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Culinary experiences in Leipzig

More than 1,500 bars and restaurants in Leipzig boast an outstanding gastronomic offering, ranging from world-famous restaurants such as Auerbach's Keller to bars and pubs in several trendy areas. Let yourself and your customers be pampered in exclusive restaurants or try your hand at creating your own specialities.

Barrel cellar ceremony and Mephisto in Auerbach's cellar

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"Auerbachs Keller" Restaurant © Andreas Schmidt

The historical barrel cellar, where wine serving began in 1525, is, so to speak, the heart of Auerbachs cellar. In this extraordinary place, history comes alive when the master of the barrel cellar or, indeed, the devil asks for the barrel cellar ceremony, a well-known and popular spectacle.

You can follow the footsteps of Goethe & Faust or Luther through the Historical Wine Taverns and the Great Cellar.

Beer brewing at the Bayerischer Bahnhof

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Guesthouse & Gose Brewery Bayerischer Bahnhof © Dirk Brzoska

In one of Leipzig's oldest landmarks you can brew your own company beer, travel first-class in a historic tram or experience Gose ambassadors and station inspectors in their daily tasks.

Beer seminars and brewery tours are also available.


Beer and Whisky Seminars in the Ratskeller (Council Cellar) of the City of Leipzig

Cave-like dining room in the Ratskeller (council cellar) of the City of Leipzig, gastronomy in Leipzig, New City Hall, restaurant
Ratskeller (council cellar) of the City of Leipzig © Andreas Schmidt

Are you a beer lover and interested in the production of fine barley juice? Would you like to know the difference between a Pils and an Export or between top-fermented and bottom-fermented beers? Do you want to enjoy, taste and discuss typical types of beer with professional help? At the beer seminars no "beery" wish remains unfulfilled or " beery " question unanswered!

You can also attend a whisky seminar with a real Scotsman and whisky expert -Mr. Bernard McGee - to learn more about the noble liquid. His extraordinary lecture is rounded off by culinary creations from the chefs.

Enjoy top quality gourmet food at Gourmet-Restaurant Falco

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Restaurant Falco in The Westin Leipzig © Ralf Müller

At FALCO you can enjoy not only Chef Peter Maria Schnurr's cuisine passione légère©, but also a breathtaking view of Leipzig's city centre. The restaurant is characterised by its elegant modern ambience, excellent service and seasonal menu with fresh daily ingredients. In 2007, FALCO was awarded its first Michelin Guide star, and in 2009 it received its second Michelin star.

French restaurant guide Gault&Millau named chef Peter Maria Schnurr "Chef of the Year 2016" and Christian Wilhelm "Sommelier of the Year 2018".

eat-the-world… Discoveries in Leipzig-Plagwitz or in Leipzig-Südvorstadt

Video on culinary tours of Leipzig offered by "Eat the World", gastronomy in Leipzig, experience

Join a culinary and cultural tour and taste delicious samples from several shops.

Let's be surprised by simple and sweet delicacies as well as extravagant and handmade treats.