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The Johann Sebastian Bach Monument by the St. Thomas Church, where the St. Thomas Choir performs, city of music, cultural venue, sights
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City of Music

Leipzig has a unique musical tradition. Many famous composers such as Bach, Mendelssohn, Grieg and Schumann worked in the city. Their places of work are now part of Leipzig's music scene. The fascinating power of music can be felt everywhere - in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, in the Opera Leipzig and in the St. Thomas Church. Leipzig's visitors also appreciate the extraordinary wealth of functioning organs by famous builders. Give your customers the opportunity to get to know the city from its musical side.

A walk on the Leipziger Notenspur

Information film about the Leipzig Notenspur from Youtube, produced by LVZ, cultural venue, city of music, sights
© www.lvz-online.de

There are many facets to Leipzig's musical heritage to be explored on this inspiring tour.

Follow in the footsteps of Johann Sebastian Bach, who was appointed cantor of St. Thomas in 1723 and conducted the now world-famous St. Thomas Boys Choir, or Georg Philipp Telemann, who celebrated his first major composition successes here. Robert Schumann, discovered his love for Clara Wieck here, and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, worked as Gewandhaus conductor and created a conservatory to train his musicians.

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... Leipzig Notenspur

St. Nicholas Church

View inside St. Nicholas Church with its fully-occupied benches and an organ in the background, sights in Leipzig, history, Peaceful Revolution, cultural venue
Peaceful Revolution © Dirk Brzoska

Organ tours

St. Nicholas Church offers both regular and custom organ tours of the large Ladegast-Eule organ. The tours last half an hour.

On Wednesdays a half-hour prayer service takes place at 5 p.m. In addition to three organ pieces, you will hear a short reading by pastors and theologians from Leipzig about a Bible text or a chorale.

Our tip

Combine your visit to St. Nicholas Church with a stroll through the city.



St. Thomas Church

The St. Thomas Choir in their choir gowns in front of the St. Thomas Church Leipzig, Leipzig, the City of Music, Concert, Cultural Facilities, Attraction
The St. Thomas Choir in front of the St. Thomas Church © Peter Hirth

Johann Sebastian Bach's place of work. The remains of the composer have been in St. Thomas Church since 1950.

Fridays at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 3 p.m. (usually with performance of Johann Sebastian Bach's cantata, duration approx. 1 ¼ hours).

No reservations and no advance booking. Admission 45 minutes before start.

Our tips

The perfect addition to every Leipzig programme is a guided tour through the St. Thomas Church tower

Organ performances - on request.

Tours and music in the Bach Museum

The Johann Sebastian Bach Monument by the St. Thomas Church, where the St. Thomas Choir performs, city of music, cultural venue, sights
© Robin Kunz

Guided tours of the Bach Museum and concerts in the baroque summer hall of the Bach Museum are an unforgettable programme highlight for music lovers. The tours and music events can be combined as desired.

It is possible to organise a performance and a prelude on the harpsichord.

(Duration: 30 minutes, for up to 60 people)

Our tip

A visit to the Bach Museum can be combined with a tour of the numerous courtyards and arcades directly adjacent to the museum.

Musical tour of the Schumann House

Eine junge Frau stellt die Leipziger Komponistin Clara Schumann am Klavier im historischen Salon im Schumann-Haus dar, während zwei junge Zuhörerinnen sie bewundernd bei ihrem Konzert betrachten.
© Andreas Schmidt

How about a lively group tour followed by a private concert in the historic Schumann Hall (duration: approx. 90 minutes)?

Alternatively, take a musical journey through time with piano and song (duration: approx. 90 minutes) with the "Flitterjahre" offer.

Enjoy a very special guided tour with Clara Schumann in historical costume (on request).

The interactive sound room with its unique sound installation also offers visitors the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the musician couple Schumann and invent their own music. Visitors learn how to play with melodies and sounds with the help of an experienced workshop expert. Combined with a lively guided tour through the museum rooms , this visit to the Schumann House becomes a special experience (duration: approx. 90 min).

Our tip

Mendelssohn House

Effektorium, Virtual orchestra, Mendelssohn
© Andreas Schmidt

The past meets the modern at an authentic location - information about Mendelssohn and his life is conveyed using state-of-the-art technology. The museum's "Effektorium" provides digitised, interactive opportunities to explore the work of Mendelssohn Bartholdy and gives everyone the opportunity to try out conducting.

Special guided tours and workshops can be organised.

Our tip

On Sundays 11.00 a.m. concerts take place in the music salon.

These can be combined with a themed city tour.


Guided tour of the Leipzig Gewandhaus

Exterior photograph of Leipzig's Gewandhaus in Augustusplatz, festively illuminated for a concert, sights, city of music, cultural venue
Leipzig's Gewandhaus © Jens Gerber

As you stroll through the architecturally fascinating building of the internationally acclaimed Gewandhaus Orchestra, you will encounter great names, see the magnificent Schuke organ, learn details about fantastic acoustics and discover not only the largest contemporary ceiling painting in Europe, but also many other paintings and sculptures in the foyers. 


Our tip

After the tour, visit one of the historic restaurants, such as the Ratskeller or Auerbachs Keller, etc.

You can also combine a visit to the Gewandhaus with a stroll through the city.

Guided tour of the Leipzig Opera

The lighted entrance of the Leipzig Opera at Augustusplatz, cultural establishment, events, sights, music city
© Kirsten Nijhof

Stand on the huge opera stage... See the costume collection... The guided tour not only presents interesting facts about the architecture and interior design but also provides behind the scenes insights.

Our tip

After the tour, visit one of the historic restaurants, such as the Ratskeller or the Auerbachs Keller, etc..