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The Buntgarnwerke along the White Elster river are an example of industrial architecture and culture, canoe trips, sights in Leipzig, sports
The Buntgarnwerke along the White Elster river are an example of industrial architecture and culture, canoe trips, sights in Leipzig, sports
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Industrial Culture in Leipzig

2020 - Year of Industrial Heritage

Industrial architecture in Plagwitz and Lindenau

View of the Buntgarnwerke, the industrial monument on the White Elster, industrial architecture, industrial culture in Leipzig, water sports, boat hire
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Do you want to marvel at a 90 hectare monument to industrial architecture? That means you're off to Discover Plagwitz! This part of the city in Leipzig's west was the first large-scale industrial area in Germany developed according to a plan. The entrepreneurship of Plagwitz is closely linked to the history of the area and was essentially shaped by Dr. Carl Erdmann Heine (1819-1888). Thanks to his dedication between 1840 and 1880, Leipzig became a pioneer of German industrialisation. 

Heine's passion for the economic use of waterways and his desire to establish industry and residences created an area bursting with housing, jobs and unique transport routes like the Karl Heine Canal .

Art and Culture Centre

Today, thanks to the successful renovation and conversion of former Wilhelminian style buildings, many magnificent brick structures can be admired in the west of Leipzig.

Exclusive lofts and cultural centres have been created in former factory buildings.

Today, for example, the Spinnerei, once the largest cotton mill in Europe, offers an enormously wide range of products for art lovers and at the same time remains the creative home to Leipzig artists. 

Would you like to explore other industrial buildings with unique charm? You'll also find what you are looking for in the neighbouring district of Lindenau. The Tapetenwerk(wall paper factory) and the Kunstkraftwerk are ready for your visit. 

Events 2020 - Year of Industrial Heritage in Saxony

4 July 2020 (11:00 am - 7:00 pm): ART MARKET FESTIVAL "Bohei & Tamtam" along Karl-Heine-Street (crafts, artisan products, art and popular culture). 

3 to 6 September 2020: "Industrial Culture Days"

20 to 23 August 2020: 19th Leipziger Wasserfest (Water festival)

Saxony celebrates the Year of Industrial Heritage in 2020

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Parallel to the 4th Saxon state exhibition "Boom. 500 Years of Industrial Heritage in Saxony," Leipzig offers many special events like exhibits, tours in once and working industrial properties, theater spectacles and immersive projects.

Find out more about the 4th Saxon state exhibition:

Old Walls. New Ideas.

Experience Industrial Culture

The brick buildings in Leipzig, where thousands of people worked the day away once upon a time, are lively cultural hotspots today. Art studios, galleries, theatres and manufacturies await your visit. In Saxony, 2020 is all about industrial culture. 

Further information on the theme: www.leipzig.de/industriekultur2020

Industrial Architecture Buildings

Banner for industrial heritage in the Leipzig Region, Döllnitzbahn traverses the greenery, recreational venue

Industrial heritage

in the region