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Information on the use of motor boats on the waterways of the Leipzig region

General information

The use of motorised watercrafts (motor boats and sailing boats with auxiliary engines) in Leipzig's New Lake District must be applied for in advance. For Lake Hain, Lake Störmthal and Lake Zwenkau, permission can be obtained from the respective harbour master or port operator, which can be found under links (see below). For all other lakes and running waters, the use of motor boats must be applied for at the competent authorities of the City of Leipzig or the district administrator's offices.


City of Leipzig, Office for Environmental Protection
Prager Straße 118-136 (Haus A), 04317 Leipzig
Tel.: (+49)341 1233409

Landratsamt Landkreis Leipzig, Umweltamt
Karl-Marx-Str. 22 (Haus 3), 04668 Grimma
Tel.: (+49)3437 984191

Landratsamt Landkreis Nordsachsen, Umweltamt
04855 Torgau
Tel.: (+49)3421 6634101

Notes on the debris deflector of Connewitz sluice

The debris deflector in the headwater of the Connewitz sluice consists of a floating line made of plastic floats on a 6 mm thick steel cable. These floats are covered with a yellow, rubberised fabric protection hose to protect them from dirt and damage. The entire construction of the debris deflector on the upstream side is flexible.

The purpose of the debris deflector is to remove debris near the water surface, such as leaves and small branches, via the weir. This increases the functionality of the sluice and fish canoe pass while the cleaning effort is reduced. To ensure that the debris deflector discharges as much debris as possible, it will remain permanently in place in the future. The deflector can only be opened by the City of Leipzig for maintenance purposes. For future crossings, the drift deflector can no longer be removed, but simply pressed down so that it is not damaged by the boat hull or the screw.

To push down the drift guard chain, all skippers or motorboats wishing to enter the Connewitz sluice in the upper water should carry an appropriate rod with a round fork opening. The opening width of the fork should be at least 20 cm, better would be 25 cm to 30 cm, so that the chain can be lowered quickly and easily. The handle at the end of the fork should be approx. 2.00 m long, whereby the length depends on the length of the boat. For the above-mentioned reason, the length of the handle must be chosen by the boat operator at his/her own discretion.

The boat crossing was tested by the boat rental company Krafft. During the boat crossing, the drift guard chain was pressed down by the skipper so that it could not get caught in the boat's screw. According to the boat guide, the boat crossing worked without any problems.

We ask you to procure an appropriate structure and to bring it along on your boats, because the drift guard in the upper water has been closed since 01.08.2014.