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The most beautiful destinations for a family trip in the Leipzig region

We’ll tell you our insider tips for cool holidays with your little and big kids just in time for the Saxon summer holidays! Are you looking for adventure, sports, history or just something picturesque? There is something for everything here! So, get the family together and find your favourite place in the Leipzig region!

Adventures for the Whole Family at BELANTIS Amusement Park
Golfing with Kids and Caboodle
Ahoy captain
Climbing, Flying, Chilling, and BBQing– Kletterwald Leipzig
Digital Time Travelling in the Mountains
On the Hunt for Nature – on the go and using multimedia in Bad Düben
Through the Heathland with Steam – Oschatz and Surroundings
Explore Höfgen – The Holiday Village
Dive in with a Paddle – Water Fun Around the Region

Adventures for the Whole Family at BELANTIS Amusement Park

Your favourite TV-stars are waiting for you at the adventure park Belantis © Christian Modla

Have you and your family never been to BELANTIS Amusement Park? Or are you the kind of family that can’t get enough? Either way don’t miss out on their new offer!

In addition to the normal single-day ticket, which enables you to visit BELANTIS and its eight themed worlds and more than 60 different attractions on any open day for just €37.50, you can also purchase the season pass. There are three different types of season passes: bronze, silver and gold, each with their own great discounts and benefits.

Seize this opportunity and discover the world around BELANTIS castle as often as you want! You can take a wild ride on the family roller coaster “Cobra of Amun Ra” on the back of a snake through the valley of the pharaohs. There are also roller coasters like the “Dragon Ride” in the Land of the Knights or the ship swing “Santa Maria” on the pirate island “Coast of the Explorers” which will not only give you butterflies but is also suitable for the whole family. There is even a roller coaster called “Huracanito” in the realm of the Sun Temples, which is designed especially for very young children between the ages of three and six.

Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to prove their courage in adventurous challenges: Whether it be walking the planks at Capt’n Black’s pirate initiation, taking the courage test on the path of the brave, or digging for silver nuggets in the land of the Dukes – daring kids will get their money’s worth. Those seeking a bit of peace and quiet are also in good hands with the various shows and performances.Now your kids can meet their favourite TV characters:

SpongeBob, Patrick, the Ninja Turtles, Molly and Gil from the Bubble Guppies and Squidaeus from Nickelodeon will be there to greet you and are joined by the Paw Patrol starting this year Kids can meet the nine cheerful companions at different times of the day during Meet & Greets and take home a great souvenir photo with their famous heroes. This activity makes the “adventure rich” amusement park just a little richer.

The amusement park can be reached with public transportationfrom Leipzig central station in 30 minutes. The S-Bahn lines 5, 5X and 6 run to Markkleeberg S-Bahn station every 15 minutes. From there you can take bus 105 that runs three times in the morning and three times in the afternoon to and from BELANTIS.

Golfing with Kids and Caboodle

A bit of putting in the Park © Heide Spa, Schmieder

In Bad Düben, in the middle of the listed park, you can enjoy a trendy sport: SupaGolf There are only two such facilities in Germany to date. Here you can play nine holes with lengths between 25 and 75 metres or play in a practice area to test your skills!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced golfer, the rules of the game are easy to understand and so there fun to putt for everyone between 5 and 99 years of age.

SupaGolf is based on the traditional sport of golf, but the ball you play with is larger than the traditional golf ball and is made of foam covered with plastic. It is less dangerous in comparison, but the driving characteristics are the same. Thanks to different colours, different players can distinguish the balls from each other, easy-peasy.

Did that spark your interest in Bad Düben and it’s new Sport? Then let’s go! Bus 196connects the city. Equipment for rect is located at the HEIDE SPA Hotel & Resort. Book a time to play and a “Supa” experience now!

You can play great golf in Bad Düben as well as in the Groitzsch adventure golf park. It is located in the southern area of Leipzig. On 2,000 square metres an 18-hole adventure golf course has been created, which is unique in Central Germany. All courses are equipped with artificial turf just like real golf and are lavishly constructed.

Adventure golf in Groitzsch © Heiko Krumbholz

Adventure golf is a mixture of mini-golf and regular golf. In the game you have to overcome obstacles such as hills, lowlands and terrain changes. Prove your skills on the up to 25-metre-long courses and your accuracy across streams, through tunnels or on the spinning water wheel! The really challenging courses are built with special features reminiscent of our region. A shoe representing the shoemaker’s quarter, a lorry for open-cast mining in the area and the Groitzscher water tower as the symbol of Groitzsch are just some of the things that await you.

On the Kids-Green your little ones can have a go at one of the many holes. Everyone else can practice their accuracy here.

