all events and venues and to create your own personal festival schedule.
  • At WGT, everything happens at the same time at different locations all over the city so naturally, you will not be able to see everything and space is limited in a lot of venues. Therefore, make sure to be there early and to take enough time to get from A to B (see also „Getting there and getting around“ below).

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2nd place: A ghost tour or cemetery tour for 2 people by Gruseltour Leipzig.
3rd place: A picnic for two from Picknick-Leipzig.de – for a stylish and yummy Victorian Picnic in the park (or elsewhere)!

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Here are the winning photos from our 2015 „Leipzig in black“ photo competition on Facebook and Instagram:

WGT Leipzig Fotowettbewerb 2014 Gewinnerbilder

Other events and things to do during WGT

There’s always a lot happening in Leipzig – also during WGT. Check out these fringe events! (You can find more info about unofficial events during WGT at Schwarzes Leipzig und the Facebook group WGT ohne Bändchen).

Steampunk Picnic

Fans of retro-futurism will meet on Saturday afternoon for a picnic in dazzling costumes at Deutsches Kleingärtnermuseum. Find out more about the event here.

Saturday, June 3, 2 pm – 5 pm, Deutsches Kleingärtnermuseum, Aachener Str. 7, free admission (no festival ticket needed)

Gothic Pogo Festival

The Gothic Pogo Festival runs parallel to WGT at Club Werk2 (near the agra WGT festival site) featuring international bands and DJs of goth, punk, wave, minimal and death rock.

Thursday, June 1 – Monday, June 5, Werk2 Kulturfabrik, tickets and info here.

Blaue Stunde – „Blue Hour“

2014.06.05_Dunkelromantische_EroeffnungstanznachtSpread a picnic blanket on the grass in the park, light your grave candle and add it to the circle of candles, bring some drinks and snacks and enjoy a quiet, dark and romantic meeting the night before WGT starts. You can also dance to the sounds of Heavenly Voices, Medieval, Mystic Folk, Neofolk and Wave.

Thursday, June 1, 9 pm – 1 am. Free admission. Bring a death candle, a blanket and some drinks!

There is another “Abendliches Picknick” (evening picnic) by the same hosts on Saturday, June 3, from 4 pm – 9 pm as well as a Romantic Dance Night (Romantische Tanznacht) on Monday, June 5th from 10 pm.

All „Blue Hour“ meet-ups will be held at the same location as last year! (Please note that this is an insider event at a secret location that is only disclosed to registered members.)

Glitter + Trauma Queer Wave Party

“Indie boys, gothic girls and sissy punks” can dance the night away to old school wave, post punk, synth pop and Indietronics tunes at the „Queer Wave Party“ at Westwerk on Saturday.

Saturday, June 3, from 9 pm, Westwerk, Karl-Heine-Str. 87. You can find more information here, Facebook Event here.

In Goth We Trust

Originally from Mexico City, this project hosts regular parties in Berlin – and one in Leipzig during WGT. Several DJs present old and new Gothic Rock, Post Punk, Death Rock, Cold Wave, Obscure 80’s, Dark Synth on two dance floors.

Friday, June 2, 11 pm, Elipamanoke, Markranstädter Str. 4, free admission with WGT wristband or entry fee. More on their Facebook Event Page.


Big EBM warmup party at Felsenkeller, with live acts and several DJs on four floors.

Thursday, June 1st, from 7 pm, Felsenkeller, Karl-Heine-Str. 32, 04229 Leipzig. Tickets here, Facebook-Event.

Besucher des Wave Gotik Treffens 2014
Wave Gotik Treffen 2014: Visitors

Wave Gotik Treffen Leipzig Besucherin

Medieval market and tournament at Castle Trebsen

The moated water castle Trebsen is approx. 30 minutes from Leipzig by car (at the Autobahn to Dresden). An impressive knights‘ tournament and joust and a historic medieval market incl. several performances are held there on the same weekend as WGT Leipzig. For more information, click here.

June 3-5, 10 am – 10 pm, Schloss Trebsen, entry fee 12 Euros.

Leipzig city festival

This year, the annual festival of the city of Leipzig („Stadtfest“) takes place the same weekend as WGT. There will be 150 hours of live shows, concerts and events on three stages in the city centre and more!

June 2-4, Leipzig city centre, more information on their website.

