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Planning a trip to Leipzig and want to make the most of your day? If so, then read on! We have put together some suggestions for a complete dayin our beautiful city. From getting up in the morning to must-see tourist destinations and evening entertainment: With this plan you can start your stay in Leipzig right away!

First thing

First Thing

7:00 am – Time to get up

Leipzig at dawn. © Philipp Kirschner
Leipzig at dawn. © Philipp Kirschner

You should start your day in Leipzig as early as possible: So set the alarm, get up, and get dressed before enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel to start the day well-fortified! Still looking for the right accommodation? Then check out our search portal to find the best available hotel rooms for your stay in Leipzig! But now let’s go and treat ourselves to a hearty breakfast – we’ll be on our way again shortly!

8:30 am – Through the city centre

The city tour also takes you past the St. Nicholas Church. © Andreas Schmidt
The city tour also takes you past the St. Nicholas Church. © Andreas Schmidt

The early bird catches the worm. In this spirit, we head off straight after breakfast. To avoid feeling overwhelmed right away, you could start your day with a city tour with Leipzig Erleben. The starting point is at the Tourist Information between Leipzig Central Station and the Market Square right in the middle of the Old Town. First you will be taken on a walk through Leipzig’s city centre: Past the famous St. Nicholas Church, the magnificent  St. Thomas Church, Leipzig’s market square with the Old Town Hall and, of course, the magnificent Leipzig Arcades including for example the Mädler Passage and the Specks Hof. After an hour, you get on a bus and drive out of the city centre to the zoo, the Red Bull Arena, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations, the Gohliser Palace, and more interesting places. You can get a good first impression of our beautiful city on a comfortable coach journey that lasts between one and one and a half hours, and you can already be making plans as to which of these highlights you’d like to take a closer look at.

You can find more tips for exciting city tours here.


11:00 am – Short coffee break

Milchbar Pinguin serves coffee and a range of ice cream treats. © Milchbar Pinguin
Milchbar Pinguin serves coffee and a range of ice cream treats. © Susanne Kürth

Back in the city centre, treat yourself to a little pick-me-up with a cup of coffee . You have plenty of choice here since there are more than enoughcoffee shops in Leipzig! If you are looking for a varied menu, you should stop by Milchbar Pinguin . In addition to delicious coffees, you are also spoilt for choice with a mouthwatering array of homemade cakes and particularly tasty ice creams. An absolute must for anyone with a sweet tooth!

More coffee houses: Kaffeehaus Riquet, Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum

12:00 pm– Getting the blood pumping

Get your circulation going with a bit of exercise. © Andreas Schmidt

After this short break, it’s time to inject some zest into your day. You can really let off some steam at the JUMP House Leipzig in the west of the city. The trampoline hall has over 140 trampolines and 8 different fun and action areas across an area of 4,700 m², catering for visitors young and old. Compete against one other, try and beat the record time and jump about to your heart’s content. A bicycle tour could be another alternative. With lipzi tours you can do more than just explore Leipzig – you can really experience it. Cycle down quiet streets and green paths through the city and enjoy all kinds of amusing anecdotes and stories about Leipzig!

13:30 – A lunch in traditional style

Auerbachs Keller Restaurant serves delicious food at lunchtime.
Auerbachs Keller Restaurant serves delicious food at lunchtime.

Phew, what an exhausting day it’s been so far. How about a little (or a lot of) refreshment? There are plenty of options for a good lunch in Leipzig, but there is one particular place that you definitely have to visit during your stay in Leipzig: Auerbachs Keller Restaurant. Made famous by Goethe’s Faust, Leipzig’s second oldest restaurant has a great, traditional ambience and some damn tasty food to boot. Above ground is the Mephisto Bar and one floor below you will find the four historic wine taverns (Fasskeller, Lutherzimmer, Goethezimmer and Alt-Leipzig can be visited three times a day) as well as the Großer Keller,where you can enjoy classic Saxon cuisine.

