The most beautiful cycle routes in and around Leipzig

The best way to explore Leipzig and the region is by bike. Whether you’re a bike racer or more of a leisurely rider – there’s a route for everyone in Leipzig. We have put together a list of the most beautiful cycle routes in and around Leipzig .

New Lake District
Coal | Steam | Light

New Lake District

Two cyclists ride along a cycle route in the New Lake District of Leipzig at Lake Störmthal and, in the background, you can see the Mining and Technology Park
The Leipzig New Lake District is not only suitable for a swimming excursion. © Christian Hüller Fotografie

The fact that Leipzig is also known as a water city is no longer new news. You can also discover a water city like this extremely well by bike. Not a single bathing spot needs to be left undiscovered and it’s almost as if the paths around the lakes were made for cruising down.

The small stops along the way are nice surprises that will sweeten your ride and help you answer the most important question on a bike tour: Where should we take a break? On the eastern shore of Lake Störmthal there is a small red food truck, the Speisewagen no.51, that offers delicious snacks. Numerous restaurants and beer gardens are located along the route and near the lake.

The total distance is about 100 km and can therefore be divided into two sections on warm days. We recommend that you take a look at the route for the best overview.

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Leipzig-Elbe bike route

On the Sachsenbrücke in Clara Park, there are many cyclists riding along a route in Leipzig in the sun and in the background there are many trees and an ice-cream van, green Leipzig, sport
The Leipzig-Elbe bike route combines the city of Leipzig with its village and rural surroundings. © Robin Kunz

Germany’s most famous cycle path is the Elbe Bike trail. The connection between the city of Leipzig and the popular Elbe bike trail is made via the less well-known Leipzig-Elbe bike route. Along the family-friendly route, village and rural charm alternate. Wide fields and river meadows dominate the scenery.

A highlight on the route is the Beucha Fortified Church, which lies directly on a heart-shaped lake and is a great place to take a break. The Dahlen Heath is charming with extensive meadows, forests and quiet ponds. Numerous windmills, old castles and village churches worth seeing line the path, which runs mainly on country roads with little traffic. The cycle route is crossed by the Parthe Mulde bike route, the New Lake District cycling path and the Mulde bike trail, offering a variety of circular routes.

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“Obstland” Route

A path along a densely overgrown field of apple trees in the orchard of the Leipzig region, hiking, cycling routes, bicycle
The Obstland Route takes you along several apple fields. © Kati Lange

The “Obstland” Route leads, as the name suggests, through the Saxon Obstland (“fruit country”). On almost 60 km you will pass beautiful fruit orchards and beautiful scenery. This is the perfect detour for a few hours outside the city. The extensive “Obstland” Route actually consists of three smaller themed trails, which focus, for example, on the history of fruit orchards or religious buildings along the path.

A great way to discover the route is to start at Geoportal Mügeln. The train takes you from Leipzig to Oschatz in only half an hour. Then on the historical narrow-gauge railway it continues to Mügeln. This is where the cycle route begins and leads you past sweet farmlands which offer regional fruit and vegetables as well as great recipe ideas. The final stop is then Leisnig an der Mulde (on the Mulde river), where you can take the train back to the Leipzig city centre. But if you haven’t cycled enough, you can, of course, ride a few more kilometres on the Mulde bike trail.

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Coal | Steam | Light Cycle Route

Cyclists take a break in front of the paddlewheel, which is located on a grassy area and surrounded by trees.
Paddlewheel Gerbisdorf on the Coal | Steam | Light Cycle Route. © TVLN

Starting Point Sachsenbrücke Leipzig: Why is the Sachsenbrücke the perfect starting point? Everything that belongs together, comes together here. Nowhere else do the different characteristics of Leipzig converge in such a lively way. One last cup of coffee from the coffee trolley and the tour can begin.

Heading north we start our tour and leave the city centre behind us. As the name suggests, the Kohle-Dampf-Licht route (Coal-Steam-Light route) is primarily intended to provide insights into the greatest structural change in the German economy. On the 120 km long route, cyclists will not only marvel at large open-cast mining equipment of the past but also explore the lakes that were created as a result.

The first stop is after just an hour of cycling fun at Lake Schladitz. In addition to water sports, cultural highlights such as Camp David and the Biedermeier beach await you here. The adventure continues to the baroque town of Delitzsch with its lovely old town and the outdoor art installation featuring a paddlewheel and boulders. Instead of continuing our journey further north towards Lutherstadt Wittenberg, we turn north-east towards Torgau.

Did you know that the Kohle|Dampf|Licht (Coal-Steam-Light) route was extended to the New Lake District in southern Leipzig? In the long term, a route to Thuringia is being considered.

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Torgau cycle path

Bird's eye view of Hartenfels Castle in Torgau. In the background are wide grassy areas and a river.
Hartenfels Castle in Torgau. © Dirk Brzoska

The Torgau Cycle Path runs right through the middle of Düben Heath. Both the end and starting points are easily reached by train, so you can cycle this route in one day. If you start in Delitzsch, there are67 km separating you from Hartenfels Castle in Torgau. But as the saying goes, it is not the destination but the journey that counts, and on this journey, you will find the town of Bad Düben. The resort town is the meeting point of many cycle routes such as the Mulde bike trail or the Berlin-Leipzig cycle path. While in Bad Düben you should definitely check out the Düben Heath, and if you’re lucky you can hike the beaver trail too.

On the trail, you will encounter various types of mills, some of which can be visited on the Mühlentag am Pfingstmontag (“Mill Day on Whit Monday”). Once you arrive in Torgau, a visit to the castle is a must. This castle is exceptional because of its early Renaissance style and the fact that it was once the main and secondary residence of the Saxon electoral princes.

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