Signpost on a hiking trail in the forest.

Hiking in Leipzig and the region

Fed up with big city noise and crowds? Then take a detour into nature and follow one of the many hiking trails that criss-cross the Leipzig region. There are may to choose from. To make the decision a little easier for you and your companions, we would like to introduce you to some of the most popular routes for hiking in Leipzig and the surrounding area.

Hiking trail around Leipzig
Heide Biber Tour – (also for kids)
A Hike with a View
Nature and Culture at Kriebstein Dam
Muldental trails
With giant (boot) steps around Döbeln
Discoveries in Nature
On Luther’s Trail
From rare to curious
Porphyr at Rochlitz Hill

Hiking trail around Leipzig

A hiking trail through the green Floodplain Forest.
There are a number of beautiful spots close to the city. © Auwaldstation Leipzig

Directly in the vicinity of the city, you will find the hiking trail “Rundum-Leipzig” (Around Leipzig). It leads you along the shores of Lake Cospuden and Lake Kulkwitz, through one of the largest floodplain forests in Germany, past the New Trade Fair grounds and parallel to the Parthe River back towards Markkleeberg. Sound too long? If the route is too long for you, there are many bus, tram and S-Bahn stops along the way, which make it easy for you to hike in smaller stages.

Heide Biber Tour – also for kids

A woman and a child are looking at an information board, which is located on a hiking trail in the forest.
Tracking the beavers. © T. Bichler

Are you planning a family hike, but don’t know where the kids could keep up? We would like to recommend the Heide Biber Tour in theDüben Heath. A portion of this trail has been designed especially for children. Just follow the mascot Billi Bockert von Bad Düben through forests and open heather fields and spend a day in nature together! With a bit of luck, the little ones will even see the beavers‘ work in the form of beaver dams or gnawed tree trunks.

If you want to use public transport for the way back, you can shorten the hike to about eight kilometres and take the Bad Dübener city bus A in Tornau (runs from Monday to Friday).

Don’t have any kids in tow? Then, of course, you can also walk the full 30 kilometres of the excellent hiking trail to Bad Schmiedeberg. Take plenty of time (8 hours or more) and sufficient provisions for the hike.

Hike with a View

A woman and a man stand on the Albert Tower and look over the wide landscape of Wermsdorf and its surroundings.
Relaxing break at lofty heights! © T.Bichler

Another very beautiful hiking trail leads you from Wermsdorf through the Wermsdorf forest. Thanks to its numerous lakes and ponds, this is one of the most popular hiking and excursion areas in the Leipzig region and was even awarded “Forest Area of the Year” in 2018. Still not convinced? Maybe the 1,000-year-old lime tree in the small village of Collm will. The view from Collmberg, the highest elevation in the region at 314 metres, will certainly do it! From the viewing platform of the Albert Tower, which can be reached via 99 steps, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the landscape. On nice days you can see all the way to Leipzig and the Monument to the Battle of the Nations and the City Hochhaus, to the ridge of the Erzgebirge and Augustusburg Castle.

To round off a successful day hike we recommend a stop at the restaurant of the Hotel Seehof Döllnitzsee or the Seegasthof Horstsee.

Nature and culture at Kriebstein Dam

Two hikers stand on top of the dam and Kriebstein Castle is in the background.
Hiking around Kriebstein Castle © T. Bichler

Want some medieval charm? Then off to Kriebstein! This is the most beautiful knight’s castle in Saxony: Kriebstein Castle. From the harbour, the 7 km journey takes you along wooded paths around the dam, with its impressive dam wall, to Erlebach, from where a ferry takes you back to the harbour. Create the perfect combination of nature and cultural experiences and visit one of the many events at the castle. You can expect adventure, guided tours, a knights’ meals, a special exhibition and more.

Muldental hiking trail

The Mulde river flows along green areas and forests.
When hiking along the Mulde river one has a particularly beautiful view. © Alexander Klich

And the Muldental hiking trail also offers you a combination of nature and culture. Along the Freiberg and Mulde rivers, you will hike through enchanting, green floodplain areas with a wealth of plant and animal life. On both sides of the river, you and your companions will be surprised by cultural and historical sights, old town centres, mighty fortresses, magnificent castles and a multitude of museums that will give you an insight into the impressive history of Saxony’s cultural landscape.

With giant (boot) steps around Döbeln

View of a field near Döbeln, in the background is a forest.
Countryside near Döbeln © K. Lange

On this circular trail, you will cross the Bärental and the Butterbüchse among others, and ascend the Schillerhöhe and the Geyersberg. It takes you up hills and through valleys around Döbeln and promises great experiences in nature on the edge of the very green city. The two parks “Döbeln Civic Garden” and “Klosterwiesen“, both close to the city centre, are particularly popular.

