View of the Palmgarten weir at the Elster flood basin in Leipzig, water city, water sports, leisure, Clara Zetkin Park

The 10 best photo spots in Leipzig

A trip to Leipzig without any photos to remember it by? Unimaginable! There are countless beautiful places and buildings in Leipzig. To help you discover the diversity of this beautiful city, we have put together 10 of the best photo spots in Leipzig, aside from the classic sights.

1. Buntgarnwerke
2. Könneritz Bridge
3. Aurelienstraße
4. Bridges in the Johanna Park
5. Straße des 18. Oktober
6. Palmengarten Weir
7. Scheibenholz Racecourse
8. City-Tunnel
9. Arena am Panometer
10. Staircase of the Leipzig Opera
Extra Tip: View over Leipzig and the region

1. Buntgarnwerke (coloured yarn production plants)

View of the Buntgarnwerke above the White Elster river in the western part of Leipzig, industrial culture, water city, architecture
The building, once used as industrial warehouses, is now home to flats and lofts. © Philipp Kirschner

The Buntgarnwerke is in the west of Leipzig, in the district of Plagwitz. Once a Saxon wool yarn factory with over two thousand employees, today it represents the largest industrial monument to the Gründerzeit. Since being renovated at the beginning of the 20th century it now offers space for 48 residential units. The clinker brick façade, with its red brick architecture and decorative light-coloured natural stone elements, is the only reminder of the building’s original use, and is also responsible for its popularity with some (amateur) photographers. The bridge on the second floor that spans the White Elster to connect the two complexes on either side of the river is also a popular photo motif.

2. Könneritz Bridge

The illuminated Könneritz Bridge at dusk. © Philipp Kirschner

Built in 1869, the Könneritz Bridge was originally a wooden bridge linking the then industrially developing district of Plagwitz with Schleußig. The wooden frame over the White Elster was replaced by the remaining iron construction in 1899. The bridge is now one of the city’s technical monuments, captivating photographers above all with its lattice and arch construction with riveted iron girders. It is accordingly one of the 10 best photo spots in Leipzig, and rightly so.

3. Aurelienstraße

Canoes and rowing boats on the Karl Heine Canal under the König Albert Bridge, a popular photo spot in Leipzig, leisure, Water City Leipzig, water sports
Anyone paddling along the Karl Heine Canal is sure to pass beneath the König Albert Bridge. © Philipp Kirschner

If you are walking along Aurelienstraße and want to get to the other side of the Karl Heine Canal, you can cross the colourful little pedestrian bridge. The bridge is a real eye-catcher, especially for photo shoots. You also have a lovely view of the König Albert Bridge, which features a mix of historicist and modernist architectural styles. The three-arched bridge with clinker brick was built under the supervision of Dr Karl Heine in 1874 and restored by the city in 2010. To this day, the bridge is considered a popular photo motif in Leipzig’s west.

4. Bridges in the Johanna Park

A couple walking holding hands over a bridge in Johanna Park, leisure time in Leipzig, Valentine's Day
The bridges in Johanna Park are a popular spot for taking photos. © Robin Kunz

Located just to the west of Leipzig city centre, the Johanna Park once belonged to Leipzig banker Willhelm Seyfferth. He had the park planted in the English style according to designs by Lennée and named it after his eldest daughter Johanna, who died at a young age. After his death, Seyffert left the park to the city of Leipzig on the condition that the green space would always remain as it had been built.

Two bridges in the middle of Johanna Park adorn the landscape and connect a small island in the middle of the lake with the surrounding mainland. The bridges are a particularly popular photo motif for weddings, for example. Our tip: From the shore of the lake overlooking the bridges, you also get an unbeatable view of the City Tower and the New Town Hall.

5. Straße des 18. Oktober

Photo of the Straße des 18. Oktobers with view of the New Town Hall in Leipzig, architecture, leisure, photography
The Straße des 18. Oktobers offers a direct view of the New Town Hall. © Tom Williger

The Straße des 18 October was named in memory of the day of the Allies’ victory over Napoleon in the Battle of the Nations in 1813. It connects Bayerischer Platz with the Monument to the Battle of the Nations and is a continuation of Windmühlenstraße. Until you reach a small bend, approximately at the level of Semmelweißstraße, you have a perfect view of the New Town Hall to the northwest. Beyond the bend, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations can be clearly seen and photographed from the pavement. For its unique view of these two Leipzig landmarks, the Straße des 18. Oktober is doubly one of the best photo spots in Leipzig.

6. Palmengarten Weir

View of the Palmgarten weir at the Elster flood basin in Leipzig, water city, water sports, leisure, Clara Zetkin Park
The Palmgarten Weir connects the Clara Zetkin Park and the Palmengarten. © Philipp Kirschner

The Palmengarten Weir, also known as the Upper Elster Weir, is located in the west of Leipzig. At the Palmengarten, near the southern end of the Elster basin, you can find the weir bridge of the Palmengarten weir. The waters of the Old Elster, the Elster flood bed and the Elster converge at this point and are channelled under the weir bridge into the Elster basin.

