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Hidden Leipzig: East

Today we’re going to take you on another expedition through the hidden locations in Leipzig. Keep your eyes peeled – on today’s trip we will explore locations and places that are simply magical. Come with us and experience an exciting day in the eastern district of our city!

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Café Cantona
Leipziger Eisträumerei
Japanische Haus
Lene Voigt Park
Espresso Zack Zack

Café Cantona

View of the counter in Café Cantona, gastronomy, Hidden Leipzig
Café Cantona has more than just a beautiful outdoor seating area! © Philipp Kirschner

The sun rises in the East – so why not start the day off right and enjoy the early sunshine. Our first stop this morning is Café Cantona, where you can enjoy a delicious coffee and breakfast. The restaurant is named after the former French footballer Éric Cantona who, as a player in England, became a cult figure of the 1990s. Let’s stay here for a few minutes and then, once we’re energised, let’s tackle the next stop on our trip.

Leipzig Eisträumerei (Ice Cream Dreams)

Eisträumerei is definitely a contender for the tastiest ice cream in all of Leipzig. © Robin Kunz

Still in the mood for something sweet? Then you will probably enjoy our next stop too! The Leipziger Eisträumerei has incredibly tasty ice cream specialities waiting for you. Care for a few samples? Try crunchy chocolate flakes, caipirinha or black beer to name a few of the wild flavours. We are fairly certain that you have never eaten these flavours anywhere else. Still want more? Learn more about Eisträumerei in this blog post And let’s be honest, there is always room for ice cream… even in winter. That said, if you think it’s too cold, there is always a large selection of homemade cakes too.


With a unique fragrance from Parfümwerk, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. © Tom Williger

Now that your taste buds have been satisfied, our next stop will please another one of your senses: smell. Parfümwerk is the perfect place to do something nice for your sense of smell and take it to a whole new level. Create your own perfume here and choose from over 180 fragrances and oils. One thing is certain: having your own personal fragrance adds a very special element to your look.

Japanisches Haus

Cultural encounters await visitors to the Japanese House. © Das Japanische Haus e.V.

Continuing our journey, we head towards Eisenbahnstraße to our next stop: the Japanese House. This formerly vacant building was in need of repair and a group of innovative people stepped up to the challenge. Now the building is a venue for numerous events, which focus on communal life in the neighbourhood, as well as providing information about Japanese culture. If you want to learn more before you go, then take a look at this blog post. And don’t forget to check their opening hours.


Two young women listen to music on vinyl records at VARY on Eisenbahnstraße in the eastern part of Leipzig, Culture, Leisure, Music
The VARY is heaven for vinyl lovers. © Philipp Kirschner

If we walk along Eisenbahnstraße for a few more minutes towards the city centre, about 1 km further we reach Vary, a record shop with proper retro style! If you like good beats, you will get your money’s worth here. Browse through the endless records, have a listen and get comfy on one of the sofas with coffee, tea or soda.We promise, if you just relax and take in the music around you, time will fly. Those who need a short break from all the musical excitement should not miss our next stop.

Lene Voigt Park

Two people walking their dogs in Lene Voigt Park, Nature, Green Leipzig, Leisure
Lene Voigt Park is a greenway in eastern Leipzig. © Philipp Kirschner

This is a good place to relax. Lene Voigt Park is of course not too hidden. Situated on the grounds of the former Eilenburg railway station, the 11-hectare park stretches eastward from Gerichtsweg to Riebeckstraße. In addition to green areas for relaxing, it offers numerous sports and recreational facilities. So if you need some recovery time during our bustling tour, you can take a wonderful break in the Lene Voigt Park. The next stop on our adventure is just a few metres away from the park.

Espresso Zack Zack

Coffee specialities and accessories for home brewing can be found in Reudnitz. © Espresso Zack Zack

After relaxing do you need a caffeinated pick-me-up to get you back on your feet? Then you’re in luck! Directly next to the park you will find the cosy Espresso Zack Zack. You can enjoy a delicious espresso and sweet snacks in the cosy restaurant at Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 2 which was opened in 2015. There are hot chocolates, juice spritzers, snacks and much more to enjoy. Are you on the market for some accessories for your coffee machine? Well, stop by and get while its hot.



Ready to end the evening on a high note? Café Kune is the perfect place. Which means it’s back to the bustling Eisenbahnstrasse. You could always go directly to Cafe Kune after your visit to Vary if you skip the afternoon’s break and pick-me-up. Here, there is not only coffee (from a Mexican woman’s collective) and very good cake in the afternoon but also snacks, beers and cocktails in the evening. We are particularly impressed by the diverse projects and activities. You can rummage through the cosy library, listen to short readings every now and then or even participate in art workshops. Parties are of course also a regular occurrence. You can also enjoy the Cocktail-Happy Hour. We like it here, maybe you will too!

Is there anywhere else to go? Absolutely! ANALOG, café and bar in Volkmarsdorf, the cosy Café Bubu or Substanz, which are always great places for a nightcap, and not just in summer. These are three very different insider spots that are all worth discovering.

Would you like to learn more about the eastern part of Leipzig? Then go ahead and take a look at this blog post. In this post, a young Leipzig student talks about why the East is so popular among students. Of course, one or two hidden gems are also uncovered in this blog post.Planning on checking out the other areas of the city? Then click through the other posts on Hidden Leipzig and search for treasures hidden in the southwest and north. Have fun reading!

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