Designer Alexandra Pauly in her brand Flamingocat store in Leipzig's Südvorstadt, art, shopping, creative city

Design made in Leipzig: Find your new favourite piece here!

Looking for something extra special, a new favourite that’s not from the rack? Luckily design is important in Leipzig. We would like to acquaint you with some creative minds from Leipzig who are well worth taking a look at.

Möbel sucht Farbe
Enzo Forciniti Brillen
Porzellanwerkstatt Susan Heise


A look at display racks with coats and jackets in Rosentreter's studio in Leipzig, Design in Leipzig, art, culture, shopping
The Rosentreter atelier is full of great pieces to discover. © Philipp Kirschner

Tailored art of a kind that you don’t find very often these days, coupled with nostalgic designs – This is the Rosentreter brand. Located in Leipzig’s Westwerk, tailor Sandra Jahn delights regular and new customers with handmade fashion. When you visit her studio, you will usually see her working on new Rosentreter-style collections between numerous exhibit pieces.

The clothing she offers is consciously designed in calm, muted tones and tried and tested materials. You will always find meticulous details, which can also be adapted to your individual wishes because every part is made to order and should make its wearer happy for a long time. You can also have alterations done or make special orders like Steam Punk costumes in the Rosentreter studio. So make sure you visit Sandra and let her tailor your new favorite piece especially for you!

Where: Westwerk, Karl-Heine-Straße 93, 04229 Leipzig
When: Mo-Fr: 11:00 am- 7:00 pm,   Sa: 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm

Möbel sucht Farbe

An artistically redesigned table in a Möbel sucht Farbe store in Leipzig, design in Leipzig, art, culture, shopping
Romantic painting gives flea market finds a second life. © Möbel sucht Farbe

Something old, something new – at Möbel sucht Farben there is always a charming combination. Bringing life to the old furniture and adding style is Melanie Große’s recipe for success. The pieces of furniture in her shop are not only impressive because of their aesthetics, which is somewhere between shabby chic and country elegance, but are also sustainable.

It’s the dull, forgotten pieces from the flea markets that Julia Große treasures and reworks with a lot of imagination. The coveted design treasures can then be found in the shop Möbel sucht Farbe in the south of Leipzig. It is worth browsing, because everyone looking for objects with history will find something here, ranging from furniture as a highlight for the new apartment to smaller decorative objects.

Where: Helenenstr. 25, 04279 Leipzig
When: Tues., Thurs., Fri.: 1:00 pm-4:00 pm, Mon./Wed.: all day by appointment


Jewellery collection in the Flamingocat shop in Leipzig's Südvorstadt, design in Leipzig, art, culture, shopping
Flamingocat jewellery is handmade with great attention to detail. © Flamingocat

Flamingocat‘s shop in Leipzig’s Südvorstadt district is now a permanent fixture in the Leipzig design scene. Flamingocat is Alexandra Pauly. In summer 2015, she opened her shop in the old butcher’s shop on Kurt-Eisener-Straße and now sells her brightly coloured and handmade jewellery.

Flamingocat’s design is linear and geometric. Rings, chains and earrings are cut out of wood or acrylic and lovingly painted by hand. What’s particularly attractive about it is that you can contribute to creating your own piece of jewellery: Every Flamingocat item offers numerous individualization possibilities and is thus unique. Anyone looking to spice up a boring outfit with a bit of neon, or is looking for a gift made with attention to detail should visit Alexandra in her shop!

Where: Alte Fleischerei, Kurt-Eisner-Straße 17, 04275 Leipzig
When: Mo-Fr 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Glasses by Enzo Forciniti

Glasses by designer Enzo Forciniti in the Leipzig's Westwerk, design in Leipzig, art, culture, shopping
From sawing to polishing, Enzo Forciniti glasses are 100% handcrafted. © Philipp Kirschner

Are you desperately looking for the perfect pair of glasses, but don’t really like the models out off the shelf? For those who want a very special piece of handiwork to frame their face, Enzo Forciniti‘s is the place to be.
After a long period of experimentation, the former graphic designer perfected the art of producing spectacles from wood.

