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Clara Schumann's 200th birthday in 2019

Who was Clara?

Clara Schumann, née Wieck, was an outstanding pianist and composer. She was a pioneer amongst artists of her time, making her way to the top despite traditional gender roles prevalent in the 19th century. She was considered a piano virtuoso , shaping a male-dominated world through her impressive work and life.

For her upcoming 200th birthday in 2019, several events have already been planned. For example, there will be a fantastic exhibition featuring Clara Schumann's printed music at the Museum für Druckkunst (Museum of Printing) in March 2019. Moreover, the city eagerly awaits the opening of a redesigned museum by Leipzig's Schumann Association e.V (registered association) in September 2019. Come along and celebrate 200 years of Clara Schumann with us!

Further highlights in store during the jubilee year of 2019 include:

  • The opening ceremony to the Clara Schumann Year on 2 January at the University of Music and Theatre, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
  • a romantic evening for loved-up couples at the Schönefeld memorial church under the motto, "Robert loves Clara" on 14 February
  • Special performances of "The Woman on the Piano" at the University of Leipzig's musical instrument museum from March to December
  • The premiere of the Leipzig ballet at Lützschena Castle as part of the "Tanz in den Häusern der Stadt" (dance in the buildings of the city) event on 16 May 2019
  • The "Klaviersommer" (festival of piano concerts in summer), under the motto "Clara Schumann" in July/August 2019in the Mendelssohn House
  • Clara in park concerts, cycling tours, strolls to Mitsingen, among other activities in Abtaundorf and Zweinaundorf park from 2 August to 08 September
  • The special exhibition: "Anna Magdalena Bach - Fanny Hensel - Clara Schumann. Three Artists at a Glance" from 23 August to 19 January 2020 in the Bach Archive
  • The Schumann Festival Weeks from 12 to 29 September 2019 (see Infobox)

The highlights of the Schumann Festival Week from 12 - 29 September 2019

Großes concert / Lauma Skride / Andris Nelsons
At 8 pm, the Gewandhaus Orchestra shall perform the piano concerto, among others, by Clara Schumann in the Gewandhaus.

At 8 pm, Leipzig's Company Dance Theatre shall perform at Schaubühne Lindenfels (location for cinema, theatre, concerts and readings).

The "Inselstraßenfest" (island street festival) on the occasion of the reopening of the Schumann museum shall take place.

Birthplace of Clara Schumann

Birthplace of the famous Leipzig composer, Clara Schumann, née Wieck, who later married Robert Schumann and also performed as piano virtuoso in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, culture, Music City Leipzig.
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