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Art and Museums in Leipzig

View into an exhibition room, with objects and busts, in the Museum of Antiquity of the University of Leipzig, cultural venues, history, museums in Leipzig
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Leipzig's museums have something to offer for everyone.

Leipzig is a magnet for visitors as a centre for fine and applied arts, and has been a fixture in the international art scene for many years. The multitude of museums and galleries makes the city a special destination for all art and culture fans.

But Leipzig doesn't just show art – it lives art. The Academy of Fine Arts trains and educates "new masters", many of whom later find their way to the Spinnerei (old cotton spinning mill) in the west of Leipzig. This old industrial location is home to around 100 artists, incl. Neo Rauch and Tilo Baumgärtel – they share the spaces with galleries, architects and designers.

Visitors are always welcome. Come take a look and discover unique exhibits from the world of music, history, art and literature!

Both young and old can discover vast treasures in Leipzig's museums.

View of the Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Leipzig building, which houses galleries exhibiting a plethora of artwork, cultural venue
© T. Williger

Museums of the city of music Leipzig

View of the Bach statue in front of the side entrance to the St. Thomas Church, where the composer led the St. Thomas Choir, cultural venue, Leipzig, the music city, monument, sights
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Leipzig can proudly call itself a music city because of its centuries-old tradition and institutions that still inspire today. Famous composers, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner as well as Clara and Robert Schumann have left their mark on Leipzig and made the city the musical centre it is today.

Explore places where world-famous musicians lived and worked, like the Mendelssohn House or the Bach Museum, and explore the great variety of musical instruments at the GRASSI Museum of Musical Instruments.

With our travel offer "Music City Leipzig" you can get to know the city and its cultural institutions from this unique perspective and follow in the footsteps of these unforgettable composers.

History Museums

In 2015, Leipzig celebrated its 1000th birthday. The city's history has been shaped above all by its role as a trade fair venue and by the European disputes that culminated in the Battle of Leipzig in 1813. At the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum you can learn about how trade fairs not only changed culture, but also how they changed the face of the city with their arcades and courtyards. The two other locations of the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations and FORUM 1813, provide information about the beginning and the fateful progression of the largest battle in world history to date.

The Ancient art, Egyptian and the GRASSI Museum of Ethnology provide glimpses into other areas of history, beside Leipzig's, like the cultural development in other countries and other times.

View into an exhibition room, with objects and busts, in the Museum of Antiquity of the University of Leipzig, cultural venues, history, museums in Leipzig
© Robin Kunz

Art museums and galleries

Art and creativity take centre stage in Leipzig! Especially in the city's west, the creative community comes together to shape and change Leipzig and make it more diverse and lively. Art centres such as the Spinnerei, which was the largest cotton spinning mill in Europe in its industrial period, boast plenty of space for galleries and studios where artists can let loose and visitors can admire their works.

Facilities such as the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts and the Museum of Fine Arts also enrich the city with their diverse and unmistakable exhibitions.

Museums for enthusiasts

Leipzig has several museums that do not clearly belong to any one category - art, history or otherwise - that are definitely worth a visit.

Did you know that the allotment garden tradition began in Leipzig? You can learn more about how the so-called "Schrebergärten" (allotment gardens) became popular and why they are called that at the Deutsches Kleingärtnermuseum ("German Allotment Gardner's Museum").

Yadegar Asisi's 32 meter tall panorama in the Panometer Leipzig is by no means small. At the current exhibition "Carolas Garden" you will "shrink" and become pollen sized to see animals, plants and insects from a completely new perspective.

Panometer Leipzig, Panorama, 360°, Carolas Garten
© Asisi

Museums for kids

The word "GARAGE" in steel in front of the VDI garage building in Leipzig, where children and teenagers are given an understanding of business and technology, cultural venue
© T.Williger

Planning a trip with children can be a real challenge. Most of the museums in Leipzig have considered this and are designed so people of all ages can enjoy a fun-filled visit. At some museums, children and adults can learn about technical topics in a playful manner or can interact with the exhibitions, for example at INSPIRATA, an interactive museum. Leipzig also has museums explicitly designed for children, for instance, the UNIKATUM Children's Museum.

The enormous panorama in the Panometer Leipzig impresses young and old, and anyone can be a musician in the Schumann Haus' sound room.

Literature museums

Though digitisation is rapidly advancing, the disappearance of printed text is unthinkable in the near future. Many people prefer a real, paper-scented, flip-through book over an e-reader or tablet.

In Leipzig, these people get their money's worth, because Leipzig is one of the German National Library's two locations and, with the annual Leipzig Book Fair, print products are ingrained in this city.

View of a stairway in the German National Library in Leipzig, to which the German Museum of Books and Writing is also part, sights, literature, cultural institutions, education
© Philipp Kirschner
Stony ruins in the Cultural Landscape Museum in the Wermsdorf Forest in the Leipzig Region
Museums in the Leipzig Region