In his workshop, the Italian-born designer designs, glues, saws and finishes all kinds of precious wood spectacle models by hand. Nothing is impossible as far as design is concerned, he says, allowing him to tailor perfect frames for every customer. You can either rely on the expert’s judgement or bring in your own suggestions. In the end, you will be able to hold your custom-made designer glasses with their trendy wooden look in your hands.

Where: Westwerk, Karl-Heine-Straße 93d, 04229 Leipzig
When: Appointment by arrangement (Telephone: 0341/39298619)


Some tomboxes upgraded old speakers from product developers from the factory, art, culture, shopping
The Tombox is dieFabrik’s best-known and most popular product. © dieFabrik

Sustainability is a top priority for the Leipzig designers and dieFabrik is also dedicated to this cause. TheFabrik is a team of craftspeople and designers who produce furniture and utensils with innovative designs from sustainable raw materials. The most famous product of the Leipzig-based company is the Tombox, a state-of-the-art mobile amplifier, built into old loudspeaker cabinets.

dieFabrik’s revival and conversion of used parts and original designs have won numerous awards. After taking a break winter 18/19, the dieFabrik team returned in autumn 2019 with a new small series of pepper shakers made from table legs called Pepe.

Where: Klingenstraße 20b, 04229 Leipzig, Germany


Cyclist stands with his bicycle and a tex-lock in front of a blue wall, designed in Leipzig, leisure, shopping, cycling routes
tex-lock provides security with style. © Thomas Dietze

Fortunately, the Leipzig designer scene doesn’t stop at the bicycle market either! Bike fans and product developers Alexandra Baum and Suse Brand were unhappy with the heavy and rigid bike locks that were on the market, so they quickly designed their own. The two Leipzig women now sell textile-based bicycle locks under the tex-lock brand, which score points for their flexibility and look.

The locks, which received the German Design Award in 2018, are not only chic and handy, but also serve their real purpose: they protect your bike from theft. Even though the product is made almost entirely of fabric, you don’t have to worry about thieves with bolt cutters, because all tex-locks have an ART*2 seal of approval. The rope of the lock is not only available in different colours, like neon orange, but also in different lengths, so that freight bikes can always be safely locked.


Jigsaw puzzle pieces of the experience provider that were engraved with a laser at Signuu, Design in Leipzig, Art, Shopping
From puzzles to lampshades – Signuu can engrave anything. © Signuu

If you want to get creative yourself and design your own individual favourites, then we would recommend the Leipzig company Signuu. At Signuu, you can choose your favourite piece from a huge range of products, from puzzles to guitars to barbecue utensils, and design it exactly the way you want it. The engraving configurator allows you to decorate to your heart’s content and embellish your product with lettering, images or logos. The Signuu team will then produce your creation quickly, sustainably and at a fair price. Signuu’s workers are also happy to engrave items you bring in if your creativity exceeds the company’s own product range.

Where: Brühl 64-66, 04109 Leipzig
When: Mo-Fr 10 am- 6 pm.

Porzellanwerkstatt Susan Heise

Designer Susan Heise at a pottery wheel in her porcelain workshop, design in Leipzig, art, shopping
Timeless, refined and refined. © Gildemeister Fotografie

From the pottery wheel into your house? Susan Heise‘s road took her from the Burg Giebichenstein College of Art and Design Halle to beautiful Leipzig. The Greifswald industrial designer had dedicated herself to art even before studying, and during her studies, she strengthened her know-how. One thing is clear, Susan Heises Porzellanwerkstatt is no longer unknown. Her workshop has been in Leipzig for more than 12 years now. Timeless and simple individual pieces and small series are created here. All under the watchful eye of experimentation.

 Where: Altranstädter Straße 06, 04229 Leipzig

Hopefully you will find plenty of new favourites with our tips for design made in Leipzig. If you still haven’t done enough browsing, then have a look at HIVYOHIVYO or Perlentaucher.

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