6 Tips for a Rainy Day in Leipzig

You are already planning your next visit to Leipzig and you can’t wait, but then, surprise! The weather isn’t playing ball and the sky is full of thick dark clouds. There is nothing better than a sunny day relaxing and walking through Leipzig and the region. You don’t have to worry about your stay in Leipzig being washed away, even if the sky opens its gates. We have some great tips for you on how to enjoy a rainy day in Leipzig to the fullest!

1. Museums
2. Cabarets
3. Indoor Shopping
4. Cinemas and Theatres
5. Escaping the Weather
6. All-Weather Activities in Leipzig

1. Museums

The Grassi Museum building complex. Culture, Museums, Art
How about a visit to the the Grassi Museum? © Robin Kunz Fotografie

This classic rainy day option may seem obvious, but it’s anything but outdated: If the weather in Leipzig isn’t on your side, then it’s the perfect opportunity to take a closer look around the city’s museums . Even museum boffins will find what they are looking for among the huge selection of topics and exhibition formats in Leipzig. How about a stroll through the Old Masters at the Museum of Fine Arts? Or perhaps you’d rather wander the paths of culture and society at the Grassi Museum of Ethnography? ThePanometer and Kunstkraftwerk offer magnificent exhibitions spanning art, history and science.. Keen to learn more about the history of Leipzig? Then stop by the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum (Museum of City History) or learn about the eventful past of our city at the Museum in der Runden Ecke  (Memorial Museum in the “Round Corner”). The rain could go on for days without you getting bored. The museums we’ve mentioned are of course still worth a visit when the sun is shining.

2. Cabarets

The magnificent entrance to the Sanftwut Cabaret in the Mädler Passage. Culture, Theatre, Stage, Cabaret
You will for example find the Sanftwut Cabaret in the Mädler Passage. © LTM

The Leipzig variety show and cabaret scene is all about small shows done big! Numerous historical stages host political satire, comedy, musical shows and social observations. Leipzig boasts one of the highest concentrations of cabaret clubs in the country. Pfeffermühle, academixer, Leipziger Funzel, SanftwutCentral Kabarett and all the rest are sure to make you laugh away the dreary wet weather. The diverse programmes and shows make the range almost inexhaustible – and will definitely provide a fun day out despite the drizzle of the rain.

3. Indoor Shopping

The Strohsack Passage and its impressive architecture.
The Strohsack-Passage is almost futuristic. © T. Williger

Are you looking forward to extensive window shopping or a full-fledged shopping spree in Leipzig’s city centre, but don’t want to trudge from shop to shop in the rain with wet feet? Then we have just the solution for you! Leipzig’s network of arcades is not just an architectural jewel rooted in the trade fair city’s history; it also offers shoppers a wonderful opportunity to stay out of the weather. Stroll through the magnificent arcades and let the selection of goods and displays, reminiscent of the early days of the first trade fairs, drive you into an absolute buying frenzy. A shopping experience à la Leipzig is guaranteed. If you would like to find out more about the history and significance of the Leipzig Arcades, then take a look at our Arcades Blog or take a tour of the Arcades!

4. Cinemas and Theatres

The Schauburg Cinema is reminiscent of the style of an American dinner. Films, Cinema, Rain
You can enjoy great films at the Schauburg. © Schauburg

On a rainy day, what could be better than falling into comfortable, red velvet seats and diving into another world for an evening? Let yourself be enchanted by funny, sad, exciting and adventurous stories. You can do this in one of Leipzig’s unique cinemas or with a visit to the city’s theatre stages. Whether at the Passage Cinema or at the Regina Palast Cinema  let the scent of popcorn and the romance of the big screen sweep you away. Another option is to dive into the art of stagecraft at the Theater der Jungen Welt, Schauspiel Leipzig or LOFFT : Culture and entertainment go hand in hand to amaze you.

5. Escaping the Weather

Picture of the interior of the Escape Room at SherLOCKRooms in East Leipzig with armchair and magnifying glass. Leisure, Tours, Experiences
In SherLOCKRooms you slip into the role of the famous detective. © SherLOCKRooms

There is another very special indoor adventure in Leipzig for anyone who loves to tinker, play games, and search for adventure: the so-called Escape Rooms. Here the goal is to escape from a room full of puzzles, requiring a lot of skill and teamwork to solve and complete your mission within 60 minutes. Live Escape Games are the perfect adventure for rainy days. Check out our blog post featuring some of Leipzig’s Escape Rooms, it’s sure to whet your appetite for a new puzzle adventure!

6. All Weather Activities in Leipzig

A boat ride on the river in the Gondwanaland of Leipzig Zoo. Tropical hall, Rain, Leisure
The Gondwanaland tropical adventure world is part of Leipzig Zoo © Andreas Schmidt

In Leipzig there are plenty of “must-do’s” that are perfect for all sorts of weather. The Monument to the Battle of the Nations with the FORUM 1813 is just as impressive when the sky is grey as it is when the sun’s shining. Keep your feet dry while admiring the huge statues in the interior. Or how about a visit to the St. Thomas or St. Nicholas Churches? Both religious institutions are world-famous and genuine historical landmarks of Leipzig. Had you been looking forward to the view from the City Tower, but now don’t want to venture onto the viewing platform in wind and rain? No Problem! The Panorama Tower Restaurant “Plate of Art”  awaits you on the 29th floor, with delicious food and a delightful atmosphere (view included!). The Leipzig Opera House and the Gewandhaus should definitely not be left off of your Leipzig checklist – they are the perfect places to escape the rain and indulge in music and opera galore. You don’t have to cancel your visit to the Leipzig Zoo  either: If the heavens’ floodgates do open, you can admire natural wonders from across three continents in the world’s largest tropical hall, the Gondwanaland. For more Leipzig highlights, take a look at our Leipzig Top 10 .

You have by now hopefully found enough inspiration to get your money’s worth on a rainy day in Leipzig. For all those who have remembered to bring their wellington boots and umbrellas, dancing in the rain is of course also a great way to keep the cloudy weather from dampening your good mood. Whatever you have in mind, we hope you have fun!

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