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The Leipzig Trade Fair and its history

The glass entrance building at the new trade fair grounds in Leipzig in the dark, trade fair city, history of Leipzig, events, culture
Leipzig Trade Fair © Andreas Schmidt

850 years of Trade Fairs

Video about the 850 years of trade fairs in Leipzig and the history of the Trade Fair City, culture

Highlights of the Trade Fair History

The Leipzig Trade Fair is one of the oldest Trade Fairs in the world. Leipzig was at the crossroads of two important trade routes: Via Regia (Paris–Novgorod) and Via Imperii (Bergen–Rome). This location was particularly advantageous for long-distance trade, which led to Leipzig becoming the starting point for international trade fair operations.

1165 - Leipzig is officially founded and bestowed with city and market rights

1497 - Emperor Maximilian I grants the city imperial trade fair privileges

1894 - Transition from Goods to Sample Trade Fair - in 1895, the first Sample Fair was held

1896 - Opening of the "Städtisches Kaufhaus", the first Messehaus (Trade Fair Hall) in the world.

1918 - First technical Trade Fair

1938 - Leipzig is appointed as the Reich's Trade Fair city

1991 - The last "Universal Trade Fair" is held, specialist and public fairs were to ensue

1996 - Grand opening of the New Trade Fair grounds of the Leipzig Trade Fair

2017 - 100 years of the double 'M' logo