For relaxing breaks before, during and after the game, the BIERATERIE “beer gallery” with its cosy beer garden right next to the golf park is perfect. An extensive range of drinks, snacks and ice creams offers something for everyone. For a carefree arrival and departure you can take Bus 100 to and from the Markkleeberg S-Bahn station.

Our suggestions for you: Our bargain suggestion for you: It’s worth buying the 10x card for frequent players. Children smaller of up to the height of a large golf club may participate free of charge when accompanied by paying players.

Ahoy Captain

All aboard for the discovery tour in the Leipzig Neuseenland. © PS LNL

A voyage, that’s fun a voyage, that’s right. For you can see the New Lake District and many other sights…

Would you like to get to know the Leipzig New Lake District from a different perspective while enjoying the summer sun and a refreshing breeze? Then you are cordially invited to take one of the many boat trips on the lakes. Between April and October, the Leipzig New Lake District’s passenger boat service offers trips on Lake Markkleeberg and Lake Störmthal. Especially popular are the cruises with the passenger ship “MS Wachau” from one lake to the other. This involves passing through a four-metre high lock to overcome a difference in height. A spectacle that not only your children will enjoy! You can get on and off the boat at six other landing points between the lake promenade of Lake Markkleeberg and the harbour of the Lagovida holiday resort. The long tour takes up to three hours.

Is a one hour tour on the Markkleeberg Lake enough for you? Then you could take a ride on the “MS Markkleeberg”, which was built in 2014, between the lake promenade and Auenhain Bay. It ha a length of almost 42 metres and a width of 9 metres and is the larger of the two passenger ships and boasts enough space for up to 400 people. The „MS Markkleeberg“ offers several trips daily. A highlight for the little ones there is the stainless steel slide on the sun deck – children can even pretend to be the captain on the mounted steering wheels.

On the high seas on the Santa Barbara ©Reederei Zwenkau GmbH & Co. KG

Cast off! is also the motto on board the “MS Santa Barbara” on Lake Zwenkau. The ship sets sail six days a week for the regular cruises around the lake. These last approximately 60- 90 minutes. No matter which tour you choose, every ride is an adventure in itself. All three of the decks, the main, sun and aft decks, are perfect for relaxation. Furthermore, you will learn about the development of Lake Zwenkau and the history of the former open-cast mine.

Every four weeks your ride will be accompanied by music from the Döbelner Himmelfahrtsband or the Beatroot Stompers. These bands will take you on a journey to the southern states of the USA with their fresh and atmospheric swing and Dixieland music.

Kids can complete their training as skipper during the summer holidays. The captain tells stories about the lake and explains how to tie the sailor’s knot and about all different kinds of sailor’s ropes. At the end, the junior skippers are allowed to steer the big vessel across Lake Zwenkau. This is a holiday adventure, you won’t forget!

Get your tickets easily at the Online-Ticket Shop.

Climbing, Flying, Chilling, BBQing – Kletterwald Leipzig

Up, up and away into the climbing forest. A real test of bravery. ©Alexander Klich
Up, up and away into the climbing forest. A real test of bravery. ©Alexander Klich

“Into the forest! Up a tree!” That is the motto at Kletterwald Leipzig The journey by train to Beucha is definitely worthwhile. From the station it’s just a 20 minutes walk. You will pass Kirchberg on the right hand side after about 5 minutes: The small St. Ludwig Chapel is strikingly enthroned on a rocky plateau that juts into a flooded quarry – an unforgettable sight.

The park itself is idyllically situated on Lake Albrechtshain to the south of Beucha. The park covers an area of 30,000 m² and is a true paradise of adventure. Following extensive safety instructions and always with two safeties, you will enter one of the eleven courses, which are divided into a small and a large circuit at a height of up to 11 metres. You can prove your skills on more than 90 creative climbing elements – including elements such as the flea jump, the spider web or the “Flying Fox”, a 90-metre long zip line! If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you can enjoy archery or, if you fancy something a bit more modern, go on a GPS treasure hunt.

Should you find that you do not have enough time or you just want to unwind a bit longer, you have the possibility to extend your stay at the affiliated campground. You can stay in your own tent or in one of the newly built, stylish wooden pods. For the more adventurous, there is a comfortable tree house with two terraces 12 metres above the ground. As night falls, you can light a small campfire on the shore of the lake and reflect on the day, and you will certainly feel a lot closer to nature.

Digital Time Travelling in the Mountains

Writing workshop in the Mildenstein castle. © Christian Hüller Fotografie

In the tradition of maidens and knights: Mildenstein Castle in Leisnig and Rochlitz Castle in Rochlitz invite you to travel back in time to the times long past. Both medieval locations recount their thousand-year-old history via modern interactive and family-friendly exhibitions.

