9 most original Hotels in Leipzig

For those who like originality, quirkiness and artistic touches in hotel accommodation, Leipzig is the place to visit. From rooms inside former artist studios and converted cars, to treehouses and faithfully restored rooms from the German Democratic Republic (GDR) era, a night in Leipzig is like nowhere else in the world.

Hotel Paris Syndrome
Hotel Volksboutique
abito suites
Meister Rooms at the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei
Treehouse in Kletterwald
Gallery Hotel Leipziger Hof
Aparion Apartments
Eden Hostel & Garden
Book Hotel Leipzig

1. Hotel Paris Syndrome

The Paris Syndrome Hotel is part of the Contemporary Art Gallery. © Sebastian Schröder
Hotel Paris Syndrome is located in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Leipzig (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, GfZK). © Sebastian Schröder

Founded in the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig (GfZK), Hotel Paris Syndrome is now a two-storey hotel room. Designed by artist Jun Yang, the room is about the negative culture shock when they visit Paris. Louis Vuitton sofas, replica Eames chairs and imitation chandeliers in the room, while the walls have photos of famous buildings that have been recreated from their country of origin. A one night stay in Leipzig starts from € 100.

2. Hotel Volksboutique

Hotel Volksboutique was designed by New York artist Christine Hill. © Sebastian Schröder
Hotel Volksboutique was designed by New York artist Christine Hill. © Sebastian Schröder

This is the other room in the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig (GfZK). Hotel Volksboutique is another former art studio, designed by New York artist Christine Hill. Fascinated by hardware stores and the theme of home improvement, this artist has filled the room with strips of differently styled wallpapers, tiles and tape measures. There are sketchpads too, inviting guests to plan their own projects. A one night stay in this former art studio starts from € 100.

3. abito suites

Luxuriously, the rooms of the abito suite are located directly on the Leipzig market square. © Seaside Hotels
The luxury abito suites are inside an architectural phenomenon in the center of Leipzig. © Seaside Hotels

Built by multiple award winning architect Erick van Egeraat. The abito suites are located inside one of Leipzig’s newest buildings made of glass and natural stone, overlooking the famous Gewandhaus and the Leipzig Opera. Just 18 five-star apartments can be found in the building, each with Italian designer furniture, Treca beds and Illy espresso machines in the well-equipped kitchens. Embracing modernism like the book in the morning, all the extras are bookable digitally, from in-room spa treatments to locally-baked bagels, which can be ordered and hung outside your door in the morning. Rooms start from € 165 per night.

4. Master rooms in Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei

Where spinning wheels used to be, you can spend the night today. © Manfred Mülhaupt
Loft-style living in Leipzig’s former cotton mill now home to dozens of artists. © Manfred Mülhaupt

This former cotton mill is the top landmark on Leipzig’s art scene, with more than 100 artists working on-site, including the globally famous Neo Rauch. The Master Rooms have just four loft-style hotel rooms, all of which embrace the industrial history of the amazing location while introducing quirky artistic touches. The rooms come in all shapes and sizes – the mill’s former women’s quiet room has a bay of eight sinks in it, while in other rooms you can sleep in the factory’s trollies which have been converted into beds. Found in the Plagwitz neighborhood, this is the perfect location to reach the city center or the countryside at the edge of the Leipzig region. Rooms start from € 75 per night.

5. Treehouse in climbing forest

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Live amid the trees for a while by a lake in Leipzig region. © Climbing Forest Leipzig, Karsten Möller

The Leipzig region is well-known the forest that runs through and around it. So sleeping in a treehouse is the perfect option for a summertime trip! Found Albrechtshainer in the forest by the lake, this treehouse ( tree house climbing forest ) has a double bed, panoramic views of the tree canopy and a romantic terrace, where breakfast is therefore put on for you in the morning. Do not worry – bathroom and washing facilities are on the ground nearby. A night in the treehouse starts from € 150 per night.

6. Gallery Hotel Leipziger Hof

Anything else?
Step back in time to the German Democratic Republic (GDR) into this faithfully restored room. © Gallery Hotel Leipziger Hof

Go back to the Times of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) at the special ‘historic’ suite at the Galerie Hotel Leipziger Hof . Faithfully restored and kept in the East East Germany, the furniture, the room and wallpaper is truly a throwback to a former era. Visitors get a bottle of Little Red Riding Hood and breakfast included in their stay, which starts from € 150 per night.

7. Aparion

In Aparion you can stay in apartments of different price ranges. © Aparion
The Aparion Apartments celebrate unparalleled look at history and industry in Leipzig. © Aparion

Founded in one of the most historic localities of Leipzig, Oelssner’s farm, which has been built on an eclectic bunch of owners and trades since the 1700s. Totally renovated in recent years, the Aparion Apartments either celebrate the locality’s history or industry. Providing an original look at a Leipzig you can not find elsewhere, these are the place to soak up the feeling of the city. Prices start from € 54 per night.

8. Eden Hostel & Garden

Each room is individually designed. © Hostel & Garden Eden
Sleep inside a car or other totally unique rooms. © Hostel & Garden Eden

Eden Hostel & Garden is one of the world’s most sought-after places to live . Fiat car, while another room is in the style of a Japanese capsule hotel. With each space totally different and individually designed, this is the place to come back to sleep. Beds start from € 13.50 per night.

9. Book Hotel Leipzig

You can spend the night in the literary ambience © book Hotel Leipzig
You can spend the night in the literary ambience in the © Book Hotel Leipzig

A hotel that embraces a book of Leipzig’s literary history, even the exterior of the building looks like the spine of a book. All rooms at the Book Hotel Leipzig prioritize having a comfortable chair and reading lamp so there is somewhere in the book. Prices start from € 79 per night.

Leipzig Region invites you to find your original hotel room in Leipzig next time you visit.

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