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Amphibious Tour on Lake Störmthal

Unique voyage of discovery "On land and on water"

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Amphibious Tour on Lake Störmthal, Vineta © Fouad Vollmer

Embark on a unique exploration tour around and on Lake Störmthal in Leipzig.

This voyage of discovery combines the fun of driving classic carsin an originally restored amphibious vehicle with fascinating insights into the development from a former open-cast mining areato the Leipzig New Lake District.

Highlight of the tour: Visit to the VINETA - a very special work of art. The VINETA symbolises the lost Magdeborn church and is a memorial for the places that had to give way to the Espenhain open-cast lignite mine (today Lake Störmthal and Lake Markkleeberg). With an eave height of 15 metres, it is currently considered the highest floating structure on a German lake.

The amphibian tour is organised and conducted by the Krystallpalast Varieté Leipzig.