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Sports in Leipzig

Leipzig - an Athletic Capital

Grass in front of the Leipzig Arena, where many sports events and concerts take place, recreational venue, culture, music
Field in front of Leipzig Arena. © Robin Kunz

Leipzig loves sports. Leipzig lives sports. Leipzig is sport. 

Leipzig and sports belong together - and have done for centuries! At the same time, grass-roots athletics is just as at home in Leipzig as top-class sport. And since the people of Leipzig are known and appreciated for their hospitality, it is not surprising that Leipzig is a popular venue for various major international events such as the LEIPZIG MARATHON or the tennis tournament Leipzig Open.      

These figures prove how sports enthusiastic and athletic Leipzig is:

  • Around 400 Leipzig sports clubs and 13 trade associations are led under the umbrella of Stadtsportbund Leipzig e.V
  • Its membership amounts to nearly 100,000 sportsmen and women of all ages.
  • One of 20 Olympic training centres in Germany is located in Leipzig.
  • There are two sports schools, the Sports Science Faculty and the University of Leipzig, which train the sporting professionals of tomorrow.
  • The approximately 400 sports facilities in the city of Leipzig are distributed thus: 80 sports fields, 150 sports halls, 28 bowling alleys, 21 tennis courts and 20 swimming pools and outdoor pools - gyms and sports bars not counted.
  • Leipzig has three football stadiums - the Zentralstadion, better known as the Red Bull Arena, the Alfred-Kunze-Sportpark (venue of FC Sachsen) and the Bruno-Plache-Stadion (the home of 1. FC Lokomotive).
  • In addition to the Red Bull Arena, the Sportforum Leipzig also houses the Arena Leipzig, where the regular home games of the Leipzig professional handball players are held, and the Festwiese.


If you want to know more, visit the Sportmuseum Leipzig, Am Sportforum 10. Here the sports stars of yesteryear are remembered and visitors are informed about more than 150 years of gymnastics and sports history, the history of the workers' sports movement and the legendary Leipzig gymnastics festival in GDR times. 

Even though Leipzig as an Olympic City in 2012 was rejected by the International Olympic Committee on the grounds that "The city is too small for the Olympics." This was not a defeat for the Leipzig people, but rather a sporting challenge: Then we will grow! 

On your marks, get set!