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St. Nicholas Church with the Peace Column in St. Nicholas Church Square, where the Peaceful Revolution which led to Germany's reunification began with the prayers for peace, historical Leipzig, cultural venue, 1989, history, sights
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On the trail of history in Leipzig

Tour of the Peaceful Revolution

Crowds of people in Karl-Marx-Platz, which, today, is called Augustusplatz, with Leipzig's Opera visible in the background, peaceful revolution, history of Leipzig, culture
Monday demonstration on 9 October 1989 © Martin Naumann

The tour includes the most important places of the events of the Peaceful Revolution: St. Nicholas Church, where the prayers for peace were held, the Monday demonstrations on Augustusplatz and the Ring, the "Round Corner", the former district administration of the State Security and today a museum, etc.

Memorial Museum in the "Round Corner" (Stasi Museum)

The plaque with the inscription, "The Stasi Headquarters for Leipzig was located here from 1950 to 1989. Citizens occupied the building during the Monday Demonstration on 4 December 1989." peaceful revolution, history of Leipzig
© Sebastian Willnow

For 40 years, the building was the seat of the Leipzig District Administration for State Security. Today it houses the Memorial Museum in the "Round Corner".

Here you can learn about the function, working methods and history of the Ministry for State Security in the former offices of the Stasi officers.

Group tours of the museum can be arranged on request.


St. Nicholas Church Leipzig

View inside St. Nicholas Church with its fully-occupied benches and an organ in the background, sights in Leipzig, history, Peaceful Revolution, cultural venue
Peaceful Revolution © Dirk Brzoska

St. Nicholas Church is a landmark of German reunification. Peace prayers still take place every Monday today.

On the St. Nicholas churchyard next to the church there is a replica of a Dautheian column, which is intended as a peace column to commemorate the Monday demonstrations and the peacefulness of the revolution.

Forum of Contemporary History

Experience the history of the GDR and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the time. It is told through numerous video and audio stations as well as interactive media.

For larger groups (from 15 persons) it is best to book a guided tour tailored to your needs in advance with the Visitor Service.



Visitors arrange candles to form a glowing 89 to commemorate the Peaceful Revolution of 1989 in Augustusplatz in front of Leipzig's Opera at Leipzig's festival of lights in 2017, history of Leipzig, sights

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