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View of the courtyard to Leipzig's Spinnerei, which was once Europe's largest cotton spinning mill, architecture, industrial heritage, art, gallery, exhibition
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Industrial heritage in Leipzig

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

Interior of Leipzig's "Kunstkraftwerk", cultural venue, museum, Leipzig's art spaces, exhibition, gallery
© dotgain

Walking through the listed halls and cellars today, you can feel their history with your hands. The foundations of the boilers have been preserved, as well as a coal funnel, a dust filter, steam distributors, conveyor belts, the control centre and much more - not post-industrial charm, but authentic memories.

Individual guided tours through the IMMERSIVE ART multimedia shows and installations or behind the scenes can be arranged.


Spinnerei Art Centre

View into Hall 14 of the largest gallery of the cotton spinning mill, art spaces in Leipzig, exhibition, cultural institution, industrial culture, hidden Leipzig

From Cotton to Culture...

Formerly the largest cotton spinning mill in continental Europe, the area is now one of the most interesting locations for the production and exhibition of contemporary art and culture.

Group tours of the Spinnerei site are available from Tuesday to Saturday. Customised group tours are available on request.

The in-depth tour lasts approx. 2 hours The tour provides an glimpse into the history and development concept of the spinning mill. You can also visit the archive, 4-6 of the 14 galleries, exhibition areas and two workshops (no artists' studios).

Panometer Leipzig

In the Panometer (a neologism of "Panorama" and "Gasometer") you can immerse yourself in the largest 360° panoramas in the world and feel part of this spectacular setting.

In the former Gasometer II, built in 1910, the 360° panoramas created by the artist Yadegar Asisi have been shown since 2003.

Groups can arrange their own dates in advance for a maximum of 20 people per guided tour through the accompanying exhibition and the circular image.



About 20 artists as well as other creative design and handicraft businesses work in the former wallpaper factory.

During the Tapentenwerk festivities with a spring and autumn tour most of the studios, art rooms, workshops, the Shredderei Café and the factory canteen are open.

Dates for individual group tours up to 20 participants can be arranged.

Mining and Technology Park

Conveyor crane in the Mining and Technology Park in the evening sun, industrial heritage, day-trip destination, tours, sights
Mining and Technology Park © C. Hüller

Explore Saxony's industrial heritage!

The Leipzig New Lake District owes its origins to decades of extraction, refining and utilisation of the natural resource lignite.

Across approx. 5.4 ha of land typical of open-cast mining, the park authentically and comprehensibly presents the entire production cycle of an open-cast mining operation. The bow stretches from the deconstruction of the cultivated landscape to the preparation of the apron and the lowering of groundwater, over the overburden movement and the coal production to the reconstruction of the terrain and the renovation of entire landscape areas.

Our tip

The tour can be combined with a bus or bicycle tour.


Döbeln Horse Tram and German Horse Tram Museum

Horse tram in Döbeln © Kati Lange

Experience a historical horse tram ride and visit the museum, where the history of horse trams is told through display boards, models and some original exhibits.

Special trips can be arranged.

Departure is at the horse tram museum. The tour goes as far as the Obermarkt and back again after the horse has been re-hitched.

One trip takes approx. 20 to 30 minutes depending on traffic.



Video installation in the former combined heat and power plant, exhibition, industrial culture Leipzig

Year of Industrial Culture 2020