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The seating area to the restaurant with "Biersiederei" and "Gosebrauerei" at Bayerischer Bahnhof, Gastronomy in Leipzig, Gasthaus
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Culinary tour of Leipzig

Alte Nikolaischule (Old St. Nicholas School) in St. Nicholas Church Square, opposite the St. Nicholas Church, is home to a restaurant with open-air seating as well as to a museum, gastronomy in Leipzig, sights
© Andreas Schmidt

Dine like celebrities such as Gottfried Willhelm Leibniz, Johann Gottfried Seume or Richard Wagner once ate in Leipzig's oldest public school.

The Alte Nikolaischule is located in the St. Nicholas Church Square, directly opposite the St. Nicholas Church.

Today, the historic Old St. Nicholas School combines traditional and modern cuisine. The focus is on regional partners - for example, you can enjoy fresh bread and pastries from the family bakery Uttecht in Zwenkau, fish from the Borna trout farm or Saxon potato products. The latter is a must-try, as they are part of the house speciality: the potato pancakes.

From the Leibniz parlor with inscriptions from 1597, you have a wonderful view of the St. Nicholas Church Square, the place where, in 1989, the Peaceful Revolution began with the Monday prayers.

A "Fassritt" model hangs from the ceiling of "Auerbachs Keller" restaurant as the inn and wine cellar served as the backdrop for Goethe's play, Faust, gastronomy in Leipzig, "Mädler-Passage" shopping arcade, sights,restaurant
© Andreas Schmidt

With his famous drama "Faust", Johann Wolfgang von Goethe made Auerbachs Keller a significant monument.

The historic inn is composed of of the restaurant "Großer Keller" offering classic, hearty Saxon cuisine, the "Mephisto Bar" with cocktails and live music and the "Historischen Weinstuben", a traditional wine bar located in the four lovingly restored guest rooms, which are suitable for groups of 20 people or more and can be booked for special events. The famous eatery under the roof of the Mädler-Passage is one of the tourist attractions that is definitely worth including in your Leipzig visit.

Goethe may also have spent time here because it was known long before his time:
"He who travels to the Leipzig Fair, 
Without going to Auerbach's Hof, 
shall remain silent, because that proves: 
He did not see Leipzig."

It is therefore not surprising that, according to an American study, Auerbachs Keller is currently ranked fifth among the 10 best-known restaurants in the world.

Four women walking past the open-air seating area of "Barthels Hof" restaurant, gastronomy in Leipzig, architecture, arcades
© Dirk Brzoska

Barthels Hof is the last surviving Baroque thoroughfare in Leipzig and is one of the city's most important sights.

It was built by George Werner as a typical trade fair courtyard in the years 1747 to 1750 for the Leipzig businessman Gottfried Barthel. The oriel in the courtyard dates back to 1523 and is the oldest surviving fragment of a townhouse facade in Leipzig.

In the courtyard you will find numerous shops and the entrance to the traditional "Gasthaus Barthels Hof"

In the family-run restaurant with its large outdoor area, you can enjoy high-quality regional and fresh cuisine. It also offers almost all Leipzig specialities.

In addition to a Sunday brunch, the restaurant also offers a family dinner like in Luther's time. This is served in the quaint "Tollhard's Zechgewölbe".

A peek into the dining area of the guesthouse in Bayerischer Bahnhof, where the Gose brewery is housed, gastronomy in Leipzig, restaurant, sights
© Dirk Brzoska

The Bayerische Bahnhof is the oldest surviving main train station in the world and is an attraction for its ultra-modern microbrewery, among other things. The top-fermented speciality beer "Leipziger Gose" is brewed here.

Gose was the most popular beer in Leipzig for more than 100 years. The Echte Leipzig Allasch (caraway liqueur) as well as Long Horn Gin are also produced here and await your enjoyment.

Today, the traditional Bayerische Bahnhof station is a popular stop once again: Both as a restaurant with a wonderful beer garden and as a "venue with unforgettable gastronomic and culinary experiences".

Hearty, traditional and varied cuisine with a seasonal twist awaits you. 

Four people cheers with beers in hand in the Gosenschenke, restaurant, gastronomy in Leipzig
© Andreas Schmidt

The Gosenschenke "Ohne Bedenken" ("without hesitation") is the only existing tavern of its kind. The name goes back to the waiter Karl Schmidt, who answered the question "Can one also drink the swill Gose?" with the words "without hesitation."

