Hidden Leipzig: South

It’s that time again! We are exploring Hidden Leipzig and looking for mysterious, unfamiliar places. Today we will go south and stroll through lots of picturesque places that exude the feeling of pure freedom. Join us as we travel through the southern parts of our city and get inspired for your own trip!

Café Grundmann
Sauna im See
Cinémathèque Leipzig
Noels Ballroom

Café Grundmann

Restaurant of Café Grundmann in southern Leipzig, architecture, gastronomy, coffee house culture
The traditional Art Déco style café – Café Grundmann. © Daniel Koehler

Let’s go south, chasing the sun – of course, we won’t be dillydallying and we’re starting our little tour early in the morning. What better way to start the day than with a tasty pick-me-up in the form of a coffee? Our first stop is Café Grundmann, one of the few remaining coffee houses built in Art Deco style. Take a gander at the very popular menu and enjoy a delectable breakfast. The cup of coffee that goes with it will give you everything you need to start the day bright and alert.


Leipzig's skyline taken from the Fockeberg, leisure, viewpoint, panorama, green Leipzig
Between the trees on Fockeberg a breath-taking view of Leipzig awaits. © Philipp Kirschner

Now, we continue our way south and turn our attention to an elevation that is quite rare in the middle of a big city: Fockeberg. Over several decades, the 850-metre peak was created by the removal and accumulation of destroyed building debris. Today, it offers a wonderful view of downtown Leipzig, attracting visitors and, above all, numerous photographers. If you want to learn more about how Fockeberg was created, we have a whole blog post on the subject. While you take a look at that, we’re going to take a break on one of the numerous seats and enjoy the quiet ambience as well as the fabulous view.


Get a unique look at Rockhairbella. © Tom Schulze

Are you suddenly in the mood for a new hairdo? As we continue on our way we pass Rockhairbella, a retro-style hair studio, which takes its inspiration from the 50s. The interior design makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a film set from the last century.  Trendsetting hairstyles from different decades only add to this feeling. If you don’t need a haircut just yet but want to come back here for one: you can just make an appointment like at any other hair studio.

Sauna im See

After sweating in the Sauna im See (Sauna in the lake) you can cool off directly in Cossi. © Tom Schulze

Our journey continues out of the city and into the Leipzig Region, more precisely towards Lake Cospuden An absolute gem awaits you here: Sauna im See. If you want to have a really good time with your favourite person, this is the right place to float together on cloud 9. Start by heating things up in the various saunas and then cool down directly in the lake – a great feeling, no matter what time of year it is! And what’s more, you can also have a late lunch here. Sit back, look at the lake and let yourself relax ; )

Cinémathèque Leipzig

View of the sociocultural centre, naTo, on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, where the Cinématèque is located. Culture, leisure, cinema, events, Karli
Fans of the cinematic arts get their money’s worth in the Cinématèque. © Philipp Kirschner

Now that we are relaxed from our trip to the sauna, let’s set off back towards the southern suburbs. We don’t want to get our hearts pumping too fast just yet, so we’re going stop by the Cinémathèque Leipzig first. Here, you can see films from different countries and genres projected on the big screen. Cinematics at its best! There is something for everyone here. The culture centre naTo offers a wide variety of things to do and see. You can have a drink or check out the concert programmes for the coming weeks. One thing is guaranteed, here you will have a very culturally rich evening.

Noels Ballroom

View of the bar with numerous bottles as decoration in Noel's ballroom in southern Leipzig, bar, pub, nightlife in Leipzig
Noels Ballroom, where everyone gets their drink wish fulfilled. © Philipp Kirschner

If you are still craving a bit more fun after all these wonderful discoveries, then Noels Ballroom is the perfect place for you. Like a door to another realm, this Irish Pub, with its dance hall (the Ballroom) and unique maze-like beer garden invites guests to enjoy Irish flair in a cosy atmosphere. Noels Ballroom also attracts visitors with regular live concerts and dance events, as well as a great pub quiz. So it’s worth checking the event calender in advance! You might not expect this kind of event diversity from the doors of the restaurant on the Kurt-Eisner-Straße ;) So if you not only want to sit together with friends but also want to spend the night in a rustic ambience, Noels Ballroom is the place to be!


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