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Leipzig Notenspur

A young woman stands in front of a double bass which is featured in the exhibition in the music city of Leipzig's Bach museum, cultural venue
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The Leipziger Notenspur - tour Leipzig's music trails

The Leipzig Notenspur

A metal inlay denoting part of the Leipzig Notenspur on a cobbled path, city of music, city tours, guided tours, culture, sights, Gewandhaus, Opera
Walk along the Leipzig Notenspur © W. Schneider

The fascinating combination of musical experiences & city exploration.

A musical walking tour:
Leipzig boasts a density of originally preserved places where famous composers were active, which is unique worldwide. The Leipzig Notenspur has made this musical cultural heritage tourist experience since 12 May 2012. As the individual stations are not far removed from one another, they can be comfortably discovered on foot. At each station, audio examples and information in German and English provide you with exciting insights. You can also get the full experience on a unique 360° panorama tour.

The Leipzig Notenspur connects the most important original locations in Leipzig city centre along 5.1 km. Curved steel elements embedded into the ground mark the meandering path through city centre. You can start and end your tour at any of the stations.

About the project

Information film about the Leipzig Notenspur from Youtube, produced by LVZ, cultural venue, city of music, sights

The Notenbogen

The music of the 19th and early 20th century are at the centre of the 5 km-long Leipzig Notenbogen.

Get a sense of the atmosphere of the time on your way through the Gründerzeit district and its parks. 

The Notenrad

View of the front of "Specks Hof" arcade in the Old Town, which serves as an example of Leipzig's typical architecture for courtyards and arcades, and which, today, is a great spot for shopping, recreational venue
By bike through the Music City © Robin Kunz

37 km-long Leipzig Notenrad bicycle tour provides an insight into the historically interesting, scenic places outside city centre.

The unique combination of music and recreation in nature provides for an exciting world of experiences. You can also take the shorter tour, with a length of 17.5 km.

The stations of the Leipzig Notenspur