View of the Buntgarnwerke above the White Elster river in the western part of Leipzig, industrial culture, water city, architecture

Hidden Leipzig: West

It’s not really a secret any more that we like to rave about the hidden treasures in Leipzig. Today we are heading to the western part of the city, where industrial culture is flourishing and numerous charming places and locations await us yet again. Let’s get this tour started.

Zum Wilden Heinz
Karl-Heine Kanal
Bars im Leipziger Westen


View of the counter of the Brühbar in the western part of Leipzig, coffee, gastronomy, Karl-Heine-Street
Brühbar is an absolute must for every coffee lover! © Philipp Kirschner

A little coffee early in the day chases worries away. Leipzig’s unique coffee tradition is also found in the western part of Leipzig, which is why we decided to start the day with a cup of jitter juice. Our destination: Brühbar. True to its motto freshly roasted, freshly ground, freshly brewed, coffee is produced directly on-site and is made exclusively from famous Arabica coffee beans. Now that we have had our coffee, our tour can continue.

Zum Wilden Heinz

View of the outdoor seating area at Zum Wilden Heinz in the western part of Leipzig, gastronomy
The Zum Wilden Heinz is famous for its outdoor seating but is also worth a visit during the cold seasons. © Philipp Kirschner

A real find awaits us a few metres further on at our next stop: the trendy café  Zum Wilden Heinz. Heinz who? Heinz was actually the name of a billy goat that lived in a shed on the grounds of the outdoor café and welcomed guests every day. At the end of 2015, Heinz moved to Dessau, much to the dismay of everyone involved, but this did not keep people away from Zum Wilden Heinz with its cosy wooden hut and rustic wagon. With coffee, hot chocolate and cake, you will definitely want to linger here and enjoy the rustic flair.


View of the counter with the ingredients at the Kartoffelfräulein on Karl-Heine-Street in the western part of Leipzig, gastronomy
You can get a nice potato snack at Kartoffelfräulein. © Philipp Kirschner

One can never really have enough food. That’s why we’re going to have a little treat for lunch at Kartoffelfräulein. The plump potatoes from the Leipzig region are cooked, mixed with salt, butter and cheese and finally filled to order. Sounds delicious right? It is! So treat yourself to a hearty lunch menu and choose from a variety of potato creations. And if you can’t find the right variation in the menu, then you can create your own. Bon appetit!


Picture of the exhibition Giants of the Renaissance at Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig in Plagwitz, Culture
At Kunstkraftwerk you either stand in, on or sometimes even under the exhibition. © Kunstkraftwerk / Luca Migliore

Continuing west we follow Karl-Heine-Street until we turn right at the end onto Saalfelder Straße and come toKunstkraftwerk. The building has plenty of space for artistic creativity and has constantly changing exhibitions. You can immerse yourself in the exhibition “Giants of the Renaissance” here until 29 January 2020. This is not something you should miss!

In addition to art, the Kulturfabrik also features concerts, plays and special events. It is a very pleasant place to be – that’s exactly why we are stopping here to indulge in the cultural delights at this former power plant.

Karl Heine Canal

Picture of the stairs on the banks of the Karl Heine Canal near the Philippus Church in the western part of Leipzig, nature, water sports, leisure
Whether on or by the water, discover the West with the Karl Heine Canal. © Philipp Kirschner

Having stored some lasting memories in the back of our minds, we will leave Kunstkraftwerk and walk into the evening. If you are dressed warmly, a walk along the Karl Heine Canal is worthwhile even in windy and rainy weather. The man-made canal stretches for 3.3 km through Plagwitz to the White Elster river and connects it with the Lindenau harbour. On warm days, it is especially nice to sit down along the canal and enjoy the view of the water.


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West Leipzig Bars

View into Kaiserbad's restaurant which is a former iron foundry, industrial culture, gastronomy, bar
The Kaiserbad is a former iron foundry. © Philipp Kirschner

After the darkness slowly but surely sets in, it is time to end the day with a delicious drink and good company. On the Karl-Heine-Street there is one spot after another to choose from. A modern bar with the charm of industrial culture can be found, for example, at Kaiserbad directly on the canal. Are you more interested in a hip pub? Then visit Noch besser leben (“Live even better”), which is basically the complete opposite of the Kaiserbad’s polished atmosphere. Or you can find a good spot at the Bar Rudi, where you can enjoy fabulous cocktails.

Has the unique atmosphere of Leipzig’s West made you curious? Then go ahead on your own tour, where there are many more secret places to discover! If you still haven’t had enough you should definitely look to the NorthEast and South or have a look at our new website called Hidden Leipzig. Because with four directions and numerous new places to discover, one thing is for sure: Leipzig has a lot more to offer than you think.


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