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Leipzig skyline with a view of the music district, the Federal Administrative Court, the New Town Hall and the City Tower, twilight
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Studying in Leipzig

Studying in Leipzig is fun!

Postcard " Studying in Leipzig ", colourful postcard, hand-drawn, with Leipzig sights and students
Postcard "Studying in Leipzig" © LTM / Sylvia Graupner

This is the clear message of the postcard "Studying in Leipzig". With this likeable motif we bundle the activities of the University, the Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig (HTWK), the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (HGB, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig), the Berufsakademie, AKAD, iba and the Hochschule für Telekommunikation.  

University City Leipzig
Leipzig is a young city. Almost 40,000 students live here. As one of the oldest university cities in Germany, Leipzig University can look back on 600 years of tradition and history.

As a classical full university, the Alma Mater Lipsiensis offers a wide range of courses from the natural sciences, law and medicine to the humanities.

Many important scholars have shaped the traditional and diverse knowledge culture. Poets like Lessing, Klopstock, Gottsched or Goethe were drawn to Leipzig to study. Philosophers such as Leibniz, Nietzsche and Bloch have influenced the city's thinking to this day.

Centers of the German art and cultural scene

University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" has a great international reputation. Next door: Two other centers of the German art and cultural landscape:

The Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig -  one of the most successful and well-known art colleges in the German-speaking world. The national and international reputation of numerous graduates is impressive proof of this. In recent years, its young painters have formed the "New Leipzig School".

The German Literature Institute Leipzig is unique in Germany as a training institution for writers. Renowned writers teach the young generation here. The Literature Institute is said to have influenced an entire generation of writers.

Better living with BAföG (The German Federal Training Assitance Act)

Dear students from Munich, Hamburg and elsewhere, ask yourselves: Why do you live in a small, overpriced apartment? Why do you study at a university that is overcrowded? Do you having enjoy curfew? 

Come and study in Leipzig  in a city that among other things, offers you

  • almost 100,000 newly renovated and reasonably priced apartments
  • study programs from University to Private Business School and College of Music
  • unlimited fun, because Leipzig doesn't have a "last call"

Enjoy the freedom of Leipzig and study in a city where you learn not only for life but also how to live. 

View of a house facade in the Waldstrasse district which is an example of Wilhelminian architecture in Leipzig, culture
© PK Fotografie

Off to Leipzig

"We've all got to start small" isn’t exactly true for students looking for a flat in Leipzig. Because: For only six or seven euros per square meter you can reside stately in a Wilhelminian style apartment.

It gets even better: these "palaces" are also available in the city with the largest closed Wilhelminian style districts in Germany. The times of gray houses and ugly prefabricated buildings are history in Leipzig. 

Connoisseurs have long known: Leipzig is the ideal place for those who value a high and affordable quality of life.

When other cities go to sleep, Leipzig wakes up

As comfortable as their own living rooms may be, Leipzig residents and visitors are drawn out in the evening. It is usually only a short stroll to the lively city centre. In more than 1,400 pubs, restaurants, cabarets, cinemas, theatres, clubs and dance floors Leipzig offers something for everyone.

Leipzig's desire for freedom becomes particularly clear as soon as the sun starts to shine. Everything just moves outdoors - Leipzig is the city of "outdoor seating", i.e. terraces, beer gardens, street bars and open-air pubs More than 1,240 locations have outside seating. From bankers to techno fans – everyone enjoys Leipzig's outdoor seating culture.

At dusk, entire streets are dedicated to leisure, summer theatre and seeing and being seen.

Open-air seating in the "Drallewatsch" pub district in the evening; a district whose main hub is on Barfußgässchen, a street in the city centre by market square, which, with its many bars and restaurants, is one of Leipzig's nightlife hotspots, recreational venue, gastronomy, nightlife area
© Andreas Schmidt

There is always time for fun here

Within the densely built-up city centre the fun persists night after night – without a curfew. Because: freedom in Leipzig is never ending. There are countless leisure and entertainment options. Between jazz pub, bar, restaurants, cabaret, theater, disco, cinema and hip clubs are only a few steps away.

The beautifully restored old trading yards and passages of the oldest trade fair city in the world attract not only Leipzig's guests, but also students magically.

L.E. is Trending

L.E., as Leipzig is known by many, has acquired an excellent reputation as a city of arcades over the centuries of the fair. The lovingly restored Messehäuser, the kilometer-long, ostentatious passages, the Baroque or Gründerzeit courtyards - they are today the scene for pleasure, strolling, shopping and indulgence.

The variety of the cuisine is breathtaking. Within a few meters you will find (almost) everything from the traditional Saxon restaurant to the noble Italian to the overcrowded Irish pub. This variety is also the reason why the people of Leipzig prefer "pub-hopping" and change locations several times in one evening. And since they use the passages for this, even a rain shower cannot drown the joy.

Colleges in Leipzig