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Gastronomy in Leipzig

The seating area to the restaurant with "Biersiederei" and "Gosebrauerei" at Bayerischer Bahnhof, Gastronomy in Leipzig, Gasthaus
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A culinary journey through Leipzig

For connoisseurs – Gastronomy in Leipzig

View down Barfußgässchen, near Marktplatz (market square), with several restaurants and open-air seating areas, nightlife, nightlife area, "Drallewatsch" pub district
Barfussgässchen © Andreas Schmidt

Typical Leipzig

Dine like Luther, Goethe, Bach or Wagner in historic restaurants. Drink a "Scheelchen Heeßen" (coffee) in an Art Deco ambience or original coffee house style. You'll see - Leipzig's culinary options are positively (g)astronomical! Arabic, French, Japanese or Italian might not seem "typical Leipzig", but somehow they are. After all, Leipzig is a city where the whole world feels at home - and you can taste it, too!

But there are also typical specialities in Leipzig. So, for some gastronomical field research, try:

  • Leipziger Allerlei (vegetable mix with crayfish)
  • Leipzig Lerchen (or "larks" - marzipan-filled mini tartlettes)
  • Bachtorte and Bachtaler (mocha-ganache desserts dedicated to Bach)
  • Leipziger Räbchen (sweet donuts)
  • Gose and Leipziger Allasch (specialty beer and caraway liquor)

Well then, as the Leipzigers say: Gudn Abbedied! 

Restaurant Guide

The restaurant guide guides you through the culinary highlights of Leizpig's gastronomy scene, whereby you will discover fantastic restaurants, cafés and bars

Leipzig tastes good! Discover Leipzig's diverse cuisine.

Award-winning cuisine, the cult of the currywurst, menus catering to vegan trends, international delicacies – Leipzig's long list of good eateries ensures visitors are spoilt for choice.

You can get all your information at a glance in the practical restaurant guide.