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Cabaret Paradise

Cabaret, Revue and Varieté City

Since Leipzig boasts the highest cabaret density per capita, it is rightly regarded as the cabaret capital of Germany.

Even in GDR times, cabaret theatres such as the academixer, Leipziger Pfeffermühle or Leipziger Funzel were guaranteed to provide cutting political satires. They set their sights on the working-class and peasant state with biting humor and pointed punch lines. The audience had to read between the lines because, in order to circumvent censorship, the artists were forced to work in hints and insinuating puns.

This cabaret tradition continues to the present day. Since the Peaceful Revolution of 1989, additional stages have been established in Leipzig, including the cabaret theatre SANFTWUT and the Leipzig Central Cabaret. They are the best proof that the scene is still very much alive. Not to mention versatile! In addition to political satire, the agenda also includes literary-musical evenings and cabaret shows. The "secret" star is almost always the Saxon dialect. It is lovingly fostered by the ensembles.

In addition to the cabaret houses, the Krystallpalast Varieté rounds out the offer: Enjoy a very special evening with culinary delicacies and daring acrobatics shows, magic, live music and comedy. Amazement is included!

Logo for the Lachmesse - European Festival for Humour and Satire in Leipzig's Autumn Festivals - the Event for Cabaret and Theatre, cultural venue

You can experience how "cabaret crazy" Leipzig is every year in October at the LACHMESSE, the European Festival for Humour and Satire. Germany's largest international cabaret festival has been in existence since 1991. It was intended to give the traditional East German ensemble cabaret a voice on the German cabaret scene. It has also established Leipzig as a European centre for cabaret and comedy.

Today the LACHMESSE boasts impressive figures: In the 25 years of the festival's existence, more than 2,000 artists from 20 countries attracted over half a million spectators to Leipzig.

Spectators excitedly watch the performance at Leipzig's Krystallpalast Varieté, theatre, play, events in Leipzig, cultural venue
Performance in Leipzig's Krystallpalast Varieté. © Krystallpalast
Group photo featuring 5 performers from the Sanftwut Cabaret Theatre, cultural venue, events in Leipzig, stage, play
SanftWut Cabaret - All cups in the cupboard. © Waltraud Grubitzsch
Performers from the Academixer Cabaret on stage during a show, cultural venue, events in Leipzig, play, theatre
Academixer, the Cabaret Institution © Tom Schulze
View into the hall in the Central Cabaret with a few tables and the stage at the end, cultural venue, events in Leipzig, theatre, play
The still young Central Cabaret. © Andreas Schmidt
Group photo of the ensemble from Leipzig's Funzel Cabaret Theatre, cultural venue, events in Leipzig, stage, play
Joy for performers and spectators. © Cabaret Funzel
Group photo of the Leipzig Pfeffermühle Cabaret's ensemble, cultural venue, events in Leipzig, theatre, play, stage
Leipzig's Pfeffermühle Cabaret. © Scholz

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View of the entrance to the Sanftwut Caberet Theatre in the famous "Mädlerpassage" shopping arcade, where "Auerbachs Keller" restaurant is housed, and whose architectural style is distinct within Leipzig's city centre, cultural venue, play
© Andreas Schmidt

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