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Carsharing in Leipzig

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Travelling to Leipzig by car © Philipp Kirschner

Carsharing - unique options in Central Germany

When car sharing, as the name suggests, you share a car with other people. Good news for your wallet and for the environment. Carsharing is often offered by private people but using official providers can make it easier to make arrangements. As a customer of a provider, simply register by filling in your contact details on a website or an app. Once this is done, you can book any vehicle at any time.

In Leipzig, the only supplier at the moment is called teilAuto , a company which has recently been offering two different carsharing options. 12,000 people use this service annually.


teilAuto offers carsharing at specific pick-up points. Before you can use the vehicle, you must register online by providing your customer data. You can book the car either online, via the app or on the telephone. Based on your current needs, you can choose from small cars for shopping to vans for moving house. On an interactive map, you can see which pick-up points are near you. You can open and close the car using your customer card or via the app. More information on prices, registration and vehicle use.


cityflitzer is Leipzig's first freefloating carsharing operator. This means that there are no fixed parking spaces. The cars can be picked up and dropped off anywhere within a defined area of operation. In Leipzig, this area covers 36 km² in total, from Gohlis in the North to Connewitz in the South, and from Lindenau in the West to Anger-Crottendorf in the East. You need not book the car in advance, nor specify the end time. This makes cityflitzer particularly well-suited to spontaneous trips. With the app, it is very easy to find the car and to lock it again. More information on prices, registration and vehicle use.

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Ready for spontaneous family days out with carsharing © teilAuto.net