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The most extraordinary bars in Leipzig

Have someone visiting and want to spend an amazing evening with them? And are your friends always asking: “where can we get the best cocktails? Where can you get something tasty from the grill and really good drinks? Shouldn’t we try something new? I’m hungry and not in the mood to dress up, where can we eat and drink really well? I just wanna chat all night long. Where can we play foosball or other games?” This blog post should offer you some appealing choices. Have fun browsing!



Be sure to ask for advice when choosing a cocktail. You're going to love the cocktails! ©IMPERII Bar
Be sure to ask for advice when choosing a cocktail. Your’re going to love the drinks! ©IMPERII Bar

Do you like experimental drinks and new German cuisine? Then reserve a table at IMPERII Bar in Leipzig as soon as possible. Where once the most important trade routes “Via Imperii” & “Via Regia” crossed, a new kind of Leipzig lifestyle was created in 2015 at the Leipziger Brühl. Exceptional drinks and a selection of spirits from all over the world await you here. Or you can try the all but forgotten drinks from the Reserve List, which are now restored to their former glory. Of course, you can order à la carte, but we recommend that you seek ou expert advice. Very competent! Those who are hungry will also enjoy themselves here. Inspired by traditional German cuisine, the IMPERII team will delight you with multifaceted and modern dishes – regional and seasonal! Do you believe that a good drink should be accompanied by a good cigar? In the Smoker’s Lounge you can enjoy cigars in a relaxed atmosphere and have the perfect drink recommended – Guatemala above the clouds, in the middle of Leipzig At IMPERII Bar you can escape from everyday life and concentrate on the essentials – the pleasure

Where? Brühl 72, 04109 Leipzig
When? Monday through Saturday 4 pm to 2 am, Closed on Sunday


What was it that Goethe said? “But no enjoyment can be transitory; the impression which it leaves is permanent…” the impressions that VODKARIA leaves behind are purely positive! In this bar you do not just drink any old vodka. Here you have the agony of choosing between many exquisite sorts from all over the world, one tastier than the next and then there are the really good homemade waters. You should also try the cocktail creations mixed with love. But if you want to drink a lot, you need a good foundation. It’s a good thing that the food is also a real treat for the palate. From “Strammer Salmon” to fennel pasta and rump steak – there is something for every appetite. So get to VODKARIA as soon as possible and join the night owls and insomniacs who love to chill out here. Talk until the early morning comes with its slowly increasing light. At VODKARIA you won’t be met with anonymous coldness but with a wonderful feel-good atmosphere!

Where? Gottschedstr. 15, 04109 Leipzig
When? Daily in the dining room starting at 5:00 pm and in the living room Tuesday to Saturday starting at 7:00 pm


Young men playing foosball
JET is the perfect place for a game night in Leipzig.

If you fancy a fun night out, then you need more than just your friends and a few good drinks. Need some activity? Then make a reservation at JET, order a custom made House White Russian and let the games begin. JETS stated mission is to enable beginners and hobby players to play foosball on professional tables. That’s why, in addition to the Fireball, Garlando and Bonzini tables recognised by the ITSF, you will find two Tecballs, two Leonhart Pro Tournament, two P4P Ullrich, a Lettner, a Ullrich home tables and for the ultimate Party fun agiant table for 8 players. All foosball tables are of course free of charge and can be used without coins. Furthermore, a large selection of card, board and parlour games, a karaoke system and now also an air hockey table awaits you. The cocktail artistry is not overdone and with an open door, all night owls are eagerly welcomed here The JET is the perfect place in Leipzig for all playful people!

Where? Arthur Hoffmann Straße 54, 04107 Leipzig
When? Open daily starting at 8:00 pm


Are you looking for a location that has a restaurant, cocktail bar and music venue all under one roof? Then come spend an evening at Oskar. The house speciality is meat from an original Southern Pride Smoker: Pulled pork, brisket, pastrami, ribs and much more are freshly smoked and prepared by the creative Oskar-Crew. Through the half-open kitchen you can easily see how they prepare specialities from Mexican, vegetarian or German cuisines. But what will catch your eye first when you enter Oskar is the cocktail bar, which features selected Art Deco elements. Experienced barkeepers create seasonally changing cocktails and long drinks, serve regional beer specialities and know the right wine for every situation. The salon is Oskar’s cultural area. This is where amorous piano evenings, lively jazz concerts or electronically accompanied dancing take place. The salon is also a place for smokers. In extravagant armchairs from the former Palace of the Republic, you can blow smoke into the glow of glamorous chandeliers from the 1970s and leave everyday life behind. If at the end of a boisterous evening the way home is too challenging, you are welcome to stay in one of the guest rooms.

Where? Harkortstraße / Ecke Riemannstraße, 04107 Leipzig
When? Tuesday through Saturday starting at 6:00 pm


Experience the pulse of the city from above. © Fotograph Ralf Müller

Have you always wanted to sip cocktails with a view of Leipzig? ThenFALCO THE BAR & LOUNGE HIGH ABOVE LEIPZIG that is perfect for you Enjoy the best spirits and juices in a stylish and international atmosphere with a unique view of the city of Leipzig! From freshly squeezed orange juice to well-known cocktail classics and our own creations such as “Touch of India”, you will find everything your heart desires here. Let yourself be enchanted! If you like, you can also enjoy an exclusive selection of cigars starting at 11 pm. The assortment is constantly updated and includes established brands from Cuba and the Dominican Republic as well as a changing range of LIMITADA cigars. Let yourself be pampered in luxury at Falco!

Where? Gerberstraße 15, 04105 Leipzig
When? Tuesday through Saturday starting at 6:00 pm, also open on closed days by appointment.
Company holidays: Winter break from 27.12.2017 to 22.01.2018.

Have found the perfect bar for you and your friends? Brilliant! Then we hope you have a great evening and always remember: you only live once! So have a good time! Of course you can book all the venues presented here for other private or business events.

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