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Leipzig galleries – Our cities’ art hotspots

Leipzig is young and it is booming! Leipzig is one of the hippest cities in Germany and is constantly attracting creative minds and young artists. This can be seen in the flourishing and constantly growing art scene In addition to classical exhibitions and museums, there are also small and unique galleries with a certain Leipzig charm. Vacant industrial buildings have been converted into studios and abandoned spaces have been given new life.

Today we will present five extraordinary art hotspots that will surprise and inspire you!

Atelier Hermeling & Atelier Schreckenberger
Galerie KUB
Leipzig – A gallery in its own right


View into the BeuteltierArt studio in Leipzig where a painting of a woman is hanging, exhibition, art, gallery
In BeuteltierART you will find colourful art that makes you happy. © Susanne Hoehne

A small gem among Leipzig’s galleries is BeuteltierArt in the trendy district of Schleußig. Here you can find unique works of art at affordable prices. There are great oil paintings and art prints that will make you want more. In addition to classic art exhibitions, there are also readings and other events. At BeuteltierArt, Art is should be likeable and fun – so cool upcycling ideas and handmade unique pieces fill the gallery. As is often true: it’s all about the mix! Whether you’re an art fanatic or a collector of your favourite pieces – come and see for yourself.

Incidentally, the friendly gallery owner Susanne Hoehne’s primary goals are getting people excited about art and helping young artists become successful. Which means if you are not really interested in the established and larger galleries yet, then this might be the right gallery for you!

Would you like to learn more about BeuteltierArt and, more importantly, about Susanne Hoehne? Then just click into this blog post when you’re done reading this one. Here, Susanne takes you on a little walk through the western part of Leipzig and shows you art, culture and much more.


View of the entrance to the gallery EIGEN + ART in a red brick building on the grounds of the Spinnerei Leipzig, art, industrial culture, studio
The gallery EIGEN+ART is located at the Spinnereigelände. © Andreas Schmidt

We’ve already introduced you to the Spinnerei (former cotton mill) at one time or another. This is also the location of the gallery EIGEN+ART, which aims to go against the grain. The gallery’s story began in 1983 when Gerd Harry Lybke began exhibiting his friends’ art in his apartment on Körnerplatz. It was an illegal enterprise until 1989, but then it established itself as a hub for young, non-conforming art. In the same year, the plan to go to the art metropolises of the world with temporary exhibitions was also created. Exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris, New York and London followed. In 2005, the gallery moved into the Spinnerei. Today you can find modern art in the form of photographs, film/video, installations and paintings. A look inside the gallery is certainly worthwhile!

Atelier Hermeling & Atelier Schreckenberger

Artist Michael Hermeling in his gallery in Leipzig working on a painting, studio, art
Artist Martin Hermeling at work. © Martin Hermeling

The next Leipzig art gallery is the artists’ studio of Hermeling & Schreckenberger in the Höfe am Brühl. After running a producers’ gallery in the Höfe am Brühl under a different name, where you could look over their shoulders as they worked, the two artists opened a joint studio and showroom with current pieces in the same building in 2018. So the next time you go shopping in the Höfe am Brühl, treat yourself by stopping in this studio – it’s worth it!

Galerie KUB

Balloons that look like jellyfish hang in Galerie KUB in Leipzig, art, studio, events
In Galerie KUB you can see diverse art and unusual performances. © Bettina Leuwerken

Galerie KUB was opened in 2004 by the association arpta e.V. with the exhibition “nullpunkt”. Here, mainly contemporary art is exhibited, which is characterised by the interactive presentation. The mix between the many different forms of design is particularly exciting – for example, painting, graphic and sculptural forms are combined with textual, visual and acoustic elements. This results in experimental and multidimensional complexity that combines classical media with new media.

Leipzig – A gallery in its own right

View of the façade of Pöge Haus and Café Analog in eastern Leipzig, culture, art, gastronomy
You can also find some street art gems in the eastern part of Leipzig. © Philipp Kirschner

Art is not only to be found in galleries but also on the streets of Leipzig. Especially in the industrial district of Plagwitzstreet artists add to the collection on a regular basis. One of the most striking examples is an old Persil advertisement from the 1920s, which is located directly on the Karl Heine Canal. However, there is also plenty of street art to discover in other parts of the city – such as Leipzig’s southern suburbs. There is a beautiful story behind the “Woman and the child” by the French artist Blek Le Rat. In 1991 the “Godfather of Street Stencil” created a declaration of love for his later wife Sybille on the wall at Karl-Liebknecht Str. 7. In 2012 a glass pane was erected to protect the work of art. Leipzig’s East also has a lot to offer when it comes to street art. Pöge Haus and Café Analogin Volkmarsdorf gleam thanks to their colourful façades.

This year especially, you should keep your eyes wide! In 2020, everything in Saxony and especially in Leipzig will be under the banner: industrial culture. As our city and especially the western part of Leipzig was significantly shaped by industrial buildings and heavy machinery, we are celebrating this anniversary year with great gusto. Many of the former industrial sites are now centres of creativity where interesting exhibitions await you.

As you can see, Leipzig has a very vibrant art scene – even off the beaten path. If you are in the mood for more, you are welcome to visit our creative page. Here you can find out all about the city’s creative hotspots as well as the museums and art complexes you shouldn’t miss. You can also get an initial glimpse into the alternative art festivals and upcoming design and fashion fairs.

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