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View of the St. Nicholas Church and the St. Nicholas Column in St. Nicholas Church Square, where the prayers for peace which led to the Peace Revolution took place, cultural venue, history of Leipzig, sights
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Chronicle of the City of Leipzig

Leipzig - from 1015 to today

Historic drawing of Marktplatz (market square) in Leipzig during a trade fair, history of Leipzig, trade fair city
Historic Market Bustle at the Trade fair © Stadtgeschtliches Museum (Museum of City History)

Calendar 2018 – Living in old Leipzig

Garden view of Villa Emil-Fuchs-Straße 6 from about 1890, Historic Leipzig Calendar, History, Architecture, Living in Leipzig

The new, historic calendar for 2018 inspires with images dated from 1866 to 1920. In keeping with the motto, "Living in old Leipzig around 1900“, it shows how Leipzig's inhabitants lived around the turn of the century.

As one of the most important industrial and commercial locations, the city's population increased dramatically in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, former suburbs developed into up-and-coming neighbourhoods. Representative residential buildings and villas reflected the wealth of the factory owners and merchants. 

The Leipzig Calendar is published by "Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH" (Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH), in cooperation with the Stadtgeschichtlichen Museum (Museum of City History, Leipzig). It is available for just  €19.00 here:

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Milestones in an eventful history

1015 - First mention of "urbs Lipzi" by the Chronicler Thietmar von Merseburg

1165 - Leipzig is officially founded and bestowed with city and market rights

1176 - St. Nicholas Church is founded by Markgraf Otto

1212 - Emperor Otto IV confirms the foundation of the Thomas Monastery

1409 - The University of Leipzig is founded

1497 - Emperor Maximilian I grants the city imperial trade fair privileges

1519 - Debate between Martin Luther and Dr. Johann Eck on the Pleißenburg

1539 - Martin Luther preaches in the St. Thomas Church – Introduction of the Reformation to Leipzig

1632 - Battle near Lützen - King Gustav Adolf II of Sweden dies

1650 - First Leipzig newspaper – world's first daily newspaper

1723 - Johann Sebastian Bach works until 1750 as St. Thomas Church's choirmaster and as the city's music director

1813 - Richard Wagner is born in Leipzig

1839 - Opening of the first long-distance rail route between Leipzig and Dresden

1843 - The Conservatory for Music is founded by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

1846 - The Saxon Academy of Sciences is founded

1878 - The Zoological Gardens are opened by Ernst Pinkert

1895 - Inauguration of the Reichsgericht (Imperial Court of Justice) building

1900 - The German Football Association is founded in the guesthouse, "Zum Mariengarten"

1903 - VfB Leipzig become the first German football champions

1911 - Leipzig's airfield is inaugurated

1913 - Grand opening of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations

1915 - Leipzig's Central Station is opened as Europe's largest terminus

1943 - Heavy air attack on Leipzig on 4 December 1943

1960 - Opening of the opera house on the site of the destroyed new theatre

1981 - Inauguration of the new Gewandhaus

1989 - Prayers for peace and Monday Demonstrations lead to the peaceful revolution

1996 - Opening of the new trade fair grounds

2002 - Porsche factory is opened in Leipzig

2003 - Belantis, East Germany's largest leisure park is opened

2003 - Yadegar Asisi shows his first 360-degree panorama, "Mount Everest", in the Panometer

2005 - Production starts in the new BMW factory in Leipzig

2011 - Europe's largest tropical experience world, Gondwanaland, is opened in Leipzig Zoo

2013 - Opening of the City Tunnel on 14 December

2016 - RasenBallsport Leipzig, founded in 2009, rises to the first national league

Calendar 2018 – Living in old Leipzig