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UT Connewitz

Leipzig's oldest cinema

View of the illuminated stage in the UT Connewitz in the south of Leipzig where many events such as concerts or theatre and cinema etc. take place, cultural institutions, leisure facilities
© Alexander Klich

The UT Connewitz, near the Connewitzer Kreuz, is Leipzig's oldest preserved cinema and is also one of the oldest in Germany. As early as 1912, the first silent films were flickering across the screen here. Even today, the light box above the entrance reveals the current programme. The entire interior design is still original from around 1912 with the exception of the cinema seats.

The name UT Connewitz is derived from the "Union-Theatre" because Union was Germany's most successful cinema chain at that time. Even if the operators at that time were never members of this early cinema chain, they probably hoped to profit from their good reputation by choosing the name. Today, alongside cinema performances, there are also concerts, readings and theatre performances taking place.


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