The Gose, a top-fermented beer speciality, is served pure, with Allasch or with syrup added. In the Gosenschenke you can also taste the classic Pils, Schwarzbier or different wines and can enjoy typical old Saxon dishes. 

Comprised of a restaurant, beer cellar, club room and one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Germany, the Gosenschenke's historical atmosphere welcomes its guests. You can also experience live cabaret and piano music here on a regular basis. 

Visitors in the dining area of the Panorama Tower - Plate of Art Restaurant, gastronomy in Leipzig, sights, City Hochhaus
© Panorama-Tower GmbH

Your eyes can feast with you when you dine atop Leipzig's tallest building. The Panorama Restaurant - Plate of Art in the City Hochhaus crowns Leipzig with the highest restaurant in central Germany. The City Hochhaus was built from 1968 to 1972 and designed by the architect Hermann Henselmann during the remodel of the university campus. 

From the restaurant in the 29th floor you can quickly reach the top viewing platform of the building. If you wish, you can also get drinks and small dishes here. From business lunch to a delicious Sunday brunch, everything is on offer.

Perched 120 meters above Leipzig you will experience a unique ambiance - with a breathtaking view over the whole of Leipzig and an unforgettable sunset in the evening. Exclusive events for up to 500 people are an amazing experience.

Cave-like dining room in the Ratskeller (council cellar) of the City of Leipzig, gastronomy in Leipzig, New City Hall, restaurant
© Andreas Schmidt

The Ratskeller was opened for the city of Leipzig in October 1904. Thus, it is considered one of the most traditional pubs in the city. It is located in the walls of the New Town Hall, which was completed a year later.

A total of seven different rooms invite you into a rustic and above all comfortable atmosphere, whose menu brings braised, Saxon specialities and all sorts of Ratskeller originals to the table. Since 2017, the Ratskeller has also brewed all its beer itself. 

Due to numerous renovations, the basement vault today has 700 seats, which are distributed over the large cellar, the wine restaurant, the Alte Wache, the Lene Voigt coffee cabinet, the Richard Wagner Room, the Ratskeller Club and the Gewandhaus Hall. The Ratskeller therefore offers the perfect setting for a cosy meal for two, or for large business dinners.

View of the Schrebers Restaurant and Beer Garden building, gastronomy in Leipzig, open-air seating
© Andreas Schmidt

The allotment garden Dr. Schreber e.V.  in Aachener Strasse, the first allotment garden, shaped the allotment garden movement in Germany.

The clubhouse is home to the Deutsches Kleingärtnermuseum (German allotment garden museum) as well as the Schreber's restaurant. Particularly tempting is the large beer garden - far away from any street noise and yet only a stone's throw from the Leipzig Arena and the football stadium.

Freshly tapped beer, also Bavarian and Czech, the unique cold cucumber soup and steaks from the grill in all variations are provided for your physical well-being. A historic playground invites the little guests to explore and have fun.

"Weinstock" restaurant on Marktplatz (market square), opposite the Old Town Hall from outside at twilight, gastronomy in Leipzig, wine bar
© Andreas Schmidt

Located in the centre of Leipzig, right on the market and opposite the Old Town Hall, is the restaurant Weinstock.

In this popular restaurant you can enjoy both seasonal Saxon and international dishes. As the name suggests, the place is characterised mainly by its variety of wines. These come from a wide variety of growing areas around the world.

A total of 90 seats in the guest room, 50 in the wine cellar and another 120 seats on the summer terrace invite you to linger and enjoy the stylish ambience. Subtle sounds of classical music and excellent service complete the wonderful atmosphere.

Two people eat in the dining area of Zill's Tunnel, restaurant, gastronomy in Leipzig, "Drallewatsch" pub district, nightlife area
© Dirk Brzoska

In the centre of the bar district "Drallewatsch", Zill's Tunnel has offered typical Saxon dishes, beers and wines in a cosy atmosphere since 1941.

Among the former regular guests of the house were Viktor Nestler, the creator of the "Trumpeter of Säkkingen" and Karl Zöllner, whose well-known song "Wandering is the miller's delight" was written during a stay in Zill's Tunnel.

In addition to the historic restaurant, the house has its own patisserie and several rooms, which are ideal for small-scale celebrations. And the best part: if the celebrations go on too long, you can stay overnight in one of the apartments on offer.

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The seating area to the restaurant with "Biersiederei" and "Gosebrauerei" at Bayerischer Bahnhof, Gastronomy in Leipzig, Gasthaus
© Gasthaus Bayerischer Bahnhof

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