Frieder Berg – ein liebenswerter Turm – (Peace Mountain- a charming tower) this exhibition will guide you through Mildenstein Castleand makes the historical excursion exciting. The recently restored manor house in the castle complex and the exhibition “Der Hof der jungen Herrschaft” (The Court of the Young Princes) showcases the castle grounds when it was an electoral manor house until 1450. Learn about the life of the electoral family and everyday life of princes and princesses at court. Try on typical court garments, walk-in wooden shoes over the original cobblestones and snap a photo of the moment in front of the Selfie wall. Those who are interested in other kinds of garments will be delighted by the special exhibition “Löschen Retten. Bergen. Schützen.“(Extinguish, Rescue, Salvage, Protect) An expert will guide you through Leisnig’s fire brigade history with a lot of facts and exciting anecdotes.

Would you like to learn how to make bread and other grain dishes in a modern way? The we suggest the delicious Rund ums Brot“(All about Bread) tour. Together with the baker’s assistant, you will discover the historical kitchens and pantries and bake your own loaf of bread in the wood-burning oven or prepare your own grain dish on the stove.

Kids, in particular, will enjoy putting themselves in the role of a knight. You can learn about armour and knight lore during the guided tour Ritterzeit mit Pfeil und Bogen” (“Knighthood with Bows and Arrows“). The whole family will have their questions about the shining armour answered. Try on a chain mail shirt, breastplate and helmet and find out how the knights lived in the castle.

To get there, you can use the Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn (“Central German Regional Railway”), which travels between Leipzig and Döbeln, and get off at the Leisnig station directly below the castle.

Immerse yourself in the past with VR glasses. ©Schlösserland, Killig

Rochlitz Castle’s majestic construction is a true beauty. Did you know that one of the most impressive and influential women of the Reformation era lived in the dower house here? Do you know who the mysterious heroine is? We are talking aboutElisabeth von Rochlitz. She was the daughter-in-law of George the Bearded, Duke of Saxony, and against his will, she implemented the Reformation in her offices in Rochlitz and Kriebstein. Part of the permanent exhibition is devoted to the events surrounding Elisabeth von Rochlitz and the role women played in the Reformation.

The fact that unwatched small children and small princes get into trouble is as true today as it was years and years ago. It’s presumed that it was Frederick the Wise and Johann the Steadfast or Ernst and Albrecht of Saxony, who immortalised themselves with doodles on the walls when they were children. These drawings remained hidden under a layer of plaster for over 500 years and were discovered by chance during restoration work. The numerous designs from everyday and military life, houses, turrets, ornaments and texts offer you exciting insights into life at that time.

The reason you have to visit Rochlitz Castle is waiting for you in the Hauptmannsstube (“Captain’s Room”). The room itself is not very inviting, in fact, it is quite bare. What makes this place so special can be seen with the Virtual Reality glasses. These allow you to take a tour through the centuries with their different architectural periods. When you don the glasses, you will find yourself in a virtual 3D animation of the room. You can navigate through the animation and visit the room during different historical eras. A great way to travel!

Rochlitz Castle also has a lot to offer in terms of events. We recommend getting there by car. There are plenty of parking spaces available around the castle.

The idyllic castle in Rochlitz © Sylvio Dittrich

On the Hunt for Nature – on the go and using multimedia in Bad Düben

The Dübener heath is a paradise for nature lovers ©Alexander Klich
The Dübener heath is a paradise for nature lovers ©Alexander Klich

Long before humans settled in the Dübener Heath, beavers were an important part of the area. Nowadays, the furry rodents are almost extinct, but with a bit of luck you might spot some of them on the Heide Biber Tour (Heath Beaver Tour) through the Dübener Heath. You can get to Bad Düben from Leipzig with bus 196 from the Leipzig main station, some buses also allow you to take your bicycle, just check the timetable. When you arrive in Bad Düben, the first thing you should visit is the NaturparkHaus (“Nature Park House”). Here you can rent not only beaver adventure backpacks and bicycle bags, but also visit the worthwhile exhibition. You will find exciting multimedia information on “Experiencing Wildlife”, “Home and Nature” and “Climate Change”.

The NaturparkHaus is also the starting point for the Heide-Biber-Tour (the Heath Beaver tour). The quality hiking trail, which is over 30 kilometres long, is divided into several sections and offers many interesting starting points in addition to the beautiful wooded heather landscape. For example, you can visit the moor discovery garden, the museum village and the bat garden in Obermühle. Or how about a visit to the charcoal factory in Eisenhammer? Here you will learn how charcoal is produced. Along the way, you will find various educational displays with Billi the Beaver Bockert, with useful information, or you can watch the animals in real life at selected observation points.

