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Escape Rooms in Leipzig – 4 Games under the magnifying glass

We know that anyone who visits Leipzig would prefer not to leave. Nevertheless, our blog post today is about escape, breaking out, fleeing and skedaddling. Escape rooms have become the talk of the town: Escape Games! Something that began as an entertaining computer game pastime has found its way into reality. Live escape games inspire numerous puzzle as well as team players worldwide. Which means you can also get yourself locked up in Leipzig and put your getaway skills to the test. We took a closer look at 5 Escape Rooms in Leipzig. Which one is best for you?

Code Sixty Live Escapee
Escape Venture
Room Escape Challenge

Code Sixty Live Escape

Several human skulls behind a grate in the Code Sixty's escape room in Leipzig at the Old Trade Fair, leisure, tours and experiences
It gets dark and mysterious at Code Sixty. © Code Sixty

There is another highlight among the Leipzig Escaperooms on the grounds of the Old Trade Fair : Code Sixty has two adventure games to choose from and it is likely to be a difficult choice. Anyone who opts for the “Unsägliche Schwert” (unspeakable sword) is going underground in Leipzig – to be more precise, into the secret catacombs – with their team. In this mystical environment you have to solve numerous puzzles from past times to find your way to freedom with the help of the sword, which lends its name to the game.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a real thrill, you should choose “Das Mädchen aus dem Brunnen”(The girl from the fountain). Horror fans won’t be able to miss the reference to the well-known classic horror movie and you’re sure to hear one or two screams in this escape room. The Code Sixty team will push the thrill and creepiness to the limit and you’ll be glad to escape the girl from the well within the given 60 minutes.

  • What’s special: Code Sixty captivates with their attention to detail featured in the equipment and by immersing you in the game world with all your senses.
  • Difficulty: In Code Sixty, the equipment of the rooms and the difficulty of the puzzles are always the same. You can, however, decide before the game how many clues you want to get from the administrator and thus adjust the difficulty level. Do you dare to try without any clues?
  • Tip: If you haven’t had enough action after your escape, you can let off more steam at the Pearlball in the neighbouring Soccerworld.
  • Where? Eggebrechtstraße 3, 04103 Leipzig


Picture of a bookshelf with books, a hat, a pipe in the escape room at SherLOCKRooms in east Leipzig, leisure, tours and experiences
Follow in the footsteps of the famous detective. ©SherLOCKRooms

The master of puzzle-solving himself was the godfather of this exciting live escape adventure. Fans of the iconic detective penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle pen will be thrilled by SherLOCKRooms. Here you can finally become a forensic investigator yourself and test if you can work for Mr. Holmes. Would you be as good of an assistant as Dr. Watson? In “Sherlock’s Living Room” you can enjoy the puzzles of the master in person and prove your intelligence, while

“Moriarty’s Testament” will send you on a hunt with Sherlock and Dr. Watson for their archrival Professor Moriarty. Can you escape his cunning trap? Each room can accommodate up to 6 people at the same time. The SherLOCKRooms are furnished with great attention to detail and with many references to the stories about the quirky detective. For real fans it is a true land of milk and honey.

  • What’s special: SherLOCKRooms is the core project of four enthusiastic friends in cooperation with Osttangente e.V. – A lot of heart and soul and a lot of character make the experience come alive.
  • Difficulty: The difficulty levels are regulated by the number of tips given live to the participants by the game leader. Beginners as well as advanced players can have an equally exciting gaming experience.
  • Tips: At SherLockrooms you can also give private and corporate parties a special touch.
  • Where? Hermann-Liebmann-Str. 92, 04315 Leipzig

Escape Venture

Don’t panic- you have 60 minutes! CC0/Pavlofox

Do you like suspense and a little scare? Then you should make an appointment for one of the rooms of Escape Venture. Play “Artefacts”, “Carrie”, “Eisenbarth” or “StarWreck”! The themes of adventure, science and psychology are implemented into this escape company’s room in such a way that a cold shiver will run down your spine and the suspense will increase immeasurably until you escape. Play the thrilling game with groups of up to 6 players per room and don’t forget to keep your cool! Teambuilding events are also offered here for fearless employees. Escape Venture gives you the opportunity to experience the Escape adventure with its so-called “Venture Truck”. 4 players have to complete their mission within 45 minutes using a lot of skill and nerves of steel to escape from the truck before they run out of oxygen.

  • What’s special: Escape Venture is THE Escape Room in Leipzig for all horror fans – not for the faint-hearted! Do you dare?
  • Difficulty: The various rooms are rated either “medium” or “difficult”. This will give you an idea of what to expect in advance.
  • Tip: For a great gift you can also give away a voucher for 60 minutes of play and excitement!
  • Where? Dresdner Str. 54, 04317 Leipzig

Room Escape Challenge

Dive into the year 1989 and try to escape. © Room Escape Challenge

In the Room Escape Challenge at Kohlrabizirkus, none other than Erich Honecker is up to his tricks. Get locked up in a proper GDR living room and find your way past retro charm, Dederon kitsch and Ostalgia back to freedom! In “Honecker’s Nightmare” you are playing against his perfidious plan to prevent you from escaping from your apartment and from the GDR. Work together and make your way to freedom! But be careful! – ” Honecker’s Revenge” is coming soon and before you know it you’ll find yourself in his secret hideout in 1989 and have to prevent a missile attack against West Berlin. You have 60 minutes to save the Reunification!

Room Escape Challenge is a great experience for all Ostalgie fans and detailed Ost-Kitsch fanatics. The rooms are furnished in the finest Eastern style, which makes them fun to explore. But don’t forget your mission, otherwise you might be trapped in 1989 forever! For the more experienced among you, we also recommend the “Goethe’s Secret” room. If you come with your entire family, friends and co-workers, there’s room for up to 36 people called the “Puzzle Box”!

  • What’s special:Room Escape Challenge is the mother of all Leipzig escape rooms. Since 2014, the historical backdrop of the Kohlrabizirkus has been the scene of successful escapes.
  • Difficulty: There is one escape room for beginners and one for advanced players so that nobody is under- or overwhelmed.
  • Tip: Room Escape Challenge offers a very special dating event for all singles: up to 4 singles are locked together in a room and must escape together: There can hardly be a more honest and intense getting to know each other experience!
  • Where? Kohlrabizirkus, An den Tierkliniken 38-42, 04103 Leipzig

We hope that now you are ready to swap an easy simple stroll through Leipzig for a nerve-racking race against time. The Leipzig Escape Rooms offer the right theme for every taste and exactly the right level of difficulty. Pick your favourite and try it out! But be careful: After 60 minutes your time is up and who knows what will happen then?

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