Violonists of the Gewandhaus Orchestra at a Great Concert at the Leipzig Gewandhaus on Augustusplatz, music city, cultural venue, sightseeing
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Klassik airleben - The Gewandhaus Orchestra in the Leipzig Rosental

Classical music under an open sky on 29 and 30 June 2018

People lounge on a meadow in front of a stage and listen to the Gewandhaus Orchestra during Klassik airleben in Rosental, Music City Leipzig, Gewandhaus, culture, events, festival
Thousands of spectators listen to the Gewandhaus Orchestra in the Rosental. © Gert Mothes

The Klassik airleben allows the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra to thank their audience at the end of another Gewandhaus season.

The world-famous symphony orchestra plays two open-air "Große Concerte" (big concerts) on two consecutive evenings, to which all Leipzig residents and visitors are invited.

The Rosental turns into an open-air concert hall and is a meeting place for families, friends and acquaintances. Thousands of people camp out on the meadow in front of the stage – and they bring folding chairs and blankets and picnic baskets.

The atmosphere is singularly captivating. Even typical non-fans are enthralled by the music's charm, the summery flair and the relaxed mood. Wine and sandwiches, shorts and flip-flops – the audience is mesmerised by the top-tier orchestra's incredible show. It is not a seldom occurrence for "folding chair friendships" to be forged, and for neighbours to make plans to meet the next year.

Porsche, the Gewandhaus Orchestra's strong partner, is primarily, but not exclusively responsible for continuing to provide free entry to the Klassik airleben, with several other businesses contributing too.

The Gewandhaus Orchestra

The Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig's Gewandhaus in Augustusplatz during a concert, city of music, cultural venue, sights, events
On the stage: the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra © Gert Mothes
The designated Gewandhaus conductor at a big Gewandhaus Orchestra concert at Leipzig's Gewandhaus in Augustusplatz in the city of music, cultural venue, sights
Gewandhaus conductor, Andris Nelsons © Jens Gerber
View from the Klassik airleben stage onto the public
Thousands of spectators at Klassik airleben © Jens Gerber
The wind instruments in the orchestra at Klassik airleben in the Rosental
The Gewandhaus Orchestra performs in the open air © Jens Gerber