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Honky Tonk - the pulse of Leipzig's night life

View of the bar, Café Puschkin on the "Karli", which in summer lures passers-by in with its open-air seating, nightlife area in Leipzig, nightlife, gastronomy
A multitude of Leipzig's pubs are involved in the Honky Tonk Festival. © Tom Schulze

The Honky Tonk Festival

The Honky Tonk® Festival is one of Leipzig's institutional events. Music makers present their diverse performances on Leipzig stages every year in March.

The festival's highlight is life music. In addition to well-known artists, there are also plenty of newcomers to discover. From electro-art, jazz and pop to punk and hard-core – this musical event has something for everyone! 

Open-air seating on Barfußgässchen, one of Leipzig's nightlife areas, where the Honky Tonk festival, among others, is also held, bar, gastronomy, nightlife, events, music city
The best way to spend the evening in Leipzig is in an open-air seating area. © Dirk Brzoska