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Leipzig in spring

Spring in Leipzig

Video über den Frühling in Leipzig.
Frühling in Leipzig


Leipzig in spring is bewitching!

The sun pampers us again. The days are getting longer. The colourful spring flowers are poking their heads through the still barren soil. The meadows are becoming greener and the new buds on the trees start announcing that spring is coming to Leipzig!

Leipzig in spring is bewitching. The city's many parks invite you to take a leisurely Sunday stroll, while that first coffee outdoors fills the vitamin D stores. The city of Leipzig and its experiences, which were in hibernation, awaken. The wild garlic in the Leipzig alluvial forest radiates its well-known vernal scent. The sun beckons you to take a bike ride. Experience Leipzig in spring and let yourself be enchanted.

It's so green when Leipzig's parks bloom

Blooming Leipzig

When crocuses adorn the Clara Zetkin Park and wild garlic covers the floor of the floodplain forest, life in Leipzig shifts outdoors. The flowering magnolias at the Elster flood bed and the cherry blossoms in front of the Grassi museum are a must-see. We will tell you where to find the most beautiful flower spots just waiting to be discovered. Get your camera out and we guarantee that you'll take home the most beautiful memories of Leipzig.

Blooming magnolias attract photographers. © Kim Kretzschmar
© Kim Kretzschmar

Want a spring stroll?

Thick winter sweaters make room for spring. There's room for a new spring wardrobe. Enjoy the Leipzig spring air and a relaxing day of shopping in Leipzig city centre, the most compact inner city in Europe. Stroll through the unique system of arcades and courtyards and discover your new favourite shop in Leipzig.

Spring air and shopping

Shopping in Leipzig


Our Leipzig Spring Tips