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Right in the middle of western Leipzig

Picture of the exterior view of the Konsumzentrale in spring © Konsumzentrale
© Andreas Schmidt

Today the Konsumzentrale, a brick building in Plagwitz, is used for conferences and events as well as for commercial purposes.

BAUHAUS-Architecture: The "Consum-Verein für Plagwitz und Umgegend" (consumption-organisation for Plagwitz and the surrounding area) was founded in 1884 to provide the lower classes of society with inexpensive consumer goods. The organisation quickly became one of the largest in Germany. The administration and industrial buildings, which included a bakery, dairy, mill, butcher's shop and coffee roaster, quickly became too small.

In 1930, the new building was constructed according to Fritz Höger's plans, a leading representative of northern German Brick Expressionism. One of his preferred elements of style were the clinker bricks which he used for façade design, something he also applied in Leipzig. He used Meißner facing bricks.

The 180-metre-long reinforced concrete building with brick revetting and brickwork along the Industriestraße is built to create a horizontal line. This is strikingly decorated with window trimmings over the entire façade and the main entrance, which is shaped like a funnel. The building with its horizontal lines and keyhole window glazing create the impression of a passing ship. In line with this, the elaborate staircase with its turquoise-blue wall tiles and the vermilion railing echoes the maritime theme. Other stylistic elements include the gold-plated bricks and the key discs. The Konsumzentrale in Plagwitz can be considered Fritz Höger's work which most clearly corresponds to the ideas of modernism in architecture.


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