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Industrial architecture

Industrial architecture in Plagwitz and Lindenau

View of the Buntgarnwerke along the White Elster river near Karl Heine Canal, canoe trips, boat rental, architecture in Leipzig, industrial heritage, sights
Buntgarnwerke along the White Elster river © Andreas Schmidt


In the Plagwitz district you can marvel at a 90-hectare industrial architecture landmark. It was the first large-scale industrial area in Germany to be developed according to plan. Entrepreneurship is closely linked to the history of Plagwitz and was essentially influenced by Dr. Carl Erdmann Heine (1819 - 1888). Thanks to his dedication between 1840 and 1880, Leipzig became a pioneer of German industrialisation.

Early on, Heine was enthusiastic about the railway, which at that time was still revolutionary, and also interested in the economic uses of waterways. Heine's visions made it possible to build a canal that would lead to the creation of a shipping route to Hamburg, so that goods produced in Leipzig could be sold worldwide. This visionary acquired large meadows and farmland. He used these for housing construction and industrial settlement. The combination of residential quarters, workplaces and transport routes was unique and helped the industry to hit the ground running.

Art and Culture Centre

Fortunately, most of the construction ensembles of the Gründerzeit survived the Second World War and the GDR era. Following the renovation and conversion of the buildings, you can now admire many magnificent brick constructions. Exclusive lofts and trendy cultural centres have evolved in former factory halls. The "Spinnerei", once Europe's largest cotton spinning mill, attracted the attention of the Leipzig gallery owners at the end of 2004. Hardly any other large factory that has been commercially revitalised offers such a wide range of products for art lovers. At the same time, it remains a creative home for many artists. 

The charming old industrial architecture can also be admired in former production sites in the neighbouring Lindenau district. Among other things, the "Tapetenwerk" and the "Kunstkraftwerk" have become magnets for the public. Annually recurring events such as the Spinnerei tour attract art lovers from near and far.

Industrial architecture buildings

Banner for industrial heritage in the Leipzig Region, Döllnitzbahn traverses the greenery, recreational venue

Industrial heritage

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