Leipzig city festival takes place the same weekend as WGT © Robin Kunz

Discover the City of Music

Leipzig is world-renowned for its musical tradition. Famous composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Robert and Clara Schumann all worked here; Richard Wagner was born and received his musical training in Leipzig. If you can find the time make sure to explore the city center on the Leipzig Music Trail, visit the places where famous composers lived and worked and listen to music in venues where history comes alive. Download the Music Trail App for iOS and Android or get the audio guide at the tourist information in Katharinenstraße 8.

Cemeteries of Leipzig

If you need a moment of peace and quiet during WGT, enjoy the gloomy and sepulchral atmosphere of the Leipzig cemeteries. The Alte Johannisfriedhof („Old St. John’s Cemetery“) at the eastern end of the city center, right next to the Grassi Museum at Johannisplatz, is an impressive park with approx. 400 tombs from the periods of Baroque, Classicism and Historicism.

Südfriedhof Krematorium © Robin Kunz
Beautiful and mystical: Südfriedhof Leipzig. Photo: Robin Kunz.

Südfriedhof („Southern Cemetery“) is one of the largest cemeteries in Germany and definitely worth a visit. During WGT, you can explore the cemetery and find out more about the historical tombs in special guided cemetery tours (in German only):

01.06.2017 – 5 pm, 02.06.2017 – 2 pm, 02.06.2017 – 5 pm, 03.06.2017 – 2 pm, 03.06.2017 – 5 pm

Meeting point: Südfriedhof, entrance Prager Straße 210, tickets: 8 Euros (available on the tour), no reservations. More information here.

 Erreichbarkeit: Straßenbahn: 2, 15 Völkerschlachtdenkmal und Südfriedhof Bus: 70 An der Tabaksmühle © Andreas Schmidt
How to get to Südfriedhof: trams 2, 15 Völkerschlachtdenkmal and Südfriedhof Bus: 70 An der Tabaksmühle © Andreas Schmidt

On Saturday, May 14th, there is also a gathering of hearses at Völkerschlachtdenkmal/Südfriedhof starting from 2 pm! More information here on Facebook.

All cemeteries in Leipzig are listed here. There is even a cemetery app (in German only) with audio guides on the most famous historic cemeteries in Germany, incl. Südfriedhof Leipzig.

Where to eat, drink and more: cool Leipzig tips

You want to know a good spot to have breakfast during WGT? Where to grab a cup of coffee or go get some delicious dinner on your way to the festival? You want to know where you can paddle by old industrial sites on the canals during the day or even chill out on the beach before heading to the concerts?

Travel blogger Susi von Black Dots White Spots has put together a list of her favorite Leipzig spots and things to do during WGT – from vegan restaurants to cosy cafés, from delicious cupcakes to vintage and goth shopping.

Travel blogger Susi from www.blackdotswhitespots.com has listed her favourite Leipzig spots for you!

You can also find Susi’s Leipzig guide here at Everplaces and if you download the Everplaces app, you can use it on your mobile (also offline!). Or: just click on the tips on the map below!

[everplaces_plugin link=“https://everplaces.com/blackdotswhitespots/collections/wave-gotik-treffen-leipzig-travel-tips-gx6tjzE0MTk“ type=“map“]

You can find more tips for Leipzig off the beaten path in the „Hidden Leipzig“ guide and app!

Where to eat in Leipzig

French flair at Café Maitre. ©Robin Kunz

There is a great variety of food options in Leipzig from traditional German food to all kinds of international cuisines, from vegetarian and vegan fare to sweet delights. We listed some food spots for you.

Café Waldi
Cosy café/bar with retro furniture (think vintage living room with old sofas and wallpapers), a seating area outside and hearty German breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as homemade lemonade (and other drinks). It’s perfectly situated on the tram line between the city center and the agra festival site – a perfect stop for a late breakfast or coffee on your way to the festival!
Peterssteinweg 10
04107 Leipzig

Acapulco Leipzig

Mexican restaurant on the hip Karl-Liebknecht-Straße or “Karli” in the trendy Südvorstadt district. Reasonably priced, large selection of drinks, friendly staff and Mexican atmosphere.
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 42
04107 Leipzig

Zest Leipzig

“Vegan experimental” probably describes this restaurant best. Situated on Bornaische Straße in Connewitz, this restaurant is worth a visit for the extraordinary (and yummy) dishes and drinks.
Bornaische Straße 54
Leipzig 04277

