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Robert Schumann - he wrote his famous "spring symphony" in Leipzig

Robert Schumann

Portrait of composer Robert Schumann who lived in Leipzig together with his wife Clara Schumann, culture, Gewandhaus
© Joseph Kriehuber

Schumann, who was born on 8 June 1810 in Zwickau, came to Leipzig in May 1828 to study law. The "old, famous and beautiful city" became the melting pot of his self-awareness. After just one year, he dropped out of law school and switched to music. He moved in with his piano teacher, Friedrich Wieck, and trained as a pianist. This is where he first met Cara Wieck, the nine-year old piano prodigy.

He overextended a tendon in his right hand in the spring of 1833, through excessive and erroneous practice, which forced Schuhmann to dedicate himself exclusively to his compositional work. His ideas on modern poetic composition styles were first expressed through his piano pieces, such as the "Abegg Variations Op. 1".

After marrying Clara Wieck on 12 September 1840 in the Schönefeld church, the young couple moved into a late classical house. No other building in Leipzig was home to so much fantastic music or so many important artists. The first year of their marriage was a Schumann's "year of music". He created around 150 piano pieces, including the "Liebesfrühling" cycle.

Portrait of the composers Clara and Robert Schumann, who lived together in Leipzig, the City of Music, culture
Musical history's exceptional couple. © Sepp Beck