To round off the excursion, a stroll through the lively city centre is worthwhile. The centre is like an island surrounded by two arms of the Freiberg Mulde river, which gave Döbeln its nickname “city on the island”. Today, rejuvenated and beautiful to look at, it is connected to the mainland of Döbeln by eight bridges.

Experience the nostalgic feeling of the past with the Döbel Horse Tram which has been restored true to the original and is unique in Germany. Ride the 1 km long Schienentrasse (railway) through the City Centre. In the town hall, the landmark of the city awaits you – the almost 100-year-old Döbeln’s giant boot. High up in the tower and on the top floor of the Döbelner town hall you can also immerse yourself in the more than 1,000-year-old history of the city. After the tour in the Stadtmuseum (town museum), the town hall tower with its height of about 40 metres offers you a wide view over the roofs of the Mulde river town.

Discoveries in nature

A woman stands in front of an information board on the hiking trail near Lake Grabschütz.
Hiking around Lake Grabschütz © A. Klich

The next hiking route brings you back to nature! Located near Lake Grabschütz, between Leipzig and Delitzsch, the wilderness is reclaiming the former open-cast mining site in its own way. As a result, a diverse landscape will continue to develop until 2025, which provides habitats for numerous protected animal and plant species and is part of the European Bird Sanctuary. On the 7 km long trail around the lake, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about landscape history, geology, ecology as well as flora and fauna at 17 stations. There are a few telescopes on that trail that give you the opportunity to make your own observations.

On Luther’s Trail

A signpost on the Luther Trail in Leisnig.
Luther Trail in Leisnig © K. Lange

The 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation was celebrated with the Reformation Jubilee in 2017. Since then there has been one major event after another In 2019 the Leipzig Disputation will be held for the  500th time.

In order to commemorate all the important milestones and events in Saxony in connection with the Reformation, a circular trail on the subject was created: the Luther Trail Saxony. Along the more than 550 km of the trail, places where Luther and his companions worked are connected. Along the way, numerous historical buildings, including monasteries, churches and mansions from different eras are highlighted. The route covers many short and longer sections.

From rare to curious

A green hiking trail in Eilenburg.
Marvellous green © Philipp Kirschner

The city of Eilenburg invites you on its historical city tour “Camera Historica” to take a journey into the past. At eleven stations, small “peep-boxes” allow you to take a look at districts from the period between 1900 and 1940. There are also corresponding explanations to the pictures. The approximately 2-hour camera tour leads from the Muldebrücke right through the centre of Eilenburg to the foot of the castle hill. The climb is worth it! Not only because you get a wonderful view of the city from the castle hill, but also the Lauschberg installation tells about you about the deeds of the Heinzelmännchen or gnomes. … and if you look closely, you can also discover the little people at other places in Eilenburg…

Have you ever taken a path that wasn’t a path? Here you can take this path! In the little village of Schmannewitz near Dahlen, our suggested trail takes you about three and a halfkilometres through the village and the Dahlen heath to special dendrological phenomena, such as the “Liebende Eiche” (“Loving Oak”) – Don’t worry, it’s G-rated.

If you are not familiar with the well-known pranks of the Schildau citizens, we also recommend an excursion to Schildau. What the strange inhabitants did and did wrong is documented in detail at theSchildbürger Museum. On the Schildbürgerwanderweg you will be guided to the original sites. But please don’t forget to take a shovel and a sack with you to get some sun! ;)

Porphyr at Rochlitz hill

The porphyry nature trail along the Rochlitz hill leads through beautiful greenery.
Porphyr at Rochlitz hill © SIESING

Last but not least we recommend the 2.7 km long porphyry nature trail that leads up the Rochlitz Hill. Incidentally, this was classified as a “National Geotope”. 353 m above sea level, you can see Rochlitz Hill – the highest elevation between the Leipzig lowland bay and the foothills of the Erzgebirge – and its red rock from every direction!

The path itself leads you to objects worth seeing around the red porphyry in the Geopark “Porphyryland”. 15 stations along the way provide you with interesting and surprising information about the Rochlitz Porphyry. In addition to insights into the quarries and the life of the stonemasons, the history of the origins of the Rochlitz Hill with its porphyry stone is also covered. This brochure gives you a taste of the nature trail, which contains exciting information, details and facts about the mountain. It will definitely whet your appetite for more. Our tip: take the accompanying booklet with you on your hike so that you have all the information you need on the way.What could be better than your educational trip to the Rochlitz mountain? Wonderful views of course! You can enjoy fantastic views from the panoramic vantage point opposite the staircase to the Türmerhaus as well as from the Friedrich-August Tower.


No matter which route(s) you finally decide on, we hope you have lots of fun hiking and discovering!

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