Café Zest serves vegan food © Robin Kunz Fotografie

Bebopalula 50s Diner

American Diner and Bar with a cute 50ies and 60ies atmosphere and typical American diner interior on popular Karli/Südvorstadt. Typically American fare such as burgers and milkshakes.
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 70
04275 Leipzig

Café Cantona
Café Cantona is a stylish and cosy mix between a breakfast café, restaurant and sports bar with retro flair close to the city centre (between WGT locations Moritzbastei and Kohlrabizirkus). Stop here for breakfast, coffee, burgers, sandwiches or drinks.
Windmühlenstr. 29
04107 Leipzig

Cafe Maître
French café on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße (main drag of Leipzig’s hip Südvorstadt). Good for breakfast, coffee, tea and  homemade pastries from their patisserie.
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 62
04275 Leipzig

Retro industrial style and beer garden: Kaiserbad at Westwerk © Kaiserbad

Italian restaurant in the middle of downtown with a special gothic menu during WGT. The restaurant is quite large so odds are good to get a table during WGT weekend.
Nikolaistr. 22
04109 Leipzig

Café/bar/restaurant/beer garden with a retro-industrial feel in a former industrial building at Westwerk. Stylish interior, breakfast, lunch, dinner, beer garden and bar.
Karl-Heine-Str. 93
04229 Leipzig

Süß + Salzig
Cosy café with homemade cakes, quiches and salads in Leipzig’s west. Big breakfast buffet every morning (including vegan and vegetarian options.)
Merseburger Str. 44
04177 Leipzig

Süß + salzig: cosy café in Leipzig’s west end.

Green Soul
Vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Leipzig’s east. On the menu: Asian, oriental, mediterranean and German cuisine like vegan gulasch or Spätzle, green curry, burgers or Spaghetti.
Johannisallee 7
04317 Leipzig

100% organic vegan restaurant on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße between the city centre and the agra festival site. Symbiose has creative vegan dishes, homemade lemonade and an organic vegan brunch on Sundays.
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 112
04275 Leipzig

Mondschein / Dunkelrestaurant Leipzig

At this restaurant, eating in total darkness will challenge your senses! Choose between meat, fish or vegetarian surprise dishes.
Pfaffendorfer Straße 1
04109 Leipzig

Mintastique Cupcakes are not only delicious but also true eye candies. ©Mintastique
Mintastique Cupcakes are not only delicious but also true eye candy. ©Mintastique

Quirky atmosphere und freshly baked cupcakes made several times a day. A must for goths with a sweet fang!
Straße des 17. Juni 11
04107 Leipzig

Café Albert
Small and cosy café in Leipzig’s hip Plagwitz district in the west end. Homemade cakes, sandwiches and breakfast (also vegan and vegetarian options).
Karl-Heine-Str. 74
04229 Leipzig

Café Grundmann

Nostagic Viennese-style café with a wide selection of coffee specialties and delicious breakfast offers.
August-Bebel-Straße 2
04275 Leipzig

Nightlife: bars and clubs

Leipzig has a great nightlife. Check out these bars and clubs while you’re there!

Dark Flower

The club is well known in the goth scene (well beyond Leipzig) and offers a variety of musical styles from alternative to EBM and electro.


Moritzbastei is Leipzig’s most popular cultural centre with daily parties, concerts and other events. Situated right next to Gewandhaus and the university in the city center, the complex is the last preserved part of the old city fortifications and houses several clubs and bars. Here, you can party with a historical atmosphere and under high vaulted ceilings. Moritzbastei houses several events during WGT – make sure not to miss it!

Party the night away inside the historic vaults of Moritzbastei © Moritzbastei T. Reitler


Small bar with an alternative vibe in the trendy Südvorstadt district, mixed clientele and music from rock to oldies. Hang out and party with the locals until the wee hours.


Concert and party location in Leipzig’s hip Plagwitz district in the west end. A WGT location you shouldn’t miss!

Täubchenthal: one of Leipzig’s coolest locations! © Täubchenthal

Noels Ballroom
Large, rustic and homey Irish Pub with a club and beer garden in trendy Südvorstadt (near agra festival site). Perfect for drinks and bar food but also gemütliche Drinks & Food but look out for parties during WGT, too!

