Leipzig skyline with a view of the music district, the Federal Administrative Court, the New Town Hall and the City Tower, twilight
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In order to make Leipzig's unique character and outstanding selling points tangible, we organise not only events and classic advertising and poster campaigns but also special projects. Some are short-term and selective, while others have been successfully promoting the city for years.

All activities serve to communicate Leipzig's strong qualities locally, nationally and internationally, as a sought-after travel destination, business location and a city with an exceptionally high urban quality of life.

Take a look at the following selection and see for yourself.

Leipzig Shopping Arcade Festival

"Mädler-Passage" shopping arcade during the shopping arcade festival, with a flow of visitors down Grimmaische Straße, architecture in Leipzig, courtyards, Gründerzeit, trade fair city, shopping, culture

Leipzig's arcades and courtyards celebrate the "Passagenfest" every year on the first Friday of September.