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Sustainability in Leipzig

Why travel far away when Leipzig, one of Germany's most popular cities, is right on your doorstep? It takes just one hour with the ICE from Berlin or three hours from Hamburg. Leipzig Central Station is situated right in the city centre. From here, the city can be easily be explored by bike, on foot or via one of the many waterways.

What's Special About Leipzig? One third of the city is made up of parks and green spaces. There's even a real forest right in the middle of it: The Leipzig Floodplain Forest is the largest inner-city contiguous forest area of its kind in Europe. It is not without reason that Leipzig is one of the greenest cities in Germany. Leipzig is also well ahead of the rest of Germany when it comes to bicycle-friendliness: The city's compact size, flat terrain and excellent cycle paths make it a joy to explore the city's many highlights on two wheels. If you don't want to bring your own bike, you can easily rent one from the Leipzig start-up nextbike.

There is also a growing range of shops in Leipzig offering fair fashion and regional products, as well as organic shops and vegan restaurants. Here are some ideas on how to have a great time discovering Leipzig while reducing your ecological footprint!

Sustainable Gastronomy: Bio - Vegan - Vegetarian - Regional

Other Attractions

"Einmal ohne, bitte" (without, please) is a label that helps avoid packaging waste from shopping and take-aways. The symbol identifies shops and restaurants that sell food without product packaging. Feel free to bring your own container and have it filled!

Help create a world without food waste with the Too Good To Go - App. The app allows you to rescue tasty food from the bin that has gone unsold at participating shops in Leipzig. 

Ein Recup Becher in der Leipzig Edition.

RECUP offers an innovative and sustainable multi-use solution for coffee-to-go containers. The aim is to provide coffee lovers and suppliers with an uncomplicated and attractive alternative to disposable cups. By the way, there is also a Leipzig edition RECUP cup!

Grillaxed has reinvented the barbecue experience. The company will conveniently deliver a barbecue box filled with either regional or vegetarian barbecue food to wherever you are and pick it up again later. Compostable tableware is included and you can also order regional drinks to go with it. Stay grillaxed!

Sustainable Shopping


Der Leipziger Rezeptkalender mit gesunden Rezepten hängt an einer Wand.
Der Kalender enthält viele gesunde Rezept mit regionalen Produkten. © Lena Toschka

The Leipzig recipe calendar gives an overview of seasonal and regional products and features a year's worth of recipe ideas. And another special feature: Each month features different local food producers from Leipzig and the region.

Flaschen von den Leipziger Getränkespezialitäten stehen nebeneinander in einem Park.
Leipzig hat einige besondere Getränkespezialitäten zu bieten. © Susi Wieschollek
Organic Honey from Leipzig
Bio Honig aus Leipzig von der Plagwitzer Wanderimkerei. © Christoph Mann

The Plagwitzer Wanderimkerei is committed to producing honey according to humane animal husbandry standards in bee-friendly locations in and around Leipzig.  The honey is also sold exclusively in local shops in Leipzig.  

Leipspeis Products
Leipspeis hat viele Spezialitäten aus Leipzig zu bieten. © Thomas Schlorke

Leipspeis is Leipzig's first oil mill and manufacturer of organic spreads and regional salt. The company's top priorities are regionality and positive relations with producers. Even the label is made from recycled paper and applied to the jars using only an adhesive made from organic potato starch and water.

Explore More


In der Restloshalle stapeln sich gut sortierte kunterbunte Materialien, die darauf warten einen neuen Nutzen zu bekommen.
© Anne Hornemann

Upcycling Project

Restlos is the creative upcycling project from Mütterzentrum e.V. Leipzig. The idea behind the project was to create new things out of what is otherwise thought of as waste. The Restlos treasure trove in Halle is stuffed to the rafters with assorted handicraft materials, just waiting to be put to new use.


This special trail through Leipzig's city centre  is more about sustainability than sightseeing. The tour stops at shops and businesses selling sustainable and fair products, explaining various economic models and global interrelationships with a focus on Leipzig as an example. A tour for anyone keen to learn about sustainable alternatives in Leipzig!


View through the rows of plants in the Annalinde garden; wooden bucket beetroot, coloured bunting, lawn
© Philipp Kirschner

Community Garden

ANNALINDE GmbH's community garden project aims to raise awareness for local food cultivation, biodiversity, sustainable consumption and responsible use of resources. Their urban agriculture contributes to future-oriented development in the city.