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Max Reger - University music director and professor at the Leipzig Conservatory

Max Reger

Poster of the jubilee for composer Max Reger next to an organ in the Leipzig, the Music City, cultural venue
The 2016 Max Reger jubilee took place in Leipzig. © Helene Holz

Max Reger, born on 19 March 1873 in Brand (Oberpfalz), was one of the leading German composers of his time, along with Richard Strauss. He became especially famous thanks to his organ compositions. In addition, he wrote chamber music and worked as a conductor and a pianist. Reger worked in Leipzig for many years – among other things, his piano concerto was first performed in the Gewandhaus. in 1907, he was appointed University music director and professor at the Royal Conservatory of Leipzig. He carried out his teaching activities until his death on 11 May 1916.

In 2016, on the occasion of his 100th death day, the city of Leipzig honoured the composer with many events. The highlight was the Max Reger festive days which took place from 8 to 20 May. Herbert Blomstedt, the honorary conductor of the Gewandhaus orchestra, took on patronage for this event. Many other special concerts were arranged in addition to organ concerts on the "Reger organ" in the St. Thomas church, such as an organ night, promenade concerts, chamber music evenings, symphonies and organ concerts with the Gewandhaus orchestra and motets by the St. Thomas Choir.