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Hidden Leipzig
View of the Leipzig skyline from the Fockeberg during the day

Fockeberg (wreckage hill near Fockestraße)

It is 153 metres above Leipzig and is therefore one of the highest points in the city. The Fockeberg, with its overgrown slopes and winding road, is an inviting place for a leisurely stroll up to the summit. Once at the top, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Leipzig. Today, because of the area's recreational value, hardly anything left recalls Fockeberg's unusual history. Originally the mountain was called "Trümmerkippe Bauernwiesen" (Ruins of the Farmer's Meadows) and was a landfill for the rubble from the buildings destroyed in the Second World War. Over the years nature recaptured the mountain of rubble and people began to see the Fockeberg as a popular excursion destination. Today, the soapbox race "Prix de Tacot" and the annual Fockeberg race take place here. Numerous benches and sculptures make the ascent entertaining and when you get to the top there is nothing better than a cosy picnic with a view.


location Zugang Fockestraße zwischen Hardenbergstraße und Steinstraße

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Fockestraße ⋅ BUS 60, 74

This way to the top!

View of the illuminated Leipzig skyline at night from the Fockeberg with the City Tower

A place with vision.

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