Irish Pub Noels Ballroom (corner of Kurt-Eisner-Straße and Karli.) © Noels Ballroom

Werk 2
Cultural events centre, club and concert location plus artists‘ workshops at Connewitzer Kreuz in the south of Leipzig. Location of „Gothic Pogo“ festival during WGT.


Hellraiser was founded in 1992 and is well-known as a concert venue for numerous artists and bands from the goth scene and other underground scenes.

Shopping in Leipzig

Leipzig offers lots of shopping opportunities and also has several historic shopping arcades and courtyards. You can also shop all sorts of dark fashion and accessories in Leipzig – from gothic or steampunk to metal and fetish clothing.

Das kompakte Zentrum der Leipziger Innenstadt bietet alles, was das Herz begehrt. © Jana Schönrath
Leipzig city centre is a shopping mekka. © Jana Schönrath

Black Market at WGT

The Black Market at the agra festival site is a huge hall full of vendors of dark clothing, accessoires, music and decor during Wave Gotik Treffen (you need the official WGT wristband to get in).
Bornaische Straße 210
04279 Leipzig
Hall 1-4

Wonderland 13
Goth, Punk, Alternative and Underground clothing, shoes and accessories.
Brühl 18
04109 Leipzig


Goth, punk and medieval clothing and accessories.
Ranstädter Steinweg 5
04109 Leipzig


Second-hand store for gothic, punk and metal clothing
Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 9
04277 Leipzig-Connewitz

EMP Store

Band shirts, metal and goth clothing and accessories on three floors in the city center.
Brühl 10
04109 Leipzig


Shop specialising in gothic, BDSM, fetish wear etc.

Kurt-Eisner-Straße 84
04275 Leipzig

You can find more goth & alternative shopping tips here.

Shop for your own unique WGT-style in Leipzig!

Flea markets

You can also shop at flea/vintage/antique markets during WGT!

Saturday, June 3, 10 am – 4 pm: vintage/flea market at Feinkost eG. More information of their Facebook page.

You can find all dates for flea markets in Leipzig here.

Find your new favourite piece on one of the markets.
Find your new favourite piece on one of the markets.

Tattoo and piercing

Why not combine a visit to Leipzig with some new body jewellery and some ink? Here is a list of some of the hottest studios:


The experienced team will provide you with body jewellery and tattoos in a pleasant atmosphere.
Wolfgang-Heinze Str. 21
04277 Leipzig-Connewitz

Ink and Pain

Individual tattoos and piercings of all kinds.
Ink and Pain Tattoo Leipzig
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 110
04275 Leipzig


Needleswing offers personalized tattoos, piercings, jewellery and accessories.
Könneritzstraße 22
04229 Leipzig

Magnus Wewer ©mfo-photo_Clara_Typ mit Hörnern
Body modification is hot at WGT © Magnus Wewer

Leipzig: Getting there and getting around

Getting there

You can reach Leipzig via car, bus, plane or train from various other destinations. To help you find out how exactly you can get to Leipzig, check out all the options we put together for you on our website.

Der Hauptbahnhof Leipzig befindet sich im Herzen der Stadt. © Daniel Koehler Photography
Leipzig main station. © Daniel Koehler Photography

Getting around

Public transport and App

During Wave Gotik Treffen, public transport in the city is already included in your ticket! The easiest option is to use the trams to get to the festival locations. Just follow the hordes of black-clad people!

In order to find out about connections, we recommend you use the map and journey planner by Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe, Leipzig’s official public transport. You can also get a map at the LVB service center in Peters-/Markgrafenstraße or at the LVB office inside the main station. Download the EasyGO app journey planner on your phone or the new Leipzig Mobile App that combines public transport, rental cars and bikes. The apps are free and available for Android und iOS.

You can find all info on tickets and prices for public transport in Leipzig here.

Special WGT tram line

During WGT, Leipzig Transport operates the black tram line which runs regularly back and forth between the city center and the „agra“ festival site in the south of Leipzig. The exact schedule will be announced in the LVB news.

As the WGT venues are spread out all over the city, allow enough time to get from A to B! Fortunately, Leipzig is quite a compact city and thanks to the new city tunnel it is now even easier to get around by car. There is also a direct S-Bahn train connecting the south of Leipzig and the main station in the north of the city center.

Leipzig by bike
Leipzigers love to cycle around – join them if you like to get from A to B and rent a bike via Nextbike.