The weir is a technical monument and is constructed symmetrically. The bridge is encased in granite and the three huts on the bridge are covered with red hipped roofs. Due to its visual distinctiveness, the Palmgarten Weir is also a popular photo motif for anyone interested in architecture. You can experience a particularly beautiful atmosphere at the Palmengarten Weir as dusk falls and the weir bridge is illuminated by the lanterns.

7. Scheibenholz Racecourse

The grandstand at Leipzig racecourse is one of the city’s architectural eye-catchers. © Tom Williger

Opened in September 1867, the Scheibenholz Racecourse covers 30 hectares and is located in Leipzig’s Südvorstadt area. The site has been home to a wooden grandstand since 1907, which was built under the direction of architect Otto Paul Burghardt and can seat up to 900 guests, and which underwent renovation between 2010 and 2012. The building’s distinctive double towers have been preserved and remain a real head-turner at the racecourse to this day. The metal lettering, which has taken on a real “vintage look” due to the weather conditions, also makes a great photo motif. All in all, you will be amazed at the historic architecture and spaciousness of the grounds, and you are sure to take one or two beautiful photos.

8. City Tunnel

View of the escalator of the City Tunnel stop at Bayerischer Bahnhof, architecture, travel, traffic
Leipzig’s stations are not only interesting for commuters. © Robin Kunz

The City Tunnel runs below Leipzig’s city centre connecting the north and south of the city with suburban railway tracks. Spanning a length of 3187 metres, it boasts several uniquely designed stations,

including the stop at Bayerischer Bahnhof, which is a real treat for lovers of architecture. The 140-metre-long station was built in a modern style with colourful struts connecting the walls along the stairs and escalators at the northern entrance, which is right next to the Bayerischer Bahnhof. Whether you wish to photograph this architectural feature on its own or take the opportunity to get the perfect urban Instagram snap – the City Tunnel station at Bayerischer Bahnhof is a real show-stopper.

The underground S-Bahn stop at Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz is also really impressive with its transparent design. It is also 140 metres long with a naturally lit hall, so you don’t feel like you’re in an underground station at all. This of course also gives you the freedom to choose how you want to portray this great Leipzig photo spot.

9. Arena am Panometer

The Arena am Panometer is a real architectural attraction. © Philipp Kirschner

The former gasometer made from red bricks now serves as an open-air location for various events. The arena is located right next to the Leipzig Panometer in Südvorstadt, where oversized 360° panoramic images have been on show since 2003. When you visit it’s worth taking a look upwards, as the arena, built in industrial style, now only has a roof construction with no covering. As a result, the various events can be enjoyed in the open air, yet sheltered from the wind.

The 24-metre-high building has a diameter of 47 metres, thus offering space for up to 500 people. This makes the Arena a perfect place to experience Leipzig’s industrial heritage up close, which is why it has made it into our selection of the 10 best photo spots in Leipzig.

10. Staircase of the Leipzig Opera

Stairway to the Leipzig Opera, culture, theatre, stage, sightseeing
The staircase of the Leipzig Opera is a great spot for glamorous photos. © Tom Williger

Are you a fan of magnificent architecture? Then the Leipzig Opera is the place-to-go for you! In addition to fantastic performances by the Opera or the Leipzig Ballet, there is much to discover off stage The staircase of the Leipzig Opera House in particular, laid out with a red velvet carpet, gives its visitors a sense of nobility for a brief moment and exudes an exclusive atmosphere. The staircases’ special architectural style also offers a unique view when looking over the railings.

It’s best to plan a visit to one of the many events at the opera house during your time in Leipzig, or to take a guided tourof the magnificent building to get a chance to take some great photos.

Extra Tip: View Over Leipzig and the Region

View of the Leipzig skyline from the Fockeberg with the City Tower and the Wintergarten skyscraper and St. Nicholas Church in the picture, Viewpoints, Parks, Green Leipzig, Leisure time
The Fockeberg offers a veritable “showcase of the skyline”. © Philipp Kirschner

For example, The Westin Leipzig with a height of 96.8 metres is one of the tallest buildings in Leipzig. In the gourmet restaurant FALCO on the 27th floor, you can enjoy a unique taste experience while soaking up the magnificent view over Leipzig’s city centre. You can also enjoy a fantastic view from the roof terrace of the INNSiDE by Meliá Hotel in the Bar Cabana, which is open to the public. Located in the former main post office, opened in 1964 and renovated in 2018, FELIX also offers a unique view over Augustusplatz

from its roof terrace. The Fockeberg, officially known as Trümmerkippe Bauernwiesen, is also an idyllic vantage point that is 153 metres above sea level. From the almost 31-metre-high Bismarck Tower in Lützschena-Stahmeln, which is the highest vantage point in the north of Leipzig, you can also enjoy a fantastic view over the city.

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Have you already found your personal favourite photo spot and want to share it with the world? Then share your tip in the comments or get in touch with us!

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