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Kreutzbach Organ in the St. Nicolai Church in Waldheim

General maintenance work 1989

Kreutzbach Organ in the St. Nicolai Church in Waldheim
© D. Wadewitz

The two-console mechanical organ with 34 specifications, built originally by Urban Kreutzbach (1796-1868) in 1848-1843, underwent a large conversation in 1891, which was carried out by Richard Kreutzbach. II/29. In this process, a new console was built and the tracker action was swapped for a pneumatic action. The key range was expanded to C -f"' and the pedal range to C -d'. In conjunction, the installed crescendo pedal was dismantled in 1952. In 1928, the organ was once again rearranged and received an electric blower. In 1989, general maintenance work was undertaken by the company Orgelbau Hermann Eule of Bautzen.

Texts: Klaus Gernhardt

Specification stop list

Main Organ (C - f"')

1 Bordun 16'
2 Principal 8'
3 Flauto 8'
4 Chimney Flute 8'
5 Octave 4'
6 Gedackt 4'
7 Quinte 2 2/3'
8 Octave 2'
9 Blockflöte 2'
10 Terz 1 3/5'
11 Quinte 1 1/3'
12 Octave 1'
13 Mixture 3 fach
14 Trompete 8'

Oberwerk (C - f"')

15 Principal 8'
16 Doppelflöte 8'
17 Quintade 8'
18 Salicional 8'
19 Octave 4'
20 Chimney Flute 4'
21 Nassat 2 2/3'
22 Octave 2'
23 Schwiegel 1'
24 Mixture 3 fach
25 Zink 2 fach

Pedal (C - d')

26 Sub bass 16'
27 Violon bass 16'
28 Principal bass 8'
29 Zart bass 8'
30 Posaune 16'

playing aids:

Manual coupler, pedal coupler, flute ranks, principal ranks, pleno (all buttons with individual release)


location St. Nikolai City Church in Walheim
Am Schulberg 2
04736 Waldheim
phone 034327 93257
mobile 034327 66437
contact person

Evangelical Lutheran Parish Office St. Nikolai Waldheim
Cantor René Michael Röder
Am Schulberg 2
04736 Waldheim

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