041 - Liebe deine Stadt - Fleischer, Norbert
Discover Leipzig with the Leipzic Card! Photo: Norbert Fleischer

Leipzig Card

If you arrive in Leipzig before WGT or plan to extend your stay to explore more of the city, check out the Leipzig Card which gives you free public transport on all bus, tram and S-Bahn lines in the city (tariff zone 110 MDV) and up to 50% discount for museums, cultural events, recreational facilities but also restaurants, cafés, for city tours, magazines etc.
The Leipzig Card ist available online or at the tourist information.

Leipzig Regio Card

The Leipzig Regio Card includes all the benefits and discounts of the regular Leipzig Card but also includes the whole region: You can use transport within the Transport Middle Germany network (Verkehrsverbund Mitteldeutschland (MDV)) and get discounts and special offers for museums, theaters, restaurants, shops and recreational facilities in Leipzig and the surrounding region.

Where to stay – accommodation in Leipzig

During the time of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, hotels, guesthouses, hostels and apartments in Leipzig are usually fully booked for a long time ahead, and most accomodations charge extra for the time of the festival. Therefore, make sure you book your accomodation in Leipzig well ahead, i.e. 6-12 months before the festival (even before you can order  tickets).

If you need help finding accomodation, try these places:

Tourist Information Leipzig / Accommodation Office

Give the official accommodation office a call – they can help you find a place to stay: +49 (0)341 7104 225

WGT Forum

You can also try the WGT forum to find private accomodation in Leipzig for the festival, or offer others a place to sleep if you live in Leipzig.


Couchsurfing is a community where travelers can find private hosts to stay with all over the world by ’surfing‘ on their couch or host guests themselves. It’s free or rather based on a non-monetary exchange such as cooking a meal or showing your guest around. It’s a great way to find cheap accomodation, to connect with locals and meet other travelers. You need to become a member and create a profile on the website.

Globetrotter Hostel

The Globetrotter Hostel Leipzig is a good choice if you’re on a budget. It’s right in the city center at Central next to the main station and has dorms as well as private rooms. However, you also have to be quick to make a reservation before it is too late…

For quirky and original hotels in Leipzig, check out this post! (in German)

Jedes Zimmer ist individuell gestaltet. ©Hostel & Garten Eden
©Hostel & Garten Eden

Camping and RV/caravan sites

There is a festival campsite at the agra fair grounds that you can use during WGT after getting an additional ticket for 25,- Euros („Obsorge Ticket“, see „tickets“ above). Be there at the moment it opens to get a good space!

There are also more campsites on the outskirts of the city where you can stay during WGT:

The camp site at Lake Kulkwitz (Kulkwitzer See) is spacious and only ten minutes from the city center. There are also bungalows and holiday apartments.

Six kilometers from the city center, you’ll find the modern 4-star campsite and motel Auensee. The campsite has a good reputation for its clean sanitary facilities. There are also sites for caravans and RVs.

You can also stay at LAGOVIDA Holiday Resort at Störmthaler See with more than 90 caravan sites and total care.

You can find more parking lots, campsites and RV spaces in the north of Leipzig during WGT (more information here).

Wie wäre es mit einer Übernachtung in den Dünenhäusern? © Sandra Brandt
Dune houses at Lagovida © Sandra Brandt

Tourist Information Opening Hours

Do you have any questions? The tourist information team at Katharinenstraße 8 in the city center will support you during WGT and help you with all your questions concerning Leipzig and the region.

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 09:30 – 18:00
Sat: 09:30 – 16:00
Sun/holiday 09:30 – 15:00

Tourist-Information: Katharinenstarße 8 in der Leipziger Innenstadt
You’ll find us in Katharinenstraße 8 in the city center © Andreas Schmidt

Leipzig Travel App

Get the Leipzig Travel App for your phone – for lots of info and Leipzig tips for travel preparation or during your stay. It is available for free for Android or iOS.

Do you have any questions or further ideas for us? Don’t hesitate to ask and comment! We’re happy to help you and we’ll also update this guide regularly!

Have a great Wave Gotik Treffen and enjoy your stay in Leipzig!

Susi Maier & the social media team of Leipzig Travel


Susi Maier Black Dots White Spots

Susi Maier is a German travel blogger at Black Dots White Spots. She blogs about her travel adventures from sleeping in the desert to solo roadtripping but also about urban adventures and festivals – such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen, an event that she’s been attending for many years. When she’s not traveling, you can find her in Berlin.





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