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Electric mobility in Leipzig

German model city for electric mobility

Charging station on Georgiring opposite the Leipzig Opera where electric cars can be charged, environment, traffic in Leipzig
Charging Station at Augustusplatz © LTM

With BMW and Porsche in town, Leipzig has long been an industrial location for electric mobility.

But that's not enough for us Leipzig locals. We want to be Germany's pioneering city for all things related to e-mobility. Today, numerous initiatives and projects already ensure that Leipzig remains a veritable paradise for electric cars and e-bikes.

Besides a comprehensive network of charging stations, you can also charge your electricity in a very innovative way in Leipzig using an LED lantern. Moreover, bicycle fast lanes are planned for the area surrounding Leipzig, and, going forwards, parking in the city is set to be free for electric cars. 

So: come to Leipzig!

Here, electric cars always have right of way - not literally, but in terms of charging convenience

On the go with an electric car

In Leipzig, there are currently 67 public charging stations, with160 charging spots, where you can recharge your electric car for free! This is how Leipzig's municipal utilities promote electric mobility in the city.

Almost all charging stations are at your disposal 24/7, 365 days a year. Refuelling in Leipzig is not only free, but "green" too, as the electricity from the charging pole was generated from 100 % renewable energy.

An overview of the charging stations, along with additional useful information can be found by clicking on the link. 

Charging symbol at a charging station for electric cars on Goethestraße, environment, traffic in Leipzig
Electric Mobility in Leipzig © LTM

Lipsia-e-motion – electric mobility rallies

Two electric cars at the Lipsia-e-motion electric mobility rally in Leipzig in 2017, environment, traffic in Leipzig
© Lipsia-e-motion-2017

Lipsia-e-motion makes electric mobility a reality, and since 2014 has been proof that fun is part of the mobility package. Lipsia-e-motion is a platform and promoter of electric mobility in Leipzig, and additionally, the organiser of the only electric mobility rally in Central Germany.

Every year, the rally demonstrates how varied e-models are in an impactful way, and makes a significant contribution to electric mobility being perceived as ever more practical.

Heading towards a green future with clean energy

View over the Leipzig Rosental which brings with it the magical image of the city's skyline in the twilight with the City Hochhaus, the New City Hall and the Wintergartenhochhaus, nature, green Leipzig, excursions in Leipzig, sights
Leipzig is one of Germany's greenest cities. © Philipp Kirschner