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Hidden Leipzig
Photo of the colourful Tee Contor shop and the checkout area, in particular; yellow wall, filled shelves, tea packs

Tee Contor

Tea is synonymous with warmth and well-being, and anyone who loves good tea will find exactly that at Tee Contor. All sorts of high-quality teas and tea accessories have been sold here since 1991. Customer service and the experience of entering the shop are in the foreground. The small, cosy shop is reminiscent of a Frisian tea house and the shelves, which are filled to the ceiling, make it a true paradise for tea drinkers. A selection of over 300 varieties and blends guarantees that there is a tea for everyone.


location Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 100
04275 Leipzig

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phone +49 (0)3413917393

Karl-Liebknecht-/ Kurt-Eisner-Straße ⋅ TRAM 10, 11; BUS 60, 74

Picture of Tee Contor's façade and entrance, with the seating area, shop sign house entrance
© Philipp Kirschner
Picture of filled shelves in Tee Contor, display of tea packages, arranged by colour
© Philipp Kirschner
Photo of various decorative items in the Tee Contor and of the decorative figure offering tea to customers
© Philipp Kirschner
Products displayed on the Tee Contor shelf; mug, tea packages, spices and more
© Philipp Kirschner
Picture of the Tee Contor Shop with a view outside and the packed shelves
© Philipp Kirschner

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