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Hildebrandt Organ in the Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross) in Störmthal

Inspected by Johann Sebastian Bach

Hildebrandt Organ in the Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross) in Störmthal
© Dieter Wadewitz

Zacharias Hildebrandt (1688 - 1757) was a companion of Gottfried Silbermann (1683-1753) from 1713 to 1722. He was independently active from 1722/23. A contract between himself and the patron Hillmar Statz von Fullen to build the Störmthal organ was signed in 1722. On 2 November 1723, Johann Sebastian Bach examined the organ and "recognised and praised it greatly." I / 14th Hildebrandt took over the responsibility for the care and maintenance up until 1754. Until 1905 there were several repairs and changes to the specification. After repair work in 1934 and 1974, the Hermann Eule Orgelbau, Bautzen carried out fundamental restoration and reconstruction work in 2008 in order to return the organ to its condition from 1723.
Texts: Klaus Gernhardt


Console (C, D-c´´´)
1 Principal 8´
2 Praestant 4´
3 Quintadena 8´
4 Gedackt 8´
5 Rohrflöte 4´
6 Nassat 3´
7 Octava 2´
8 Tertia 1 3/5´
9 Quinta 1 1/2´
10 Sufflet 1´
11 Mixtur 3 fach
12 Cornet 3 fach
Pedal (C, D-c´)
13 Subbass 16´
14 Posaune 16´
Pedal coupler

Pitch: 462 Hz/15 ° C, temprament: 1/6 comma meantone.


location Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross) in Störmthal
Dorfstraße 48
04463 Großpösna
phone 0341 8781316
fax 0341 878137
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Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Probstheida-Stoermthal-Wachau
Parish office
Russenstraße 23
04289 Leipzig 


  • Disability-accessible establishment
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