Through the heathland with steam – Oschatz and surroundings

Animal attractions await visitors in Oschatzpark ©Alexander Klich
Animal attractions await visitors in Oschatzpark ©Alexander Klich

Have you ever dreamed of experiencing a panoramic view from a steam locomotive? This dream comes true in Oschatz: The “Wilde Robert” (Wild Robert), the so-called narrow-gauge railway, puffs and whistles through the heath landscapeall the way to Glossen. Build more than 100 years ago the lovingly restored locomotive boasts passenger carriages that have been restored in detail and exude a nostalgic flair which is unrivalled.

Since the summer of 2017, the new Döllnitzbahn observation carriage has also been used for journeys when weather conditions permit. There are several stops on the route, which is run on a total of about 50 select dates a year, where you can easily get on and off the train. It is also easy to take your bike with you; a cycle path follows the railway line along the Döllnitz river – so you can easily combine cycling and train rides.

Back in Oschatz a trip to the city centre is worthwhile. Directly behind the market, is the St. Aegidien church which is visible from a distance. The characteristic double towers look imposing but are also accessible from the inside: Climb 199 steps to enter the middle of the watchman’s flat, in which the Oschatz watchman lived until the 1960s. In the charmingly restored home, you can catch your breath, have coffee and let your gaze wander over the small town from the porch or discover the many details in the tiny rooms, in which the family’s 14(!) children lived.

Speaking of children: They have countless opportunities to let off a bit of steam in the O-Schatz-Park, which can be reached on foot from the church in about ten minutes. E-cars, a carousel, a labyrinth, a bouncy castle, miniature golf, an amazing small zoo and one of the largest coffee pot collections in the world are waiting to be discovered – and all of this with free admission.

Explore Höfgen – The Holiday Village

The picturesque Höfgen is the perfect destination © Alexander Klich

If you feel like a leisurely walk with the family, you should make your way to Höfgen. Getting to Höfgen is quite easy: From Leipzig central station, take the regional train to it’s final stop in Grimma. From here, follow the signs through the picturesque village towards the Frauenkirchein the Mulde valley. Following the Mulde Bike Trail, you can reach the opposite bank of the river on foot by crossing the blue pedestrian bridge. When you see the village of Höfgen, turn left towards the nature reserve cottage and follow the path towards Jutta-Park, which is situated above the Mulde River on a porphyry plateau and has an inviting walk as well as an enchanted, overgrown observation tower. Following the path back towards the village, you will have a wonderful view over the Mulde valley next to a freestanding brass sculpture; here you can enjoy the vastness of the landscape and hear the motorcyclists roaring along on the other side of the river.

Once back in the valley, and in the village itself, you will first find yourself stopping next to a miniature golf course. Grown-ups will enjoy the outdoor seating near the river, while the younger ones can have fun in the adjacent playground. The village with lots of activities is also definitely worth a visit and winding alleys invite you to explore. No matter whether it’s a goat farm, an ancient water system or the fortified church, that has an interior which hasn’t changed since 1654 – there’ s a feeling of history and renewal everywhere. Then further along the river, you can visit the Schiffsmühle (ship mill), and on the way back you can take advantage of the ferry service on the Mulde River, which is active from Easter to October, before finally returning to Grimma.

Dive in with a Paddle – Water Fun Around the Region

Leisurely canoeing through nature © LTM/Virginia Hartig

Leipzig is a water paradise. The same is true for the region. Enjoy a leisurely cruise on the water. In the New Lake District, you can get into a canoe, paddle out into the lake and don’t forget your waterproof camera. It could hardly be more idyllic. Canoe Park Markkleeberg is a bit more wild. There you can raft through one of the most modern whitewater rapids in Europe, with various levels of difficulty. Or you can jump into the waves – with the board under your feet. You can “surf” on up to 8,000 litres of water per second. Needless to say, there are also courses for beginners. At the end of August there are two major attractions for visitors: The cardboard boat race and the ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup.

Water fun of a different kind, but no less challenging, can also be found at the Lake Schladitz. There you will find Wibit, the enormous, 1,400 square metre, water-fun-park. Whether big or small – no one will want to go home anytime soon. On top of that, you can go wind or kite surfing, stand-up paddling, sailing and much more. Getting back to the comfy part: you will discover a lot of nature and culture during a rubber dinghy tour on the Mulde River. On the Zwickauer Mulde, Freiberger Mulde or even the Mulde River, monasteries, castles and picturesque villages beckon you to marvel and linger. Our suggestion: try the combination of paddling and pedalling. This makes it even more picturesque.

No matter how you plan your days off, we wish you a lovely and exciting summer in the Leipzig region and look forward to your stories!

You can get some more suggestions for your family holiday in this wonderful video.


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