Other recommended restaurants: Enchilada, L’OsteriaVapiano, Mein Leipzig


3:00 pm – Cultural afternoon

The breathtaking Monument to the Battle of the Nations enchants visitors day in, day out. © Daniel Koehler
The breathtaking Monument to the Battle of the Nations enchants visitors day in, day out. © Daniel Koehler

Well refreshed, it’s now time for us to continue towards what is probably the most impressive architectural structure Leipzig has to offer: The Monument to the Battle of the Nations. It’s a short walk from the restaurant to Leipzig’s market square, below which there is an S-Bahn station. Here you should take the S1, S4 or S11 towards Leipzig-Stötteritz. After just 8 minutes you will arrive at the Völkerschlachtdenkmal stop, and in another 10 minutes on foot you will reach the Monument to the Battle of the Nations. Now the choice is yours: If it’s sunny, it can be a good idea to relax in the grounds. Either on the adjacent paths and green spaces, on the edge of the large water basin or on the monument itself – which is also accessible via external stairs. You can also check out “Völki” – as we call the monument – from the inside. For €8 (reduced rate €6), you get access to the museum and the viewing platform, from which you can take spectacular photos after climbing the 364 steps. Because from here you get an unbelievable panoramic view over Leipzig. There are of course plenty of other ways to spend an afternoon in Leipzig. But this we can assure you: our Völki is ALWAYS worth a visit.

Other alternatives: Museum visit (GRASSI, MdbK, Museum of City History), walk through Leipzig’s parks (Johanna Park, Clara Zetkin Park), visit to the Panometer

17:30 – Discover Leipzig from a different perspective

You can also explore Leipzig along the waterways by boat. © Philipp Kirschner
You can also explore Leipzig along the waterways by boat. © PK Fotografie

After this relaxing excursion, we head back the same way towards the city centre. If you’re visiting Leipzig, you should definitely explore the city’ s waterways. You can do this on a boat tour, either in a group or alone. So the next port of call is Leipzig City Harbour! It’s roughly a 15-minute walk from the market. Hire a canoe and paddle away. Leipzig’s waterways are a great place to relax and discover some of the city’s industrial heritage. If you’re lucky you’ll paddle right into the sunset. Stunning surroundings, and when it’s warmer being on the water is twice as much fun!

Other alternatives: Leipzig Zoo(open until 7 pm in summer)


19:30 – A little evening refreshment

On the Gottschedstraße, bars and pubs jostle for space. © Andreas Schmidt
On the Gottschedstraße, bars and pubs jostle for space. © Andreas Schmidt

If you’ve been on your feet all day, you will of course need some refreshments in the evening to get you through the rest of the day or night. Sol y Mar on Gottschedstraße is particularly cosy and delicious. Here you can have dinner, followed by a few tasty drinks. It’s a good 10-minute walk from the city harbour to the restaurant, but Sol y Mar is also easily accessible by public transport (tram lines 1, 9 and 14). Whether alone, in pairs or in a group: Here you can top off your day in a splendid ambience before plunging into Leipzig’s nightlife!

Other bars/restaurants on Gottschedstraße: Vodkaria, Luise, Barcelona, Pilot

10:00 pm – Festivities and party vibes

There's a lot going on in Leipzig at night – for example here in the Täubchenthal. © MDR/Stephan Flad
There’s a lot going on in Leipzig at night – for example here in the Täubchenthal. © MDR/Stephan Flad

Still haven’t had enough of our beautiful city? Then get stuck into the Leipzig party scene now! Many of the nightclubs in the city centre are open every day. Club L1 hosts parties several times a week with various themes, and the Nachtcafe (night cafe) Leipzig has parties every few days. There are also a number of smaller venues that specialise in particular genres of music: Electro (Distillery, Elipamanoke), Rock (Ilses Erika) or Gothic (Velvet, Absturz). So there are definitely plenty of options. But don’t overdo it – remember, you have to check out next morning and then it’s off home again!

More nightclubs: Sky Club, Elsterartig, Moritzbastei, Täubchenthal, Spizz-Keller

24 Hours in Leipzig: It is really difficult to find a selection of activities to cover everything you need to see and experience while you’re here. But if you stick to our tight schedule, by the end of the day you can definitely claim to have seen some of the best bits of our city. Have fun!

Our LEIPZIG CARD is the perfect way to round off your stay in our beautiful city. A day ticket gives you a range of discounts and savings – plus you can use public transport to get wherever you’re going. Just take a look at the details of the LEIPZIG CARD for yourself!

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