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Hidden Leipzig
View of the colourful Jimmy Orpheus Café from a bird's eye view; with view of seating area, bar, window fronts

Jimmy Orpheus

Jimmy Orpheus is a black and white film directed by Roland Klick in 1966. In the western part of Leipzig, there is a café of the same name, offering delicious cakes, aromatic coffee and savoury snacks. Why does the café have this unusual name? It is part of the WestEnd video library, which is located right next door and is a popular place for movie lovers and film buffs. Obviously, a café run by film buffs needs a suitable name and so the operators decided on Jimmy Orpheus. Not only film fanatics are welcome in the cosy atmosphere of the small café, everyone is invited for a drink and a chat.


location Industriestraße 18
04229 Leipzig
phone +49 (0)34149293991

Stieglitzstraße ⋅ TRAM 1, 2; BUS 74

Close-up of the stylish menus at Jimmy Orpheus
© Philipp Kirschner
Jimmy Orpheus outdoor area overlooking the entrance to the café, coloured awning, seating area and adjacent street
© Philipp Kirschner
Picture of the delicious cakes in the display case with labels at Jimmy Orpheus Café
© Philipp Kirschner