Tasting our way through Leipzig

We were just as excited to discover and explore the side of Leipzig that is rich in music and arts as we were to deep dive into all things delicious – and yes, we are talking food! With a limited amount of a time, we had our work cut out for us. Do we enjoy a first-class meal at one of the two Michelin-starred restaurants? Focus on those places that are reinventing the culinary appetite in Leipzig? Or is the worthiest of time spent at those places where the locals eat day in and day out? Decisions, decisions.

Enjoying the view over Leipzig before being served the meal.

International cuisine was high on our list as we were interested in comparing the local flavor with similar specialties back home. Given the explosion of more modern culinary preparations, we didn’t want to miss out on what Leipzig had to offer in that arena either. And because we are completely infatuated with coffee houses (and of course, coffee), we were sure to add several cafes to our list – and let’s not forget the delectable pastries that are readily available all over town!

Even though we didn’t really fest on many of the popular German food staples like Wiener Schnitzel, Bratwurst, or Spätzle. We did stumble upon many hidden gems that showcase the modernization and diversity of Leipzig, while at the same appreciating places that held the rich history of the city and its people at its helm! We are huge fans of exploring in the city where you reside. So, we decided to share 6 of our favorite culinary finds while visiting your fine city.

Panorama Tower

The Cod Fish at the Panorama Tower Restaurant Leipzig smashed it!

The observation deck on the 31st floor of Panorama Tower is arguably the best spot to view the entire city. The restaurant two floors below takes dinner with a view to new heights (did you catch what we did there?). Not to be outdone by the amazing views of the city, the culinary team creates some exquisite dishes to complement the experience and to provide a complete sensory ode to the city! We found our 3-course lunch to be tasty and well-priced.

Indian Crown

The extraordinary Indian Crown serves mouth-watering stuff.

Did someone say Indian cuisine? Located in the city center, Indian Crown was centrally located to many other eateries and bars, but it stood out, and we had to go in for a closer look. After browsing the menu and finding a few of our favorites like Samosas, Naan, Lamb Vindaloo, and Butter Chicken, we quickly requested a seat to enjoy what would be a fantastic dinner. The most unexpected highlight of our meal had to be the wonderful Gin Tonics we ordered. They were so good that we are now spreading our love and appreciation for the cocktail everywhere we go.

Café Cantona

The rich coffee and delicious pastries at Café Cantona.

We found this place by accident and man were we in for a surprise. This cozy and very simple little coffee shop had a charm that is hard to explain, but you understand it the minute you sit down and start to look over the menu. We kept it quite simple, by ordering a latte, coffee, and croissant with butter and marmalade. Fun fact about this place: It’s where designers and other creative people like to meet! That explains all the amazing groups of people we watched come and go.

Shiki Two

Recommendable Chicken Curry at Shiki Two.

When you want to know where the best food is in town (with the disclaimer that you only have a short lunch window to spare), your best bet is to ask a local and that is exactly what we did! On a cooler day, there is really nothing better than a bowl of hot ramen or curry. Shiki Two, the sister restaurant to Shiki located in Leipzig’s city center, offers an inviting atmosphere with a menu full of savory options that were sure to warm us up. We opted for the Chicken Curry and enjoyed it down to the very last drop!


That delicious coffee at Roskant was perfect!

In the states, you won’t often find a coffeehouse that not only serves up some delicious crafts (both traditional and specialty), but also roast their coffee in house, and even offers the option to purchase a bag or two to enjoy in the comforts on your own home. That is exactly what Röskant offers and more. If you share our love for coffee, then checking out their Coffee Seminars may be the perfect way to spend an afternoon. It covers the basics from where their coffee originates to the in-house roasting process, and of course you get to taste lots of great coffee! We enjoyed the coffee so much that we purchased a bag of the organic Mexico Finca Flamingo to bring home. It’s a low-acid and mild coffee (due to the longer roasting process) with a fruity and chocolaty aroma. Two words – absolute perfection!

Eat the World – Walking Food Tour

Stopping at La Cosita on the Eat The World Tour.

This food tour is recommended for locals and visitors in our opinions. As a local, Eat-the-world introduces you to new spots and places you may not have heard of before and for visitors, you get to taste some great bites and get a history lesson at the same time! This is a 3-5-hour walking tour that takes you to spectacular coffee shops in non-conventional buildings and to spice shops that are curating delicious spices from around the world. Highly recommended!

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